Oswestry & District KA - 16th July 2023
Rough Collies

Junior  (3 entries)
1st – Geddes Ingledene Sno Flurry, 13 month blue merle bitch, of good colour, lovely head with flat skull, correct ears, which she used well, good length of neck, leading to a decent shoulder placement, well sprung ribs, well bent stifle, presented in good condition,  moved with ease, her overall balance throughout won her the class & BOB, pleased to see her win Pastoral Group 4.
2nd- Flowers Serenlas Chloe, 16 months tricolour bitch, excellent colour, not much to choose between these two ladies, ample length of neck  good shoulders, head well balanced, flat skull, used her ears to her advantage,  good length of back, well sprung ribs, moved with purpose, presented in lovely condition,  I just preferred the eye and expression of winner.
3rd - Hawkins Brilyn Shows the Difference.

Post Graduate  (4 entries/1 absent)
1st – Hawkins Brilyn Worth the Wait, and he certainly was, glamorous golden sable & white dog, 9 months old, although you’d think he was older, such a professional, masculine head, well moulded foreface, good length of neck, deep chest, well muscled, presented in tip top condition, as were both of this exhibitors entries, these two puppies will have bright futures, I felt today he just had the edge over his sister today in the challenge for BP, pleased to see him win Pastoral Puppy Group 3.
2nd  – Beardsworths Maysinder Sapphire Reign, 20 months blue merle bitch, not quite the confidence of the winner, she is a different type to the winner, but alot to like, balanced head  flat skull, sweet eye and expression, good length of neck and back, long tail, carried well, good turn of stifle, well sprung ribs, moved well, once this young ladys confidence grows she too will have a bright future.
3rd – Newtons Fiorcara Brave Explorer.

Open  (11 entries/4 absent)
1st – Beares Jemspark Maid in Secret, feminine sable & white bitch, almost a veteran, could show some of the youngsters a thing or two. Lovely shape and outline, slightly narrower in foreface than I prefer, but her overall quality won her the class, flat skull, showed non stop, good depth of rib and length of back, moved with purpose, presented in first class condition, pleased to award her RBOB.
2nd – Geddes Ingledene Sno Wanda, 4 years old blue merle bitch, dam of my BOB, similar comments apply, good head, flat skull, lovely sweet expression, correct ears which she used well, length of neck and back, another who was presented well, just preferred the movement of the winner.
3rd – Flowers Serenlas Heaven in Blu.

Shetland Sheepdog
Junior  (3 entries/1 absent)
1st- Sandhams Balidorn Starlight, tricolour bitch, 6 months old, at only her second show, and enjoying her day, she is a good colour , head still needs to develop, well presented, moved reasonably well, considering the ground, BP & Pastoral Puppy Group 4.
2nd – Sandhams Balidorn Show Dance, litter sister to 1st , sable & white bitch, who was also enjoying her day, not quite as confident as her sister, she had a better length of neck,  presented in good condition, ears are a little light, and movement erratic.

Post Graduate  (6 entries/2 absent)
1st – Sparks Jaelis Mystique Addiction, 2 year, sable & white bitch, lovely head and expression, good eye, ears well used, reasonable length of neck, good length of back with deep ribs, in excellent coat which was well presented, moved well, although tail carried a little high.
2nd – Rosslyns Balidorn Golden Amber, 4 year old sable & white bitch, classic head, good eye, fair length of neck & back, another that was well presented, moved positively.
3rd – Cummings Kesalko Babe in the Woodshed.

Open (3 entries/1 absent)
1st – Gambles Solyric Inaugural Gold JW OSW, 5 years sable & white dog, with a sweet yet masculine expression, lovely head & eye, good earset, flat skull, super length of neck, deep chest & ribs, presented in superb condition, groomed to perfection, moved with a positive action, pleased to award him BOB and to see him win Pastoral Group 3.
2nd – Hughes Afterglow Merino, 2 years blue & white bitch, different type to winner, but alot to like, good head, although ears a little wide, good length of neck & back, in good coat, well presented, moved with ease which won her RBOB.

Shelley Skinner