Leeds Ch Show 2023
Rough Collies

Firstly I must thank the exhibitors for a super entry of 97 the highest in the pastoral group. I was stunned by the quality of the exhibits, particularly in the higher classes and had many difficult decisions to make on the day. What struck me most was the vast improvement in hind movement since I last judged at this level together with hardly any short tails. I did feel that it is now front angulation that needs to be looked at in some cases. Many thanks to my two super stewards Kay Constantine and Rachel Cumberland.


MPD (7) 1. Randall’s Ladnar Makemeawinner. Just 6 months old but stood and showed like a veteran, a most beautifully coloured blue merle with a lovely shaped headpiece, neat tipped ears and smooth headpiece, moved steadily. 2. Hawkins’ Brilyn Worth The Wait. He was certainly worth the wait, 8 month sable boy in well groomed coat of correct texture, correct head and expression, moved soundly and pressed winner hard. 3. Hassock’s Camanna Cellmate. Completed a trio of very nice puppies. 


PD (1) 1. Hodges’ Jopium Love On The Rocks. Stood alone but a very worthy winner, 11 month old tricolour who was well constructed with an attractive head pattern, good bone, well bent stifle and short hocks enabling him to move with drive. 


JD (3) 1. Lockyer’s Gataj Turn Back Time. A sable boy shown in excellent coat which was well presented, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, lovely long tail which enhanced his overall shape and balance, was more settled on the move than 2nd. 2. Gelder’s Libanel Erebus Eternal Love. 15 month tricolour, very well constructed, lovely reach of neck and full white collar to enhance his overall shape, rather unsettled on the move. 3. Dodsworth/Amos’ Libanel Everlasting Charm. 


PGD 3(0) 1. Welsh’s Thistlewing Smoky Quarts. Won this class on his absolutely sound movement, this shaded sable is very well made, a super overall shape and balanced outline, lovely reach of neck, just the right amount of bone for his size, shown in a well presented coat of correct texture, would like to see him when he is fully mature. 2. Boyle’s (Dix) Barrenclough Diamond Skies. A pleasing sable who has a correctly shaped wedge head with a good well placed eye, shown in excellent condition with a well groomed coat, just tends to stand a little wide behind. 3. Boyle’s Monsolana Aspire To Inspire over Barrenclough (imp). 


LD 14(1) What a fabulous class, quality abounded and I was stunned by this entry, I was truly spoilt for choice and my winners could change places on other occasions. 1. White’s Camanna Chasing Clouds over Mejola. What a fantastic dog, I loved everything about him, he is exceptionally well constructed which showed in his movement, good front extension and drive from behind, he really looked as if he could go all day, he is a super blue merle colour, well broken coat colour and no huge black patches, a full white collar enhanced his overall shape and balance, at this point I thought he would be my ticket winner but in the challenge he went lame, such a great pity. 2. Allsopp’s Aqualita It’s A Miracle. How can I follow that, this is a very sound tricolour shown in good coat of correct colour and no light undertones, he is very well put together with correct shoulder angulation, well bent stifles and short hocks enabling him to move with drive, presents a nice overall picture. 3. Milligan/Marley’s Alfsden He Lives In You. 


OD 13(3) 1. Blake’s Corydon Pol Roger. Another blue merle, perhaps not such a clear colour but such a very sound dog on the move, he has excellent body proportions, lovely reach of neck leading into good shoulders, so well constructed and boy could he move, DCC. 2. Jopson’s Lillyway Lattiner at Nithview. A tricolour who was ultra sound, not a glamour boy, but that is only the icing on the cake, his head handles well, correctly shaped and set eyes, topped by well used ears giving that true collie expression, moved with drive. 3. Bluck’s Phreelancer Chill Phactor at Elshajo. 


VD 5(0) 1. Congdon’s Ch/Fr Ch. Jugband Blues Du Clos De Sea-Wind via Aronwell (imp FRA). This dog took my breath away when he flew into the ring at top speed, he looked every inch the Champion that he is and what can I say that has not already been said, at 9 years old he looks as fit as a youngster, he pressed the winner very hard for yet another CC but had to settle for the RDCC. 2. Mills’ Lynmack Starman at Lemivee. A sable altogether smaller than the winner but very sound, a nice eye and expression but a little deeper in stop, shown in good coat, a very attentive showman. 3. Boyle’s Barrenclough Diamond Days JW. 


