Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club 14/5/23

I would like to thank the committee of L&C for inviting me to judge Smooth Collies at their friendly and welcoming show. I would also like to thank BIS judge Robin Newhouse for awarding all the “In Show” awards to the Smooths! Well done everyone.
Smooth Collies

PD (1,0) 1. Seager’s Blamorder Magic Maker With Freejack. Well grown 7 mth S/W with correct angulation, good bone and a long tail. He is a little rear high at the moment, however this improves when on the move. Good length of head, dark eyes and correctly placed ears but stop still needs to clear. A very promising baby, RBPIB & RBPIS.

JD (1,0) 1. B. Magic Maker With Freejack.

PGD (4,1) 1. Wensley’s Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive JW. 20 mth tri in hard condition and with a jet black coat.  Correct length of body which allows him to move out well and he has a clean head, if a little short. Well carried ears and dark eyes. 2. French’s Wynele Dressed To Thrill At Breckamore. A well made nearly 2 yr tri. He has a lovely arched neck , good length and level topline. Well off for bone and tight feet. Head is a little flared and unfortunately he was very unsettled on the move today. 3. Swan’s Koczkodan Silver Bullet.

LD  (2,1) 1. Cowling’s Blamorder Opulence At Himinnsaga. Nicely balanced 2 yr B/M, correct angles, arched neck and level topline. Clean, masculine head of good length, well carried ears and a harsh coat of acceptable colour. Sadly he was not happy today which showed in his movement.

OD (1,0) 1.Lusty’s Blamorder Audacity. A 2 yr tri in fabulous hard condition. He has excellent angulation, is well off for bone and has a long tail. Good length of back and well turned stifles. His head is a little shorter than I would like, however he really comes into his own on the move. Absolutely correct reach and drive, he covers the ground with ease earning him the RDCC.

VD (2,1) 1. Lusty’s CH/AM GR CH/CAN GCH Cardross Red Dirt Road To Blamorder. This 8 yr S/W, although up to size, is so well balanced, with nothing out of place. Clean masculine head leading to a strong arched neck, excellent angulation and absolutely level topline. Strong bone, neat feet and a well set tail. His expression is soft with a dark, almond eye and responsive ears. Coat is perhaps a little more open than I would like, but it doesn’t detract. He moves out with drive, showing the youngsters how it’s done. Pleased to award him the DCC and BOS.

PB (3,0) 1. French’s Breckamore Believe It Or Not. This almost 1 yr tri, is completely balanced in outline, and she has the clean, lean head I prefer. Dark, almond eyes, neat well carried ears and she moves freely and with drive. Well boned, neat feet and correct tail carriage. BPIB and BPIS. I will watch her career with interest. 2. Holmes, Holmes & Lusty’s Blamorder Makers Mark RAF TAF. A 7 mth S/W has all the basics there. Good length of back, correct angles, and a sweet dark eye. Ears Ok, but her head, like her brothers, still needs to clean out a little. Rather loose on the move today, but not unexpected for her age. 3. Richardson’s Celeste Uta Anyaru Of Lizoni  (Imp Cze).

JB (1,0) 1. Jerrett’s Coldelee Eternal Sunshine. This 13 mth golden S/W is in lovely hard condition. She has a very sweet expression and a feminine, clean head pattern. Adequate angulation, correct bone and she is well ribbed. Movement was a little erratic today.
PGB (4,2) 1. Caulfield’s Constella Vega Luminosa. This 20 mth tri was another in excellent hard condition, holding her topline well on the move. I liked her clean narrow head with her sweet dark eye and neat ears. She is well boned, but still feminine with a super shiny coat. 2. Lusty’s Blamorder Dwell On Dreams. 3 yr tri of a rangier type. Her angulation is correct and she has a lovely crest of neck. A little broad in head for me and although her side action was fluid, she moved very wide behind.

LB (4,2) 1. Cowling’s Koczkodan Serenity. Although almost a veteran, this tri is in her prime. Correct angulation, good bone and a clean lean head with dark eyes, correct ears and strong underjaw. Good length of ribbing, moved out steadily. 2. Lusty’s Blamorder Tango For Two. This 4 yr tri is a little shorter all over than I prefer, although she has excellent muscle tone and she moved out well. Correct bone and responsive ears but I would prefer a darker eye.

OB (5,1) 1. Griffiths’ Foxearth Vanilla Fudge. This strong but feminine 5 yr S/W is just what I was looking for. Clean head pattern with a sweet dark eye and neat ears flowing into a strong neck, good topline and correct rise over the loin. Excellent front angulation and well turned stifles, she is also well ribbed and has a nice forechest. When she got going her movement was steady and effortless, just what I look for in a collie, surely fit for purpose.  A well deserved BCC, which I believe is her 3rd, BOB and to top it off BIS, well done.  2.Richardson’s Koczkodan Sweet Dreams Of  Lizoni. This nearly 4 yr stylish tri is another in great condition. She is well balanced with a good length of rib and she moves out well. Although her head is lean, it does flare slightly and I would prefer a darker eye. 3. Sweeny & Lusty’s Blamorder Do Quite Nicely.

VB (6,5) 1. Lusty’s Ch Blamorder Just My Luck. This 8 yr tri is very well made, clean narrow head, lovely arched neck and a good length of back. Feminine head, nice expression and a good underjaw. Well off for bone, balanced throughout. Although she is just starting to show her age, she still powers around the ring, enough to earn her the RBCC, RBOB, BVIB, RBIS and BVIS, well done.

Anne Smith