I should like to thank the National for this appointment, my super efficient stewards and the exhibitors for the wonderful numerically large entry. This was my first time award CCs in the breed I have loved and admired for so long. It was 38 years almost to the day when I judged my first classes of Rough Collies. I was somewhat heavy-hearted this time judging the male classes until I got to limit then I realised that all was not lost.

Bitches showed the future of the breed is in good hands. I have to say I was amazed that for a pastoral breed the extent of upright shoulders with corresponding short necks and incorrect poor front movement was shockingly plentiful. This was accompanied by flat feet. Finding tails of the desired length was a rarity. Also, a worry was too many were actually square rather than the desired height to length ratio, please watch out for this.

Needless to say, I was delighted with my principal winners and I must thank everyone for the way you presented your exhibits and for the wonderful display of sportsmanship. This is a truly beautiful breed, please cherish it and look after it. 


SBD (3 ) 1 Morey’s Brookynut Storm’s Gift Very smart, 10month old s/w with promise. Presents a lovely outline, good head, eye and ears. Lovely neck good front and topline. Feet need to tighten slightly but moved well. 2 Dodsworth & Amos’ Libanel Everlasting Charm Lovely headed tri. Good ears, neck, front and topline. Moved okay. Needs to gain in confidence to show off virtues better. 3 Dix’s Barrenclough Diamond Skies 


PD (6)1 B Storm’s Gift 2 Lockyer’s Gataj Turn Back Time Heavily coated striking s/w of good type. Super head, dark well shaped eye, well moulded muzzle. Rather short in neck and upright in shoulder. Well ribbed, good topline and rear. Movement lacked extension or drive. 3 Perrott’s Gataj Lightning Flash 


JD (4,1) 1 B Storm’s Gift 2 L Everlasting Charm 3 Bolt & Cronk’s Revdvicki’s Raffles At Chelborn 


YD (4,1) 1 Welsh’s Thistlewing Smoky Quarts Headed a disappointing class. Shaded s/w. Presents a nice outline. Well balanced head with neat eyes and correct ears. Good topline, deep chest, well ribbed. Would prefer a better lay of shoulder which showed in the movement. 2 White’s Phreelancer Phederal Agent At Mejola Tri. Not the balance I am looking for. Nice head and expression, good ached feet, well ribbed, good rear. Moved ok 3 Vogan’s Luminous Moon Over Lenosann


ND (2) 1 G Turn Back Time 2 Mclarty & Vescan’s Phreelancer Phinal Salute s/w that still needs time to develop. Balanced head and good length of neck and correct topline. Moved ok on good well arched feet. 


GD (5) 1 Bolt & Hollywood’s Amalie A Chance To Shine This s/w present a nice outline. Good head, eye and expression. Would prefer a shade longer neck , okay front, well ribbed, deep chest. Not in full coat. Moved well. 2 Parnham’s Caribbean Blue Sky Actis To Samante (Imp Pol) Nicely balanced b/m. Lovely head, dark eye, Good topline, deep chest, well ribbed. Another who would benefit from more length of neck to complete the picture. Feet need to tighten. Moved okay. 3 Garside’s Demelewis Gang Leader 


PGD (6,1) 1 Pullin’s Barrenclough Diamond Dawn At Myjacks Nicely headed s/w , good length of neck. Correct shoulder, front and well ribbed. Moved ok 2 Byrne’s Ingledene Affairs By Nite This s/w presents a lovely outline. Nice head but would prefer better underjaw. Good length of neck, lovely topline, but not the spring of rib I look for. Moved well in front, but lacking drive behind. 3 May’s Camanna Careerchangeing For Maqueeba.


