National Working and Pastoral Breeds Ch Show
July 2023

Many thanks to the secretary and committee for inviting me to award C.C's for the first time in which I did my best under the circumstances and conditions. Also thank you to my stewards Gwen and Shelley on what turned out to be a very trying day and to all the exhibitors. I found today that however some teeth did require attention.

Minor Puppy Dog (3)
1st Hodges Jopium Love on the Rocks - Nearly 9 months old, a tri of good size who was not fazed by the slippery floor. Nice head, eye and expression with a good ear carriage. Well off for bone, a quality baby BPD. Very Promising.
2) Hawkins Brilyn Worth the Wait - another quality baby sable and white of 8 month who was not as confident as 1. Nice head and eye, well placed ears and good body shape moved ok despite the flooring being very slippy, well presented.
3) Farthing Didek On in a Blue Moon.

Puppy Dog (1 - 1 Absent)

Junior Dog (3 - 2 Absent)

1st Lockyer Gataj Turn Back Time - Stood alone but the quality was all there, this sable and white male of nearly 14 months old has a nice wedge-shaped head, well placed eye, neat ears and correct stop. He has a good lay of shoulder with a level topline, good muscle and hindquarters. Moved well on this surface, good presentation.

Yearling Dog (2)

1st Brodies Shanaburn Country Road - Sable and white boy of nearly 2 years old correct head shape with correctly placed eye and stop, neat ears giving a masculine expression. Good shoulders and spring of rib, level topline, well muscled and well off for bone, good
coat and length of tail. Moved well.

2) Collins Triburle Blue Bolero - Nice type of male sadly wasn't happy indoors. Nice head pattern and body shape but needs more coat to complete the picture.

Graduate Dog (4 - 1 Absent)

1st Waterhouse Lynmead Famous Lover - Sable and white lovely head type, lovely eye placement with neat ears and correct stop giving a sweet expression. Good angulation front and rear with good muscle and length of tail, Well presented and moved well.

2) Kelly Pelido Invictus - Tri male for me carrying too much weight and wasn’t happy in his surroundings. Nice head type but reluctant to use his ears.

3) Boyle's Monsolana Aspire to Inspire over Barrenclough IMP RUS.

Post Graduate Dog (3)

1st Blakie Kourika You'll Do for Me - Nice tri male of lovely type, nice head and expression and used his ears well. Good underjaw, well off for bone and moved ok.

2) Dix Barrenclough Diamond Skies - Sable and white of nice type, good head type with a good eye placement, correct stop, and neat ears. Lacks coat and was not happy with the slippery floor.

3) Corben Wisewyn All the Time in the World via Caprioara IMP POR.

Limit Dog (8 - 2 Absent)

1st Scott's Sherlock Holmes of Moon River for Chantique NAF TAF IMP FRA - This impressive tri male was so balanced throughout. Loved his head, correct dark almond shaped eye, neat ears which he used non stop. His expression just completely melted me. Straight front with plenty of heart room a good lay of shoulder and level topline. He has good bone, lovely turn of stifle and sound hindquarters. Moved well in these conditions and he was turned out in good order DCC & BOB.

2) Edward Starlenga Harry Potter with Elshajo - This sable and white of nearly 5 and a half years old he has matured into a lovely male. His head is soft and sweet but with a masculine expression which made you look again. Correct head shape, sweet eye, correct stop and neat ears. Body shape was good with a level topline. Sound hindquarters and moved well on this slippery floor, well presented RDCC.

3) Lockyer Gataj Out of the Woods JW.

4) Dix Barrenclough Diamond Skies.

5) Corben Welanga Winter Carols via Caprioara.

Open Dog (6 3 Absent)

1st Shipp's No More Heros du Clos de Seawind JW IMP FRA - Lovely quality sable and white male his head handles well with a correct wedge, almond shaped dark eye, correct stop with neat ears. Good body shape and length of body was good, moved well.

2) Lockyer Ch Gataj Struck by Lightening - Another well-known sable of correct head type, neat well used ears, correct eye and expression. Moved well on such a slippery surface.

3) Foy/Hawkins Beldones Rocket Man.

Veteran Dog (2)

1st Congdon Ch/FR Ch Jugband Blue du Clos de Seawind via Aaronwell IMP FRA TAF - This well-known blue merle of nearly 9 years young is still a sweet boy. Well boned, moves well and was in good coat which was well presented. BVD

2) Boyle's Barrenclough Diamond Days JW - Nearly 7 and a half years old but still in good form with a pleasing head and expression. Good neck and body. Moved well.

Special Beginners dog/bitch (4 - 1 Absent)

1st Boyles Barrenclough Heart of Gold JW - This male won the class on movement over this slippy floor. Sable and white with a correct shaped head, dark almond shaped eye, correct stop and neat ears. Good underjaw, decent length of neck with good body shape. Moved well.

