Midland Collie Club Ch Show
February 2023
Rough Collie Bitches

Firstly I would like to thank the Midland Collie committee for giving me the opportunity to judge bitches at the Ch show. Thank you also to my stewards Shelley and Gwen for keeping everything in order and to all the exhibitors for their entries.

I do have some concerns of what is happening to our lovely breed many seem to be lacking length of back, balanced head and correct ear placement. Weak hindquarters/movement was also a concern. 

Presentation on the whole was good but please remember there is more than just the top coat that needs grooming and some had too much substances left in coat resulting in a sticky/tacky feeling.


  1. Randall’s Ch Ladnar Inkheart - Very well presented tri who has nice clean head correct placed ears, good length of back and reach of neck, moved well. BVIS
  2. Boyle’s Monsolana Madam Blues over Barrenclough - Good reach of neck and overall shape moved ok.                                       

Minor Puppy

  1. Tame’s Gataj Time after Time - Feminine s/w with nice eye and  ear set giving pleasing expression, good reach of neck and length of back. BPB
  2. Lockyer’s Someone You Loved - Litter sister to 1 and another nice puppy similar remarks apply. RBPB
  3. Davis’ Rosschell Be My Baby


  1. Shipp’s Tremaro Kind of Magic - Very well presented s/w nice shape, lovely tight feet, pleasing expression very light ears.
  2. Primer’s Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcanis - Tri with sweet expression, well placed eye and ears.
  3. May’s Maqueeba Magical Kisses


  1. Jackinstar Sandra Dee - Lovely headed s/w beautiful expression coming from correct eye and good ear carriage, good bone and very well presented.
  2. Turner’s Satin Dream Du Clos De Seawind - Pleasing expression, nice eye, ears were a bit light, good overall shape.
  3. Collins’ Triburle Seren Dlos

Special Yearling

  1. Llewellyn’s Avonfair Secret Love Letter to Salsina - This young lady has correct shaped and placed eye and well placed ears giving desired expression, nice shape and moved well.
  2. Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Breeze - Very well put together tri she has correct head properties a good reach of neck and level top line, moved well.
  3. Congdon’s Riverside Song Instant Karma from Aaronwell


  1. Tame’s Gataj Time after Time
  2. Tipper’s Tiganlea That’s The Look - Good clean head with nice eye and correct placed ears, nice shape and well presented.
  3. Primer’s Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcanis


  1. Primer’s Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcanis
  2. Edwards & Bluck’s Paulara’s Lucy In The Sky for Elshajo This tri presents a pleasing picture she has good length of back and reach of neck and went well on the move.
  3. May’s Maqueeba Magical Kisses


  1. Larkin’s Rahlissa Toffee Cake for Denora - Very feminine s/w with dark almond shaped eye and correct ear placement giving desired expression, lovely shape and moved well.
  2. Mcentee’s Gerian Sunheart - Tri that appealed for her make and shape, correct head properties, lovely eye would just like better ear placement.
  3. Boyle’s Barrenclough Touch of Silk

Post Graduate

  1. Tipper’s Revdvicki Ruby Tuesday at Tiganlea - Beautifully presented in lovely condition, great conformation, correct ear placement and lovely eye giving most pleasing expression.
  2. Gautrey’s Carristina Summer Rhapsody - S/W of good size who has good head properties and moved ok
  3. Rose’s Uffspring Ultravox for Coloratura

Mid Limit

  1. Lockyer’s Good Time Girl - Nice headed s/w with sweet expression, good overall make and shape, well presented as we’re all from this kennel.
  2. Welsh’s Thistlewing Spell On You - This young lady had left her wardrobe at home but nether the less she has a sweet expression, wonderful reach of neck and good length of back.
  3. Patman & Grainger’s Samhaven Sound Effects


  1. Randall’s Ladnar Inkspot  - This stunning young lady wasn’t happy in her surroundings but she did enough for me to see the qualities she possesses she is well balanced throughout, she has a wonderful head with well placed stop, lovely dark almond eye and correct placed ears giving a gorgeous expression, good reach of neck   and length of back, moved effortlessly round the ring the best mover of the day and very well presented.  My res CC winner
  2. Congdon’s Riverside Song Journey Of Love from Aaronwell - This bitch has a beautiful expression, lovely well placed eye, would of liked better ear placement, well presented in lovely condition.
  3. Wells’ Amalie Just Annie at Terelimon


  1. Hawkins’ Ch Brilyn Molly Coddles - Another stunning bitch I judged as a junior and was pleased to see that she has matured in to the beautiful specimen of a collie she is today. She has an excellent head with correct stop, lovely dark correct shaped and placed eye and good ear carriage giving a true collie expression. Good reach of neck and length of back,
    moved well and was very well presented. My CC winner and with total agreement from the co judge BIS.
  2. Lockyer’s Ch Paradise Girl Du Clos De Sea-Wind for Gataj - Shorter all over to 1 but still a quality bitch with sweet expression, nice eye and ear placement, good overall make and shape presenting a pleasing picture.
  3. Blaikie’s Kourika Kover Girl
Tracey Goodwin