London and Provincial Collie Club Sub-Group Open Show - Full results HERE
Saturday, 25th February 2023
Firstly, I’d like to thank the committee for inviting me and everyone who took the time to enter under me. I had a great entry of 11 smooths and 8 roughs with barely any absences and every class containing collies of top quality
Smooth Collie Special Award Classes
JD/B (2)

1st Warren & Lusty’s Coldelee Jupiter Rises with Blamorder

Promising Tri male of 10 months. A clean, masculine head leads to a well-muscled, correctly angulated body. Would prefer more depth in chest however this will come with maturity. Nice and fluid on the move

2nd Bemelmans’s Moseliqa Proudfoot

A lightly made tri dog of 13 months. While I would prefer more substance, all his angles were correctly placed with a lovely length of loin. Head could do with some further maturing, with lightly tipped ears and eyes slightly too round. Movement was a tad lose, however sound.
PGD/B (4)

1st Lusty’s Blamorder Dwell on Dreams

A 3 year old tri bitch in lovely condition. Good angulation, correct length of loin and strong musculature lead to sound movement with great drive from the rear. Nice clean wedge head with correctly placed stop, sweet eyes and nicely tipped ears, all leading to an alert and sweet look. As a tricolour she had a tad too much white on her ribs, however this didn’t overshadow her overall quality

2nd Bemelmans’s Oakestelle Asteria

Mature tri bitch of 5 years. While showing her age somewhat, she had lovely muscle tone and correct angulation which showed in her sound movement. Nice wedge shaped head with a lightly tipped ear giving a soft expression, however would prefer a sweeter eye.

3rd Peacock’s Saraneth Edgedancer

OD/B (5,2)

1st Lusty’s Ch Blamorder Ice Cream Dream

6 year old blue bitch. Stunning example of a Smooth Collie that is fit to function in every way. Correct head all over with beautiful eyes, correctly placed ears and a perfect stop all leading to an attractive expression. A flawless blue marbled coat covers a correctly angulated and muscled body with great length of loin. Movement was sound with great drive from the rear. All in all I could see this bitch working the field all day long.

2nd Benton’s Oakestelle Artemis ShCEx

A nice 5 year old blue bitch with a sweet expression. Nice clean wedge head with lovely almond eyes and nicely tipped ears. Body is well muscled with good angles which lead to sound movement. For a blue however she carries a little too much white in her coat

3rd Benton’s Ch Oakestelle Venus de Milo VW ShCEx

Rough Collie Special Awards Classes
JD/B (2)

1st Collino’s Blamorder Any Dream Will Do

While very up to size, this lively 8 month old blue bitch has lots of potential. Nice blue coloring with the black not quite being too much. Strong head pattern with great ear carriage and lovely almond eyes. Good amount of round bone. Great angulation, good length of loin and good turn of stifle lead to lovely fluid movement. While fine on the day, this bitch can’t afford to grow any larger.

2nd Riddell’s Princess Jessie the Third

A charming 11 month old tri bitch. Nice sweet expression with correct stop and eye, if a slightly low ear set. Her beautifully deep, rich, tightly fitted jacket covered a well-muscled body. However, she was slightly short in loin which showed in her movement. With some maturity she may lengthen in body.
PGD/B (1)

1st Philpin’s Tudorlyn A Kind Of Magic

A pleasing 4 year old tri bitch. A dark fitted jacket covered a lovely deep chest and good turn of stifle. While movement was fair, she is a tad low on her pasterns which showed. Nice, clean wedge head with correct stop and sweet expression. However, reluctant to show her ears. Overall, a nice type.
OD/B (5)

1st Benton’s Ch Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle

Alluring 8 year old sable bitch. For a veteran, she is barely showing her age. A dark shaded fitted jacket covers a correctly angulated, well-muscled body with a lovely long loin and rounded bone. A slightly strong head pattern held a sweet expression with beautiful eyes and nicely placed ears. Beautifully fluid on the move.

2nd Flower’s Serenlas Keeping Faith

A lovely veteran tri 8 year old bitch. While beautiful in type, she is sadly starting to show her age. A dark fitted jacket covered a lovely length of body with nicely rounded bone and good turn of stifle, all leading to sound movement. She held a sweet expression with nicely placed almond eyes, if a tad light. I would prefer a better underjaw, however I suspect this is due to her age. All in all, could tell she was once an outstanding bitch.

3rd Philpin’s Sassari Snow Shimmer For Tudorlyn JW