London Collie Club  Championship Show Sunday 11th June 2023

Rough Collies Bitches

I would to thank the Officers and Committee of the club for giving me the opportunity to judge at this prestigious show, special thanks to my very capable stewards Robert and Vicky who kept the ring running smoothly
The show was held at the Dobe club training ground in Herts, what a difference from the last time we were there when exhibitors had to negotiate the rabbit burrows. Not so this time the rings had been laid with a base like surface which seemed to suit the dogs and made it so easy to access movement
I am reliably informed the temperature hit a heady 32 deg during the day with absolutely no wind , I think most people were effected by the heat, but everyone should be commended for looking after their charges with their gazebos, foil and cool blankets etc
its sporting to see several of our fitter exhibitors helping to move the dogs for some of our more senior exhibitors, I did have to make a mental note to ask  "are your runners in position" before moving the exhibits around the ring.
As I have mentioned I was pleased with movement in general, but please pay attention to the cleanliness of the dogs teeth, also remove any traces of whatever has been used to weight the ears over, we have all been there at some time, but your dog has pulled out all the stops for you only to be let down by something out of its control.

MPB 4, 1a, 1st  Mrs S Hawkins Brilyn shows  the difference. S/w She has a lovely  body shape, good neck, her fitting coat was well presented, she has a good head pattern with the sweetest eyes, she used her well placed ears giving a lovely expression, she moved well for one so young
2nd, Mr J and Mrs M MCCarte, Roughrigg Red Legertha, s/w so similar in shape to 1, pleasing head pattern, very attentive to her owner, it really was splitting hairs, I felt the rear action was not quite as good as 1, but they are both only 7 months so i see an exciting future for both
3rd, Mrs S Carlton, Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze, S/w certainly not disgraced with her third place, she oozes quality, really lovely head, super body shape, coat presentation was excellent, she was a little erratic on the move, but nothing her handler cant sort, I think she was so full of her happy self, another exciting prospect.

Puppy/B 3, 1st Mr A and Mrs C Scott, Chantique Once Upon A Time, Glamourous S/w, What a bonus to have a lovely white mane to show off her neck, she has an excellent body shape, lovely head with foreface filling in nicely, good eye shape, super ear carriage, tail of good length, her movement was excellent, Best Puppy Bitch.
2nd, Mr G Mrs M and Mrs L Walker, Walker and Richie, Chantique Tooth Fairy for Starlenga. S/w In my notes it said so similar in type, on seeing my catalogue after  I see they are litter sisters, both were excellently  groomed and the comments for 1 certainly apply to this young lady, i can see them swopping and changing positions during the show season
3rd, Mrs M A  Lockyer, Gataj Heart of Dreams

Junior/B, 10 2a,  1st  Mrs D Clarke, Lynway Sun Blossom Through Gerian, coming up to 2 yrs old, well up to size, Golden sable with abundant well presented coat, balanced head with rounded muzzle, correct eye shape good stop, nice ear carriage, she has a strong neck into good shoulders with deep chest, she is nicely boned, and has a good body shape, her owner moved her effortlessly
2nd, Mrs V Tame, Gataj Time after Time at Rahlissa, S/w  Head handles well, eye and ear placement spot on, she has such a lovely expression, she has a  fitting coat  of a lovely colour which was meticously groomed, she looked good on the move in the hands of her substitute handler, this was a close decision
3rd, Mrs V Brown, Riverside song Violet for Metrissa, Imp/Rom

Novice/B, 6, 1a, 1st, Mrs S Hawkins Brilyn Shows the Difference

2nd, Mrs V Brown,  Riverside Song Thumbelina with Mertrissa. Imp/Rom.  Lovely Blue merle, nicely broken colouring, coat condition and presentation very good, Nice length head, dark almond eyes, she used her ears on call, she has a good neck and nice overall body shape, she is well boned and moved adequatley for her handler
3rd, Mrs A F Swain A Touch of Blaze for Lexcol

Graduate/B, 6, 1a, 1st Mr J and Mrs M MCCarte, Roughrigg One of a Kind, S/W. Balanced head/ flat skull, nice moulding to foreface, good underjaw, nicely shaped eye, she used her ears to give a lovely expression, nicely arched neck into good shoulder, good boning, pleasing body shape enabled her to move well
2nd, Mrs C Turner, Santin Dream Du Clos De Seawind, S/W another close decision as this is another top quality lady, I loved her head, lovely moulding clean stop nicely placed eye, with ears on top, giving  an inquisitive expression many of the attributes of 1 as far as body and coat go, i just felt 1 edged it on movement
3rd, Mr R P and Mrs M A Shipp, Tremaro Kind of Magic