SBD/B (6) 1. Rose’s Uffspring Ultravox for Coloratura. A 4 year old tricolour shown in good coat of a lovely black with rich tan markings, well made giving nice overall shape and balance, moved soundly, BSpB. 2. Gelder’s Libanel Erebus Eternal Love. 2nd in JD. 3. Mills’ Lynmack Sweet Amber. 


MPB 8(1) Here were two extremely nice puppies and the same comments apply to them both, they were similar in coat with lovely expressions, well placed and used ears, moved steadily, I just preferred the eye of the winner. 1. Lockyer’s Gataj All The Sparkles. So glad that you stayed for the group even though unplaced, you looked a credit to the breed, BP. 2. Hawkins’ Brilyn Shows The Difference. I shall follow this pup’s career with interest. 3. Sibbald’s Paulara Picture Perfect for Telforth. 


PB 2(0) 1. Whitaker’s Siluto Blueberry Mist. 8 months old blue merle, coat of well broken colour, nice body shape, sweet head and expression with well set ears, movement a little loose in front at the moment. 2. Ablett’s Siluto Mysteriously Blue. Litter sister to the winner, very similar, needs time to mature. 


JB (6) My notes say a very good class which augurs well for the breed. 1. Shipp’s Tremaro Kind of Magic. An ultra feminine young lady with a beautifully presented sable coat, head of correct proportions, well shaped almond eye giving a delightful expression, neat well used ears, very sound on the move. 2. Lockyer’s Gataj Someone You Loved. I can see how she got her name, she pressed the winner very hard and similar comments applied, very difficult to split the two. 3. Dodsworth/Amos’ Libanel Everlasting Dezire. 


PGB 5(2) 1. Welsh’s Thistlewing Magic Lady. I can well see how she got her name, she took my eye the minute she entered the ring, lovely shape, shown in gleaming coat, well made and sound mover. 2. Rose’s Uffspring Ultravox for Coloratura. 1st in SpB. 3. Wensley’s Imaginist Spellbinding. 


LB 13(3) Stunning class with so many lovely bitches, I was spoilt for choice. 1. French’s Breckamore Pitch Dark. A tricolour, another one who was in strong contention for the RBCC, her movement is superb, she just flowed, good front extension and drive from behind, so important in a working dog, coat of good dense colour and texture, well arched neck flowing into well laid shoulders, she made a nice picture of balance, nothing out of proportion. 2. White’s Mejola Main Event JW. A shaded sable who was also very sound on the move but I thought the winner had a little more drive from behind, she has a beautiful head, expression and eye, giving that typical collie look. 3. Harrison’s Cambrogan Lady of Loch’aber at Cariadhaf. 


OB 12(1) Quality abounding again in this class. 1. Iley’s Call Me Dreamer In Blue for Ileyda Della Verde Scozia JW (imp ITA). An utterly charming blue merle with a correctly coloured coat which fitted her shape beautifully, she oozed femininity, her head is on level planes with a delightfully shaped eye, neat well used ears and a sweet expression, sound on the move, RBCC. 2. Scott’s O’De Lancome of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique (imp FRA). A very pretty sable shown in well groomed coat with sweet expression, neat well set ears (although she did fly one after I had made my placings), nice reach of neck and good overall shape. 3. Brooker’s Ch. Paris Venise Du Bois Des Amazones for Corisian. Completed a trio of excellent bitches, it was a case of splitting hairs. 


VB(5) All these bitches were a credit to their owners and I commend them. 1. Hodges’ Ch. Jopium Love Heart JW ShCM. A bitch I have admired from the ringside but never had the privilege of going over, she filled my eye with utter delight from her beautiful head and expression to the tip of her tail, her movement was so sound, going with drive from behind, her coat was of the correct texture and well presented, I was surprised to find that she is almost 9 years old, she certainly does not look it, BCC, a worthy champion, a pity she was not able to stay for the group, BV & BOB. 2. Brooker’s Telforth Sweet Dreams to Corisian JW. A sable in very good condition, 10 years old, beautifully presented, not a hair out of place, a more compact type but nevertheless a very sound exhibit. 3. Steven’s Cariadhaf Cookies and Cream for Cambrogan.


Mary Glover-Guest