Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club Sub-Group Championship Show

Sunday 14th May 2023

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the officers and committee of Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club for inviting me to judge at their prestigious championship show. It was a pleasure with a very well-run friendly atmosphere.

A special thankyou to my stewards who made the ring run smoothly with no problems. Thank you to the exhibitors for their entries all of which were clean and groomed to perfection, and last but not least, to my co-judge Roz Makepeace for all our major decisions without any conflict or complications. An easy day for the redundant referee. It was a pleasure.

Rough Collie Dogs. Minor Puppy 3[0] 1st. Hodges’ Jopium Love on the Rocks. Tricolour puppy. Such a lovely young lad has so much going for him. Outstanding clean wedge shape head with dark almond eye. His reach of neck only enhanced his length of back. Tremendous bone and shoulder placement was perfect. Ears were just where you want them. Very clean coat and handled perfectly. All in all, one you would love to own. BP & BPIB. 2nd Hawkins’ Brylin Worth the Wait This sable & white pup has so much promise. His head handles very well. Loved his moulding and almond eye. Clean back skull and ears on top. Very tentative to owner. His shape and length of back were balanced with strong bone. 3rd Hawkins & Foys Beldones Man Ray

Puppy 1[0] 1st Lockyers Gataj Turn Back Time A striking sable & white puppy with clean stop and nicely moulded foreface. Very well-balanced head with sweet almond eyes. Used his ears constantly. Reach of neck and body shape were superb. A well-proportioned boy. Stood square with good front and rear angulation. Moved with ease and drive.

Junior 5[3] 1st Collins’ Triburle Bluebolero I was impressed with this blue merle boy with masculine head pattern, very well balanced with almond eyes and appealing expression. Rounded muzzle and flat back skull. Nicely sprung ribcage with good length of back. Stood square which showed off his outline and conformation. 2nd Dodsworths Libanel Everlasting Charm A tricolour dog 13 months old, has a good wedge shape head and good length of back. Sound conformation.

Maiden 2[0] 1st Hodges’ Love on the Rocks Was still showing like a trooper. 2nd Fieldings Lillyway Lemon Crush This 2 year old sable & white boy was full of himself. Almond eye with flat skull. Masculine head. Ample bone. Body shape and conformation was sound with long tail.

Novice 2[0] 1st Collins’ Triburle Bluebolero 2nd Hodges’ Love on the Rocks Just pipped on maturity.

Graduate 3[2] 1st Dr. Boyles Monsolana Aspire to Inspire over Barrenclough [imp.Rus] This tricolour boy was very appealing. Well-balanced head with almond eyes lending to soft expression. Nicely moulded muzzle with flat skull and good reach of neck. Ample bone and very pleasing outline. Moved with drive.

Post Graduate 3[0] 1st Brightmores Millubie Razzmataz [imp Srb] Wow. This blue merle dog as soon as he walked into the ring I was super impressed. The first thing I noticed was his lovely silvery blue coat in perfect condition, impeccably groomed. Head in proportion with the most beautiful almond eyes. Clean stop with tight ear carriage. Wedge shape head with smooth cheeks. Loved his moulding and underjaw. Deep ribcage and arched neck never disappointed, just enhanced his body shape. Conformation to die for. Strong bone and stood square. Front and rear angulation was amazing. Moved with effortless drive floating around the ring. Res.CC 2nd Dix’s Barrenclough Diamond Skies Sable & white boy who was a little unsettled but never the less still possessed almond eyes and nicely rounded foreface with flat skull, good ear carriage and reach of neck 3rd Leeses Essenjay Fields of Gold

Limit 8[0] 1st Turners Paulara No Where Man Well, what can I say. I thought I had my ticket winner until this outstanding boy walked into the ring. I have admired him from the ringside. Such an upstanding tricolour boy, all male but not coarse at all. His head handles well, balanced and clean. Softest of expressions. Obliquely set almond eyes and his moulding is lovely. Good stop and flat back skull with parallel lines. A fabulous head. Strong arched reach of neck just enhanced his whole body. Well sprung ribs and deep chest solidly built without being heavy. Ample bone with front and rear angulation perfectly balanced and moved with drive. Kept his tail down on the move which can be hard in a male. Showed his socks off and is a credit to his owner. Dog CC. I’m sure his third and title will follow soon. 2nd Scotts Sherlock Holmes of Moon River for Chantique [imp Fra] NAF TAF Another impressive tricolour boy who has an amazing masculine wedge shape head and expression. Deep stop, soft almond eyes and alert ears right on top. Flat skull with lovely, rounded muzzle. Well-arched neck with strong chest and ribs provided a very pleasing shapely outline. Stood square with good angulation and abundance of bone. Groomed to perfection. 3rd Lockyers Gataj Out of the Woods JW

Open 7[1] 1st Hawkins & Foys Beldones Rocket Man This sable & white boy won this extremely hard class of high-quality males. He is typical of this kennel. He has the classic head pattern with soft almond eyes, smoothly rounded muzzle with good underjaw, flat skull and tightly tipped ears. Deep chest with well placed shoulders lending to a lovely body shape. Good bone and moved positively around the ring. 2nd McCanns CH. Oakland Blue Style Du Clos de Sea-Wind at Zolkhan [imp Fra] It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to judge this handsome blue merle boy. He oozes quality, as many of the exhibits have today. His head is evenly balanced with almond eyes and clean stop. Smooth wedge head with flat skull. Soundly constructed with good shoulder placement, plenty of bone and rear angulation. 3rd Lockyers CH. Gataj Struck by Lightning

Veteran 5[3] 1st Cooneys CH. Jopium Stole my Heart at Lingwell I cannot believe were time flies to having judged this lad as a post graduate, and I must say he is still the same, just a tad older. Nicely moulded muzzle with exquisite almond eyes, clean stop and still has that lovely flat back skull. Showed with enthusiasm and still an amazing body shape. Moved as ever with ease and drive. 2nd Dr. Boyles Barrenclough Diamond Days JW This sable & white boy was another from this kennel which has a typically balanced head with smooth rounded muzzle, flat skull and good eye shape. Well placed shoulders and good depth of ribcage. Moved with ease.

Judge. Val Brown (Mertrisa)