A lovely entry numerically and I thank you all for allowing me to look at your dogs. The males were a challenge and very variable in make and shape, head type and overall quality, bitches were a joy to judge, in general those who were sound well made and with foreleg lacked head type and those with the heads to my preference often failed in other departments, fronts need looking at still and ear set and carriage.

PD (5) 1 Starlenga Just As Well, glorious eyecatching outline, totally balanced on the stand, super eye, touch short in head for me, good ears, scored in presentation and outline, correct profile gait. 2 Gataj Turn Back Time, another lovely puppy and would swap places easily, better length to head than winner but ears could be better used, top quality and very sound behind, not the front of the winner.

JD (4,1) 1 Gataj The Dark Side, best head and expression in class, a puppy with a good forehand and displaying an easy stride. 2 Chelborns Gambling List, another with good head planes, but ears are a bit wide apart, could benefit from a little more neck, not the movement of winner.

PGD (14,4) 1 Beldones Rocket Man, won this class on his head type and static balance, super head and expression but his ears could be tighter, excellent length to foreface, hind quarters ok and has enough length to leg, a bit straight in shoulder and his front movement restricted, ok side gait. 2 Kourika You, masculine dog with excellent bearings good length to leg, and uses his ears well, just a little heavy and deep through in head which cost him a higher place, sound mover but lacked animation.

LD (16,3) 1 Coronlea Celtic Traveller With Fivamnte –won this class on his excellent contruction and movement, his head is ok a little plain for me and lacking the sweetness in expression, excellent ears, good neck and a balanced outline,not in full coat but it actually enhanced his outline, great moving dog using his quarters to full advantage. 2 Ingledene Fantasy Of Blu, close decision, a dog in great coat and body score, excellent length to head but ears could be tighter, but an excellent eye shape and positon, sound moving male but lacked animation today.

OD (8,2) 1Ch Gataj Stuck By Lightening, not glamourous but totally functional male, so well proportioned with the correct length to head, and not deep through, uses his ears well and has an excellent eye, enough leg and so well ribbed, a sound moving dog who was an easy CC winner today. 2 Takhisis Dream Weaver, scored heavily on his bearing with excellent length to leg and correct expression with excellent moulding to foreface, but his ears could be better set, balanced in outlook and well ribbed, reluctant mover and had to settle for RCC

VD (4,1) 1Lenosann Midnight Rascal, of good type and general proportions, clean head planes and scored in profile standing and moving. 2 Essenjay Dark Moon Rising, good moving dog but his head is too deep through for me.

SBD (3,1) 1Barronclough Diamond Skies, has the correct muzzle to skull ratios but a little heavy in head, good neck and gave a good account of himself. 2 Libanel Erabus Eternal Love, 8 month baby who has time on his side, still needs to mature and firm up in movement.

PB (14,2) 1 Tremaro Kind Of Magic, loved her, this nine month bitch is exquisite, she has type balance and carriage, prettiest of heads ticking all the essentials, has foreleg and a neck she uses to advantage, so well ribbed, super sound movement in all directions for such a young bitch, briefly considered her for the rcc. Best puppy. 2 Erjon Evolving Beauty, mature puppy who is in great coat, really need to handle her under that coat to appreciate her excellent shoulder, a rarity in this entry, bit lower to ground and longer cast than winner, but I loved her too, for her structure and sound movement.

JB (11,2) 1 Avonfair A Million Love Song, Has impact when you look at her, in full bloom and in great condition, pretty head and expression, with a good eye, top quality bitch who moved with the breed typical sweeping action. 2 Chelborn Gamblers Wish, just twelve months and gave away a lot in maturity, cleanest of skulls and excellent ears, correct leg to body proportions, and moved out with great freedom.

PGB (16,9) 1 Beldones Magical Bliss, classic type and outline, throws the correct silhouette whichever angle you look at her from, enough foreface and clean head planes, perfectly placed eye and sweetness to expression, if I was to be critical just a little pronounced in stop, neck down she is beautifull too, well proportioned with a good neck and excellent ribbing, balanced front and rear angles and solid topine, excellent quarters and moved around with ease and accuracy to win the BCC and BOB. 2 Lillyway Lemon Breeze, another sound and well made bitch with a good eye and ear position, sound flowing action on the move, scored for proportions and balance.

LB (11,1) 1 Starlenga Nina Simone, class of the day, Eye catching blue of lovely proportions, balanced and stylish, presented in great form, she really fills your eye, well ribbed with that rise over loin, head has quality but a touch short for me, sound moving but so skittish today tht I could not consider her further in the challenge. 2 Arklethill Delilah At Ileyda, another gorgeous bitch with the most exquisite head and expression, tight ears and correct moulding to foreface with good length to head and parallel planes, excellent to go over and moved out soundly.

OB (12,6) 1 Ch Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate, have to handle this glorious bitch to appreciate all that is good about her, nothing extreme about her, has type proportions and balance, moderate in every way, head of good planes and good for expression, would have been my CC winner, even though her foot fall is good, in the challenge I felt she was marginally favouring her front, which was so unfortunate so I couldn’t take her to the very end in my consideration had to settle for RCC. 2 Ch Saganan Bue Diamond, not the silhouette or coupling of the winner, a good moving bitch who is so beautifully presented and well handled, head is of good length and another that moved soundly.

VB (4,1) 1 Ch Ladnar Inkheart, gorgeous head and expression with the tightest of ears used to advantage, such a good forehand and overall movement, a little soft in topline today which cost her further consideration. 2 Serenlas Keeping Faith, an easy mover but deeper through in head and lighter in ears.

SBB (6,4) 1 Princess Jessie The Third, preferred her cleaner head planes and shape to second, front needs to firm. 2 Ultravox For Coloratura, sound but not animated on the move, her topline wasn’t ideal and she is a little long and low to ground for me.

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