Paignton & District Fanciers Assoc Ch Show – 4th August 2023

Judge Mr Rodney Oldham

Rough Collies

MPD(2) 1st Hawkins Brilyn Worth The Wait, well grown and balanced, head of very good proportions, skull flat with oval eyes well placed, slight stop and shallow muzzle of sufficient length, the whole carried on strong arched neck, correct length to back with slight rise, defined stifles and strong hocks, driving action, BP. 2nd Randall Ladnar MakemeaWinner, this blue was only 6.5 months so giving a bit in age here but he too is balanced, good head plains and typical expression, hope he fills his frame with maturity, good topline with slight rise, fair mover.

PD(1) 1st Hodges Jopium Love On The Rocks, well proportioned head on this 9m old, decent neck, forechest to develop, gentle slope to croup, firm loin.

JD(2)(1st) Lockyer Gataj Turn Back Time, 14m sable shown in good nic, appealed for balance and type, shapely forelimbs, proportioned head with oval eye, firm shoulders, arched neck, active mover. 2nd Bolt & Cronk Revdvicki’s Raffles at Chelborn, this 16m tri in his rectangular outline didn’t seem to be enjoying his day and consequently did not project himself to best advantage, hopefully more socialising will help.

YD(2) 1st Cronks Chelborn’s Gambling List, 18m tri, developing well for age, head well balanced and attributes well laid out, slight rise over loin, quality coat adds finish. 2nd Hawkins Serenlas Black Magic, 21m tri with length to head and little stop, dark oval eye well placed in clean cheeks, took a little while to settle, gentle definition to croup, well placed eyes, well presented.

PGD(3,1abs) 1st Tilley Ingledene Dark Moon Risin, well balanced head of length and good plains, dark eyes, clean cheeks, arch to neck, fair front, quality coat, 2nd Bolt & Hollywood Amalie A Chance to Shine, lacking finish to coat and feathering, just out of square, well placed eyes, steady mover.

LD(6,1ab) 1st Lockyer Gataj Out of the Woods, 2.5yo sable, admired for balance and steady movement holding topline on the move, particularly liked tail carriage, all assets that complimented his head and front, RCC. 2nd. Milligan and Marley Alfsden He Lives in You, blue merle, just scored in tail carriage and set over other blues plus action. Liked his shape and general demeanour. 3rd White Chasing Clouds over Mejola.

OD(8,2abs) 1st Grainger Ch Samhaven Ballahanna Banjo, well grown sable with super outline, good tailset and carriage, excellent finish to head and expression, stepped out smartly to take CC & BOB. 2nd Lockyer Ch Gataj Struck by Lightning, this lad held his own in this strong class with his good balance projected to advantage. 3rd Cronk Chelborn That’ll Do.

VD(3) 1st Congdon Ch/FCh Jugband Blues Blues Du Clos De Sea Wind Via Aar, 9yo blue shown in tip top form and performing to catch the eye, good outline and movement. 2nd White Ch Mejola Fate and Fortune, 7yo length to head with ears well placed, moved steady, credit to his owners. 3rd Scamp Aaronwell Ayebeecee at at Marketdene.
SBB(3,1abs) 1st Scamp Aaronwell Allure In Black, verging towards short in loin, head carried on good neck, dark oval eyes well placed, reasonable front, moved out soundly. BSB. 2nd Mills Samhaven Super Natural at Willowcombe. Blue Merle a little heavily marked, quite well growm for age. Has length to head with minimal stop and well appointed ears. Convincing movement.

MPB 5 2 1st. Hawkins, Brilyn Shows The Difference, length to head with lovely eye and expression, moved out willingly in harmony with her handler, quality coat developing. 2nd Lockyer Gataj All That Sparkles, this youngster is neatly balanced at the teenage stage whilst getting it all together, fun times ahead. 3rd Collins Triburle Leading Lady.

JB(4, 1abs) 1st Rae, Gatja Majestic Hope, 1year old sable with expressive head of length, dark eye of almond shape, well grown for age, moves out soundly.2nd Scamp Aaronwell Allure in Black. 3rd Shipp and Tremaro, Kind of Magic.

YB 5 1st. Cronk, Chelborn Gambler’s Wish, 18mo sable, developing well for age appealed for head and expression, head attributes well displayed, dark oval shaped eyes, well ribbed up and firm in loin and elbows, in good nic. RBCC 2nd LLewellyn, Avonfair, Secret Love Letter to Salsina, this 2yo projects herself very well. Topline with slight rise, gentle slope to croup and decent hindquarters. 3rd. Collins, Triburle Seren Dlos.

PGB 8 1 1st. Ross, Magestic Timeless Touch At Samshernik, Stood away for maturity without excess, pleasing head and expression, clean shoulders into sound legs and feet. Proportioned body with respectable hindquarters and a sound typical mover. 2nd. White, Jo Mejola Main Event JW. 2 yo of correct type, clean head and attributes, admired expression. Pleasing outline and a steady mover. 3rd. Llewellyn, Salsina Maid By Magic.

LB 8 2 1st. Lockyer, Melissa Gataj Honey Bee. 3 ½ yo sable shown in super condition. Appealing head with well placed dark expressive eyes, clean neck into desired front assembly, depth to brisket with body of substance and well constructed hindquarters. Moved well particularly front action. 2nd. Patman, Riverside song Icecream Girl (Imp Rom) Feminine and mature. Presented a balanced outline. Good bone and feet, body with shape and substance. Moved well. Legge, Kalzan Kissed By An Angel.

OB 8 2 1st. Lockyer, Melissa Gataj Good Time Girl. Very typy feminine sable carrying a quality head with attributes to enhance, loved her expression. Clean neck and forehand. Depth to brisket, well bodied without excess, firm topline and well developed loin. Quality coat enhanced body shape. Well presented. BCC. 2nd. Ware, Kind Of Magic Della Buca Delle Fate At Wassail. 8 ½ yo with clean lean head, correct muzzle to skull ratio with break just right. Reach to gently arched neck and well laid shoulders, body with shape and firm level topline with slope to croup and good definition to hindquarters. Typical sound movement which was effortless. Harsh well fitting coat well presented. 3rd. Blake, Corydon Clarissa.

VB 2 1. Hodges, Ch Jopium Love Heart JW. Lovely 8 ½ yo with a clean head, dark eye very worthy of her title. Balanced outline and well constructed with correct substance. Typical sound free mover. Quality coat and condition, shown to advantage.

Judge - Rodney Oldham