Post Grad/B, 7, 2a. 1st, Mr A and Mrs C Scott, Chantique Ohh La La, Glamourous S/w, Soundly constructed with excellent body shape, ample bone, nice bend of stifle, she has a pleasing head, eye placement correct with neat ears, lovely body shape, good length tail, she moved well
2nd, Mrs N Larkin, Rahlissa Toffee Cake for Denora, a lovely bitch who needs to be gone over to appreciate her quality, nicely fitting coat, well groomed, many of the attributes of 1 she showed and moved well
3rd, Mr J Congdon, Riverside Song Nebraska at Aaronwell Imp/Rom.

Mid Limit/B, 6, 3a, 1st Mr A and Mrs C Scott, Chantique De Ja Vu, Glamorous S/W really took my breath away, she is 4.5 yrs old and really looking outstanding, she has a nice wedge, lovely moulding to her foreface, nice dark eyes, correctly placed ears, giving her such a dreamy expression, she has a good neck and  correct shoulder, lovely body shape, she has ample boning and her feet so neatly manicured, she has a good top line, lovely tail set and tail of good length, she has a  lovely turn of stifle, She presented a fabulous picture on the move. I was pleased to award her the Bitch CC, and  later along with my co Judge Karen Coleman Smith we agreed to award her Best of Breed, she later on went Res Best in show and Best opp sex in Show under Mrs Bev French,  a very well done!!
2nd, Mr J and Mrs M MCCarte, Roughrigg Remember Me, S/w of good size balanced head, good foreface, good stop, well positioned eyes, ears which she used when called on, pleasing front and good boning, nice body shape, responded well to her handler on the move
3rd, Mrs J S Growcott, Lillyway Lemon Breeze

Limit/B 9, 1a. 1st Mr J Congdon, Riverside Instant Karma from Aaronwell, Imp /Rom, Naf TAF, This lady 3yrs old has instant appeal, she is a beautiful Blue Merle of excellent colour, she has a correctly proportioned head with good back skull, lovely moulding to the foreface, sweet eye and good ears, she has a good reach of neck, well lay of shoulder, ample boning, nice body shape with good length of back, tail set and length are good, i just wanted her to move with a little more drive, which im sure she is capable of, but on the day the heat could have played its part.
2nd MrA and Mrs C Scott, O`de Lancome of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique, Imp/Fra.
Golden/S,   Soundly built, with good reach of neck, good shoulders, she is nicely boned, and  has a lovely body shape, a pleasing head, she moved well.
3rd, Mrs V Tame, Riverside Song Xtra Sweet at Rahlissa, Imp/Rom

Open/B,   A lovely class of quality bitches, who can and will swop and change, 1st Mr H and Mrs S Walder, Ch Beldones La Vita Bella for Hanvale. A worthy Champion now nearly 7 yrs old, she still retains her glamour and  sparkle, she is so feminine, balanced head nice muzzle perfect stop,  almond eye, neat correctly positioned ears gave me the expression i was looking for. her shape is as lovely standing off as it is close to, she has a good neck, nice front with lovely boning, her body shape is good, nice turn of stifle, the coat was well presented and she moved as was expected of her, I was pleased to award her the RCC
2nd, Mr B and Mrs O Hawkins Foy, Beldones looks like fun, Top quality 6 yr old , lovely rich coloured S/w,  correctly moulded head, no coarsness, super eye shape and placement, such a feminine expression, as with 1 body shape was excellent, she has lovely bone and a good turn of stifle, she moved as one with her owner. such a close decision.
3rd, Mr G, MrsM,and Mrs L, Walker,  Walker and Richie, Chantique Cinderella at Starlenga.
Veteran/B, 3, 2a. 1st Mrs PM Miss EJ and Miss JL Brooker, Telforth Sweet Dreams to Corisian. She stood alone but what an impressive sight she presented, 10 years young, the owners must be exceptionly proud to own this lady, and to have kept her in absolutely tip top condition, she is so balanced, has a lovely head to handle, lovely moulded foreface, eyes correctly placed, ears which she used non stop, like all my winners she has a lovely body shape, her coat condition and presentation was excellent, she moved around the ring with effortless ease. I was so pleased to later see her awarded best veteren in show under Mrs Bev French.

I was also pleased to agree with my co judge karen to award the lovely Beldones Rocket Man owners Mr B and Mrs O Hawkins Foy , Reserve best of breed and best opp sex in breed, one to watch I am sure

John Catliff judge