Lichfield CS Open Show

Collie (Rough) 

Thank you to the exhibitors for your entries and for accepting my placings with good grace. Some exhibitors were difficult to assess as they were not happy with the noise and crowding of the venue. A few were reluctant to be gone over which had an adverse effect on some of my placings. Collies are sensitive but I would like to see them a bit braver and happier. Almost all exhibits would have benefitted from stronger rears. Lack of exercise or breeding - I am not sure.
P (5,2) 1. Davies’ ROSSCHELL BE MY BABY. 7 month old Tricolour bitch. Very pretty bitch, correct stop, excellent eye placement and used ears well to give desired expression. Compact and well balanced with a good lay back of shoulder, length of upper arm and decent chest for her age. Correct bend of stifle although her hocks could be stronger. Good coat with distinct black and rich tan. Typical collie movement with excellent reach and tail carried correctly, which won her the class. BPIB
2. Wray Ramsden’s GATAJ ONCE UPON A DREAM OF TAKHISIS. Sable and white bitch of just 6 months. Very attentive to her handler, well placed eyes  and well used ears to give desired expression. Had the better back skull of these two bitches. Good front and ok rear, could do with a touch more length but she has a lot of development ahead of her. Movement needs to settle, again, this may come with age. 

J (3,0) 1. Beardsworth’s MAYSINDER SAPPHIRE REIGN. 15 month old Blue merle bitch. My kind of collie. Beautiful young bitch with a lot to like. Exquisite silvery blue merle colour, well broken. Lacking some coat today which didn’t put me off but just made it easier to see her beautiful shape. Coat comes and goes - construction endures. Flat skull with correct, slight stop and backskull(!!!), enough under jaw. Well placed eyes and ears used to give a beautiful expression. Arched neck in to well laid shoulders and good length of upper arm, plenty of heart room, well sprung ribs and good length of back, excellent bend of stifle and lovely long tail. Sound on the move with adequate reach and drive. A little unsettled in the class but settled in the BOB challenge. She is not handled to advantage but this isn’t a handling competition and shouldn’t hold her back -she was easily my BOB. I would have happily taken her home.
2. Wray Ramsden’s TAKHISIS LADY OF MYSTERY. Sable and white bitch, another excellently schooled collie from this kennel. A different style to the winner but plenty of attributes. Lovely dark eye, well placed. Shorter in skull with a slightly deeper stop than the winner. Ears a little wide and heavy which slightly spoilt an otherwise good expression. Sound mover coming and ok rear. 

PG (5,2) 1. Wray Ramsden’s TAKHISIS LADY OF MYSTERY. 2.Vescan’s PHREELANCER’S PHINAL SALUTE. 22month old male of nice type. Beautiful colour, correct coat texture. Good length of skull and correct dark eyes. Would like his head to be cleaner through. Good shape and balanced angles, a little narrow and would like more bone. Moved soundly with good reach. 

O (10,4) 1. Geddes’ INGLEDENE FANTASY OF BLU. 4yr old Blue merle male. Masculine dog. Silvery blue colour, black patches didn’t detract. Correct, fitted, coat of a good texture. Good length of head with correct back skull, would prefer a better fill of fore face. Good stop and well placed eyes. Ears used just enough. Good length of back. Would like more neck and found him rather narrow but was sound on the move which won him the class.
2.Radford House’s INGLEDENE MIDNITE SKYE WITH FIVEJAYS. 2yr old Tricolour bitch - On my first look around she was my class winner. She is so pretty, the most beautiful feminine head piece, with correct backskull, excellent length and balance, well fitted coat. Unfortunately she did not move as her construction suggested so she could go no further than 2nd place. Her owner told me after that she suffered illness last year following a bee sting - so I am hopeful that with some more time and plenty of conditioning she will be back on form. I would love to see her again. 

Abby Lusty