2) Dix Barrenclough Diamond Skies.

3) Riddell Princess Pink Rhodonite.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3)

1st Hawkins Brilyn Shows the Difference - 8-month-old baby of lovely type who handled these conditions well. Correct head type and good body shape. Moved well and well presented.

2) Lockyer's Gataj All that Sparkles - Another lovely baby with a lovely head, expression and body shape. Good bone and moved well in these windy conditions.

3) Radford-House Didek Moon River Through FiveJays.

Puppy Bitch (2)

1st Lockyer's Sweetmints Uptown Girl at Gataj IMP NOR - This baby of 10-month-old oozes sweetness and quality. She has the most melting expression when she smiles at you. Lovely head type, ears up on top, correctly placed almond eye and stop. Good underjaw and body shape. Moved out well and in good condition.
a very bright future ahead.

2) Scott's Chantique Once Upon a Time - Another lovely baby who has everything going for her. Lovely head and sweet expression. Good body shape and moved well with good presentation. Another one to watch.

Junior Bitch (7 - 1 Absent)

1st Tame's Gataj Time after Time at Rahlissa - What a sweetie, lovely type her head is correct with well used ears. Sweetest of eye, good neck, and level topline with good muscle. At one with her handler and moved well under these very windy conditions. RBCC.

2) Shipp's Tremaro Kind of Magic - Another pretty young lady 15-month-old sable and white with a good head type, lovely expression, and body shape. Well boned and moved well.

3) Brodies Starlenga All for It.

4) Proctor Opernball at Intermittent Lake IMP SVN TAF.

5) Corben Wisewyn Lustosa Design via Caprioara IMP POR TAF NAF.

Yearling Bitch (1)

1st Llewellyn Avonfair Secret Love Letter to Salsina - Sweet sable and white with a nice wedge shaped head, correct stop, eye and ear placement. Nice length of neck and lay of shoulders with good bone and muscle. Moved well and well presented.

Graduate Bitch (2 - 1 Absent)

1st Edwards Camanna Cissy Spacek - This young lady has grown in confidence and just coming back into coat. Her head is correct with well placed almond shaped eye, well placed stop and ears on top which she used well. Good body shape moved well and was well presented.

Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1st Larkin Rahlissa Toffee Cake for Denora - Sable and white of lovely type. Sweet young lady who was full of herself. Lovely head, eye and expression. Good body shape, well off for bone and muscle. Well presented and moved ok.

2) Radford-House & Durrant Ingledene Midnite Skye with FiveJays - Tri colour of over 2 and a half years old. Nice type but finer in foreface. Was not at all happy in her surroundings. Moved ok.

Limit Bitch (14 - 7 Absent)

1st Waterhouse Collingvale Chin Chin Lynmead - What can I say this young tri stole my heart she had all the virtues I was looking for. Beautiful head with well rounded foreface, correct stop and dark almond shaped eyes, ears on top giving a melting expression. Good front with enough reach of neck on a good lay of shoulder. Loved her length of back and turn of stifle, good length of tail and well off for bone. Sound movement in these tricky conditions and well-presented coat. BCC and BOS.

2) Scott's Chantique Deja Vu - This pretty sable and white bitch just over 4 years old is full of quality with a wedge-shaped head she is nicely filled in muzzle, nice stop, nicely placed almond shaped eyes and correct ear carriage. Straight front and good length of neck on to good lay of shoulder. Level topline, good tail set and turn of stifle with good angulation front and rear. Moved well and put down to perfection.

3) Congdon's Riverside Song Instant Karma from Aaronwell IMP ROM NAF TAF.

4 Growcott Lillyway Lemon Breeze.

5) Baker Beldones Uptown Girl of Rosschell.

Open Bitch (10 - 3 Absent)

1st Scott's O'de Lancome of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique IMP FRA - Sable and white bitch of just over 5 years old. Nice head and expression on a lovely arched neck and good length of back. Loved her shape with her fitted jacket and petticoats. Her presentation was good as always from this kennel.

2) Llewellyn Ch Artzaiak Selena de Salsina - Another lovely sable and white bitch with a nicely balanced head, correctly placed eye and stop with neat ears. Good length of neck and back. Moved ok on this slippery floor well presented.

3) Lockyer Gataj Good Time Girl.

4) Foy/Hawkins Beldones Touch of Class.

5) Hodges Jopium Loves to Sparkle with Meryctin.

Veteran Bitch (3 - 1 Absent)

1st Hodges Ch Jopium Love Heart JW SHCM - 8 year old sable and white bigger type of bitch. Head of clean lines and she still has a nice expression with well used ears and good body shape. Coat just starting to blow. Moved well on this slippy floor BVB. BVIB.

2 Boyle Barrenclough Moon River JW VW - Sable and white over 10 years young with a nice head and body shape. She enjoyed her day and moved wellon this 


Judge Pat Brooker