LD (12 ) 1 Beaden’s Marvalan Spirit Of Rock (Imp Pol) I breathed a deep sigh of relief when this stunning tri male walked in to the ring. At last, a male of real quality and style. Fabulous outline, black jacket gleaming. Lovely head, dark well shaped eye, wonderful length of neck. Good front, shoulder and topline, well angulated rear. Moved soundly. If only he had been in peak condition my final results might have been very different. Won this class with ease. 2 Milligan & Marley’s Alfsden He Lives In You Showy b/m of good colour and type. Nice outline. Lovely head, eye and expression, okay front and shoulder, would prefer a better length of neck, well ribbed, good rear, moved soundly. 3 Newton’s Fiorcara Brave Explorer


OD (10,2) 1 Benton’s Ch Brooklynson El Dorado ShCEX From the ringside I have never been a fan of this shaded s/w male and have wondered why he has done so much winning. Today I put my hands on him and discovered exactly why. This nicely headed male is superbly constructed and fits the standard beautifully. His nicely arched neck is set into correctly angulated shoulders, excellent front, well ribbed back, superb topline and well angulated rear. He is well muscled and because of this fitness and correct construction his movement is foot perfect and he glides around the ring with total ease, good extension, power at the rear, but looking effortless and as if he could go all day. All this topped with a coat of correct texture, well-presented and at one with his handler. He really does stand with impassive dignity. There was no way he could be denied the DCC & BOB. 2 Wray-Ramsden’s Takhisis Dream Weaver RDCC so similar to winner in so many respects. This s/w presents a lovely typical outline. Superb head, lovely muzzle, neat dark eye, good ears, long arched neck. Super shoulders and front, good arched feet, well ribbed back, strong rear. Moved truly with good reach and drive. Well presented in good order. 3 Mc Devitt & Hendersons’s Ch Denfris Discovery For Caronlea Anch 22, Cent Ch 


VD (3 ) 1 Collino’s Wicani Altitude At Imaginist Very smart tri presenting a lovely outline. Super head, eye and expression, super neck, good shoulders and front, correct topline, well ribbed, strong rear. Shown in good hard condition and moved very well. 2 Vogan’s Lenosann Midnight Rascal Another tri. Very handsome. Lovely head, eye and expression. Ears a fraction heavy for me. Good length of neck, correct shoulders and front. Good spring if rib and well ribbed back, correct topline and rear. Moved well for age. 3 Williams’ Essanjay Dark Moon Rising 


SBB (4,1) 1 Dodsworth & Amos’ Libanel Everlasting Dezire Quality b/m with stunning head, eye and expression. Good neck, shoulders, front and topline. Good rear. Lovely tight feet, moved soundly. BSB 2 Hoffman’s Tiganlea Tuesday’s Child, Nicely constructed s/w. Very pretty head and expression. Moved well. Needs to build in confidence to show off her lovely qualities. 3 Rose’s Uffspring Ultravox For Coloratura 


PB (7,2) 1 Lockyer’s Gataj Someone You Love Well-presented s/w. Wonderful head, eye and expression. Good neck, front and shoulders and correct rear. Still needs to balance up slightly but a very promising puppy. BP 2 Shipp’s Jakanistar Sandra Dee Another lovely s/w young lady of quality. Nice head, eye and expression, goo neck and front. Correct topline and rear. Tight feet, moved well. 3 Blackburn &Jones’ Erjon Evolving Beauty 


JB (11,2) 1 Shipp’s Tremaro Kind Of Magic I loved this stunningly beautiful s/w young lady. Wonderful head, melting expression, lovely neck, front, shoulder. Well ribbed. Still needs to balance up but I am being very picky here. Lovely tight feet and moved truly. Seriously considered her when deciding top honours. 2 Wray-Ramsden’s Takhisis Lady Of Mystery s/w of quality. So well made throughout. Nice head but ears a fraction heavy. Lovely neck, front, topline and rear. Super feet and true movement. 3 Dodsworth & Amos’ Libanel Everlasting Dezire 


