National Working & Pastoral Breeds Premier Open Show
Saturday 18th February 2023

Rough Collies

Firstly I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge the Rough Collies at this show, and also to the exhibitors for the sporting way they accepted my decisions, and finally my two wonderful stewards.

Puppy (8/2)

Credit to all the owners for bringing their lovely puppies, I wish you all the best of luck with them all.

1st – Davis Rosschell Be My Baby, 7 months tricolour bitch, this young lady was so confident and took my eye as soon as she came in the ring, expertly handled to get the best out of her  Her head still needs to develop, flat skull, ears set correctly, which she used to her advantage, sweet eye and expression, to be critical I would like slightly more length to her neck, well laid shoulders, coat of a lovely jet black colour and very well presented, still needs to develop in bone, tail of good length and carried correctly, moved out with confidence on a challenging floor.  One to watch as she will have a bright future, delighted to award her Best Puppy.
2nd – Howards Serenlas Angel of Casatentola, 10  months tricolour bitch, different type to 1st, but a lot to like, good head, flat skull, well rounded muzzle, correct eye and ears which she used well, neck of a decent length, well laid shoulders, length of back, correct tail, coat of good condition and well presented, handled well by her owner, moved with purpose, another who should have a bright future.
3rd – Shipps Tremaro Kind of Magic
4th – Coopers Kelekona Hearts of Gold

Junior (4/2)

1st – Cronks Chelborn Gambling List, 12 months tricolour male, just out of puppy, he has a mascueline head, well filled foreface, flat skull, correct eyes, ears well set and used, neck could have slightly more length, well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and spring of ribs, back could have more length, has slight rise over loin, tail well set, but a little short, coat very well presented, move okay, but a little close behind.
2nd – Shipps Jakanistar Sandra Dee, 9 month golden sable & white bitch, still needs to develop in head, flat skull, eyes correct, ears set and used well, adequate neck, well laid shoulders, chest stills needs to develop, in good coat and well presented, was a little unsettled on the move today.

Post Graduate (4/3)

1st – Gautrey Lillyway Landwind, 3 years shaded sable and white male, nice head and eye, flat skull, ears correct and used well, adequate neck, good chest and deep ribs, in good coat which was well presented, moved okay, tail carried a little high.  A very excitable boy, who loves life, once settled he will be a very nice boy.  Well done to his owner for how far you have come with him, keep it up.

Open (10/5)

I must admit this class was the toughest to judge, as a number of the exhibits could’ve taken the top spot.

1st – Allsopps Aqualita It’s a Miracle, 3 years tricolour male, who I have judged before, and my opinion is still the same.  I have watched him mature, and was so pleased to be able to judge him, lovely head and expression, flat skull, correct eyes and ears well set, although he was reluctant to use them at times, and certainly made his owner work hard, neck of good length leading to well laid shoulders, deep chest and ribs, back of good length, slight rise over loin, well boned, strong hocks, good turn of stifle, tail of correct length, coat of good colour, first class presentation, moved with ease on a difficult floor surface, once he comes back in to full coat, he will trouble the best, delighted to award him BOB, and thrilled to see him shortlisted in a very strong Pastoral group.
2nd – Bentons CH Brooklynson El Dorado, 6 years sable and white dog, who I have admired from the ringside, and he does not disappoint.  Head handled well, has the correct blunt wedge, flat skull, correct eyes, giving an intelligent expression, ears used to his advantage, expertly handled by his owner.  Well arched neck, good lay of shoulder, deep chest and ribs, good length of back, slight rise over loin, well bent stifle and strong hocks, coat of lovely rich colour and very well presented, moved with ease, shame he had his mind elsewhere today, but I was pleased to award him RBOB, thank you for bringing him.
3rd – Radford-House Ingledene Midnite Sky with Fivejays
4th – Coopers Lanlin Daydreamer of Kelekona

Shelley Skinner (Nikal)