Norfolk and Norwich Canine Society Open Show
Tuesday 11th April 2023

Collie (Rough)
I have judged this breed several times and was surprised to see how many exhibitors did not correct the placement of their dogs’ feet. I also noticed some very pale colouring amongst the sables. The breed standard describes them as “light gold to rich mahogany or shaded sable. Light straw or cream coloured highly undesirable”. Please be aware of this when breeding.

Puppy (4, 1 abs)
1st: Clark’s Riverside Song Unbelievable Guy At Stavods (Imp Rom). \dog. Almost a year old. Nice head with flat skull and gradually tapering sides to end of nose. Eyes were good with nice expression. Ear set well on top of skull and carried well. Fair length of neck and well arched. Shoulders sloping and straight forelegs; rear angulations also fine. Good length of body with well sprung ribs and deep chest. Needs to settle on the move and learn to place his feet correctly. Best Puppy and Res BOB
2nd: Noble’s Beldones Hugo Lloris For Tonova another dog almost 7 months old. Nice head with good wedge shape. Ears were held high and carried well throughout. Good eyes in shape and colour. Nice expression. When standing he had a tendency to tuck his back legs under his chest which then spoilt his profile. On the move he was a bit too wobbly at the rear end.
Special Yearling: repeat of puppy class.

Limit (4, 2 abs)
1st: Corben and Moore’s Welanga Winter Carols Via Caprioara. Dog. Three years old. A merle. Fine head with good eyes and expression. Ears carried well. Stop was okay. Muzzle good. Sloping shoulders and forelegs fine but today he was turning his front right foot towards his front left foot. At his age he should be free standing correctly. Movement okay.
2nd: Collino, Harvey and Harvey’s Wicani Invoking Spirit Dog. Four and a half years old. Handsome dog with good shaded-sable coat. Good head properties and flat skull. Medium sized eyes of a good colour. Ears carried well. Moved okay but foot placement when standing really poor.

Open (4, 1 abs)
1st: Benton’s Ch. Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle. Bitch. 8 years old. She stood out as she showed beautifully with all four feet facing forward. Beautifully presented and groomed. The colour of her coat was very good. She has a lovely head and a sweet expression from eyes that are of good colour and shape. Ears were carried well throughout. Muscular neck of fair length and well arched. Nicely sloping shoulders and straight forelegs with sufficient bone. Body of correct proportions and deep chest. Well sprung ribs. Muscular hind legs and hocks well let down. Nice shape to feet. Moved very well and shown in excellent condition. BOB
2nd: Collino’s Wicani Altitude At Imaginist. Dog. Almost 9 years old. A tri-colour with a strong masculine head. Eyes and ears were both correct in shape and size. Neck was well arched and of a good length. Angulations both front and rear were okay. Good body length and deep chest. Very good coat. Did not stand properly and I would expect a dog of his age to stand correctly and freely. Movement okay.

Collie (Smooth)
Puppy (0 entries)

Special Yearling (1, 1 abs)

Limit (2, 1 abs)
1st: Benton’s Brackenhaven Queen of Hearts of Oakestelle . Three year old bitch. A lovely tri-colour bitch who was very composed and was shown beautifully with well-groomed coat. She has a lovely head with ears carried beautifully and good eyes in shape and colour. Very sweet expression. Angulations both front and rear were good and she moved freely and easily covering the ground as she should. BOB

1st: Benton’ Oakestelle Artemis ShCEx bitch of five and a half years. A very lovely blue merle bitch. Stood correctly and was calm and confident. Lovely head lines and ears carried well, beautiful eyes, sweet expression. Shoulders sloping correctly and straight forelegs. Hindquarters had well bent stifle and hocks well let down. Moved well. The winner of limit just had the edge today. Res BOB.

Judge: Anne Mar-Gerrison (Valkira)