YB (3,1) 1 Welsh’s Ingledene Sno Dream At Thistlewing Although this very pretty b/m was out of coat it only emphasized her lovely conformation and wonderful balance. Super head, eye and expression. Good length of neck. First class shoulder and front. Well ribbed back correct topline and correct rear. Good well arched feet. True movement. Just needs to gain in confidence as she is real quality. 2 Vogan’s Drofgnal Dazzling Desire For Lenosann Naf Tri in lovely condition. Head a fraction heavier than winner. Nice neck and topline, well ribbed. Feet need to tighten 


NB (1) 1 Rose’s Beldones Clementine Avec Coloratura This s/w stood alone. Head of good pattern but lacking underjaw and ears a fraction heavy. Neat eye. Good neck, front, deep chest, well ribbed, rear a fraction high. Good feet, moved okay. 


GB (3) 1 Welsh’s Thistlewing Magic Lady Ultra pretty s/w. Fabulous head, eye and expression, good length of neck, well angulated shoulder. Deep chest, well ribbed, good rear, correct topline. Lovely arched feet. So well balanced with true flowing movement. 2 White’s Mejola Physical Attraction Smart tri. Nice head lovely dark eye, good topline and rear. Movement was erratic. 3 Perrott’s Gataj One Moment In Time 


PGB (4,1) 1 Mellish’s Demelewis Double Take Beautiful tri of quality. Super head, eye and expression. Correct ears, good length of neck set into well angulated shoulders. Very good front, deep chest, well ribbed, correct topline and strong rear. With this conformation her movement could be nothing but foot perfect and it was. It was a real joy to see her almost floating around the ring with such effortless movement. Well presented. 2 Iley’s Ileyda Billie Eilish Stunningly beautiful s/w of real quality but let down by lack of confidence and this also affected her movement. Well constructed throughout and lovely balance. 3 Rose’s Uffspring Ultravox For Coloratura 


LB (12) 1 Lockyer’s Gataj Good Time Girl Won this very large class by a proverbial mile. This stunning s/w lady is real quality and was presented in tip top condition and not a hair out of place. Standing, she is so well balanced and conformation wise there is nothing I would want to change. On the move she did not disappoint and was foot perfect. Loved her. RBCC 2 Milligan’s Ladnar Trust In Me For Alfsden JW Lovely b/m. Not in full coat but that did not distract from her overall appearance. Head of good pattern but reluctant to use her ears. Well balanced and nicely made throughout. Good neck, front, shoulder and topline. Moved well. 3 Wray-Ramsden’s Takhisis Lady Of Illusions 


OB (10,4) 1 Iley’s Arklethill Delilah At Ileyda JW Oh what a beauty. This glorious s/w lady is what an elegant Rough Collie is all about. So well balanced. Standing, she really fills the eye oozing breed type. Stunning head, eye and expression, lovely length of neck, wonderful shoulder and front, super topline, well ribbed good rear. Well arched feet. Movement was so true that I was tempted to send her round again so I could keep watching her. Delighted to award her the BCC which I later learned was her third and crowning CC. So well deserved. 2 Lockyer’s Ch Paradise Girl Du Clos De Sea-Wind For Gataj (Imp Fra) Intensely pretty. Beautiful head, eye and expression, Lovely length of neck, excellent shoulder, front and topline. Well ribbed, deep chest. Good legs and feet. Moved well. Presented in first class order. 3 Newman’s Phreelancer Phaith Hill 


VB (7, 2) 1 Benton’s Ch Brooklynson Jane Russell Of Oakestelle Well balanced, well constructed throughout. Excellent typical outline. Nice head, lovely neck, shoulders, front, ribs, topline and rear. Excels on the move. BV 2 Newton’s Corydon Victoria Rose At Fiorcara Jw This shaded s/w lady is so well constructed. Lovely head, eye and expression. Excellent neck, front and shoulder, deep chest, well ribbed. Moved truly but without real enthusiasm. 3 Smith’s Ch Brooklynson Miley Cyrus


Mike Vincent