Thank you to the London Collie club for your kind invitation to judge Rough Collie dogs and for the very warm welcome l received. A special mention to my very capable steward Julie who kept the ring running smoothly. It was a very warm day but all the dogs seem to cope very well.

I was pleased that my co judge John Catliff and myself agreed on all top awards.

Thank you to the exhibitors for entering your lovely dogs and accepting my decisions graciously.


MPD (5.1abs) 1st Hawkins Brilyn Worth the Wait. Promising golden sable puppy who is developing nicely and already well schooled in the ring. Liked his good length of head and clean back skull. Ears well set and used to advantage. Ample neck and well developed in body. Good bone and neat tight feet. Moved with drive.

2nd Page`s Lynmead Prince Charming. and a charming boy he is. Just 6 months old and enjoying every minute which shows in his very sweet expression. His ears were well used and correctly placed. Nice arch to neck leading to well angled front quarters. Pleasing body shape. Good length of tail. Moved steadily and confidently.

3rd Nobles Beldones Hugo Lloris For Tonova

PD (1) 1st Scott`s Chantique Abracadabra. This lovely s/w puppy has a beautiful refined head which is balanced in length, his correctly tipped ears were well placed and used. He has a sweet dark eye, clean cheeks and flat skull. Good length of arched neck leading into correct lay of shoulder. Nice length to back and rise over loins giving an excellent body shape. He was immaculately presented and already has a lovely harsh top coat coming through. Moved soundly. Well deserved BPD & BP

JD (4) 1st Terryn`s Starlenga Just As Well. Super youngster of just turned 12 months. Loved the profile on this young dog, he has a well made body with muscular arched neck and good depth of chest with an excellent turn of stifle and well let down hocks. He has a sweet but masculine expression with dark almond shaped eye and well used ears. Lovely bone and substance. His rich sable coat was presented immaculately. Moved with drive. l found out after judging he is recently under new ownership, good luck with him, he was a close contender.

2nd Lockyer`s Gataj Turn Back Time. Another lovely youngster. Golden sable who was full of beans today and wanted to play. He has a good head with parallel head planes, sweet dark eye and flat skull. Excellent body shape and nice round bone. Well presented coat. Moved well if a little exuberantly.

3rd Collins Triburle Bluebolero

ND (1) 1st repeat of MP

GD (2.1) 1st Clarks Riverside Song Unbelievable Guy at Stavods. Slightly smaller s/w dog who was completely out of coat today. Excelling in head properties, he has a nice medium sized dark eye, good stop, flat skull and ears on top, all giving him a lovely expression. Good topline. Strong hindquarters which enabled him to moved with drive.

PGD (1) 1st May`s Camanna CareerChangeing For Maqueeba. Liked the size of this shaded sable dog and he has everything in proportion. Sightly longer in back than height as the standard requires. Decent neck, firm back and correct rise over loins. He has a kind eye and nice length and balance to his head. Moved well, Would like his tail a fraction longer but carried ok on the move.

MLD (3,1) 1st Blakie`s Kourika You`ll Do For Me. Loved the expression on this Tri, so bright and alert, he has a very sweet dark eye, well rounded muzzle with nice rich tan markings, flat skull and good ear carriage. Ample neck length leading to a strong body which was well balanced. Good bone and neat oval feet. Tail well set. His gleaming jet black coat was well presented. Moved freely covering the ground well.

2nd Tippers Tiganlea True Hero. Masculine sable dog who was feeling the heat a little. Nicely balanced head with correctly placed stop. Strong well arched neck, leading to a good length of back and depth to chest, he has good body angulations both front and rear, and well let down hocks. Moved soundly.

LD (6) 1st Fullers Hanvale Arthur Shelby with Damos. Upstanding s/w male of instant appeal. He has a beautiful length to his head with smooth muzzle, correct stop and flat skull. Ears nicely tipped and used well. Full white collar enhanced his reach of neck. Good topline and firm back. His double coat fitted his outline and was well presented. Moved well with a good length to stride but tail carriage a little high today. Gave everything to his handler. Close up in the challenge.

2nd Turner`s Paulara No Where Man. Tri dog who caught my eye on entering the ring, He has a sweet expression with lovely moulding of foreface and nice dark eye. A little reluctant to use his ears today probably due to the heat. Straight forelegs, deep chest and well sprung ribcage. Nicely muscled which showed in his good movement. Shown in lovely coat and condition.

3rd Lockyer Gatai Out of the Woods JW

OD (10.4) Lovely class with strong quality throughout.

1st Hawkins & Foy Beldones Rocket Man. This dog lived up to his name as he powered down the ring considering the heat of the day. He is so light and effortless on his feet and has good drive from behind, l am sure he could have gone on all day. He has a beautifully balanced head with correct stop, obliquely set sweet dark eye, rounded muzzle and flat skull. He has a well constructed front assembly, deep chest and correct length of back. Good bend of stifle and strong hocks. His tail is well set and carried low. In full coat which was of correct texture. Pleased to award him his first CC and in agreement with my co judge RBOB & BOS

2nd Mccarte`s Ch Roughrigg Rag `N` Bone Man. Well deserved Champion and no shame standing second behind 1 who l later found out were father and son! What a sweet expression on this lovely dog. He has a beautiful dark eye, correct stop, strong under jaw and well used ears. Good reach of neck and depth of chest with plenty of heart room. He is of nice size with super bone and substance. Ideal angulations front and rear and well let down hocks. Like his son he is very sound on the move. His stunning rich shaded sable coat was presented without a hair out of place. RCC

3rd Lockyer`s Ch Gataj Struck By Lightning

VD 1st Page`s Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go. Delightful 10 year old shaded sable who belies his age. He has a very appealing expression, ears well used and correctly tipped. Super body shape. Still has good muscle tone and is in wonderful condition. Moved soundly in both directions. A very happy boy who clearly adores his owner BVD


Karen Colman-Smith.