Lancashire and Cheshire Collie Club. Sunday 8th October 2023

I would like to thank the committee for asking me to judge the Special Award classes when the original judge had to withdraw at short notice.  Thanks also goes to the exhibitors for accepting me as a replacement allowing me to access their lovely Collies and accepting my placements with good grace.  All dogs were well presented and of a friendly nature.  I would have liked a longer mat area for the dogs to get into their stride which affected some today. 

Class A - Special Award Collie (Rough) Junior Dog or Bitch. (3/2)
1st - Whitaker - SILUTO SILVARY BLUE MOON  10 mths old Blue Merle
Stood alone in her class but was a very worthy winner.  I loved her overall make and shape her outline flowed from nose to the tip of her tail.  Her head was a clean wedge shape with beautiful dark expressive eyes.  Tight lip line, good under-jaw, ear set and carriage correct.  So lovely to see a strong long neck, level top line with a slight rise over the loin.  Angulation enables her to stride out and drive well from the rear.  Correct tail carriage made for a super outline on the move.  Silvery blue fitted jacket of the correct texture very well presented.

Class B - Special Award Collie (Rough) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (5/2)
1st - Beardsworth - Maysinder Sapphire Reign  3yrs old Blue Merle
This girl won her class on overall shape and substance.  Her coat fitted her outline perfectly with well broken marbled markings.  Super long length of neck and tail to match.  Such lovely molding to foreface, excellent skull, size and placement of ears her expression gave the feeling of a gentle soul.  Good depth of chest giving plenty of heart room.  Strong legs which were well boned good turn to stifle hocks well let down allowing a easy gait on the move. 
2nd - Edwards & Bluck - Paulara Lucy In The Sky For Elshajo 3yrs old Tri
My first impression of this girl was her beautiful jet black coat contrasted with her bright white collar she was presented in superb condition.  Her head was balanced muzzle well filled broader in backskull giving an ear carriage wider set. Lovely dark eye obliquely set with alert inquisitive expression.  Strong level top line, deep chest with well sprung ribs. Good muscle on hind quarters moved well in both directions I am sure she could work all day.

Class C - Special Award Collie (Rough) Open Dog or Bitch (8/3)
1st - Bluck - Phreelancer Chill Phactor For Elshajo  4yrs old Blue Merle
At my first glance of the line up of this class my eye was immediately drawn to this lad who stood away from his handler with an air of here I am.  What a beautiful shape he is everything in proportion his length of back slightly longer than height as standard asks for.  He excels in head a perfect balance between skull and foreface, a clean blunt wedge with a flat skull topped of with ears that were used to his advantage.  Such a powerful neck that flowed into a good shoulder placement which allowed him to reach forward on the move.  He held his tail low on move with a slight upward swirl at the tip.  His coat was of correct texture and fitted his outline a clearer blue would have finished the picture. 
2nd - Milligan & Marley - Alfsden He Lives In You  2yr old Blue Merle
I have judged this lad before and my opinion of him hasn’t changed he has such a pleasing outline but for me he excels in coat colour with the clearest of  blue splashed and marbled in black.  His head was balanced and clean through the cheeks eye placement and size gave a kind expression ears correct shape and size.  Ample neck, level top line with slight rise over the loin.  Good turn of stifle allowed him to move with drive.  A close decision but preferred the head pattern of 1. 

Judge - Lorraine Quince