Royal Cheshire County Show – Date 21st June 2023

Judge – Karen Angier

Rough Collie

My thanks to everyone who entered. I had an enjoyable day despite the heavy downpour. It was lovely to have exhibitors with a sense of humour and once the rain had cleared had to splash about in the very wet and soggy ring, with handlers and dogs taking in their stride. I thought I had protected my notes but some fared better than others. Many thanks to my excellent stewards who made things so easy for us all.

Puppy – 1-0

1st Walton – Sassari Smudge – B.P 

11mth Tri boy with the most expressive almond eyes, well placed ears – head developing with slight stop. Enough underjaw for age. Good length of neck and pleasing shape. Nice turn of stifle. Good croup and tail set.

Junior - 1-0

1st -Rose – Beldones Clementine Ave Colouratura + R.B.O.B

Pleasing wedged head with correct placed stop and almond eyes, ear well placed and used. Fair reach of neck leading into a shapely body with nice angulation. Another that is feminine. Good feet and well-muscled.  Moved smooth. 

Post Grad – 4- 2

1st –Clare - Bluchip Syrah of Skyeshelm

Well proportioned head with almond eyes, ears well placed and used. Well angulated with a level topline. Good depth of chest overall nice shape 

2nd – Fielding - Lillyway Lemon Crush 

Clean head with almond expressive eyes, ears well used. Good topline and depth of chest. Lovely temperment.

Limit – 6- 1

1st – Milligan & Marley - Alfsden He Lives In You 

Eye catching handsome Blue Merle boy with wedged head slight stop and well set almond expressive eyes. Well used and placed ears. Balanced throughout. Strong neck, well-muscled body. Adequate front and shoulders with very good rear. Well ribbed. Moved soundly.  

2nd – Newton – Fiorcara Brave Explorer

Well proportioned wedged shape head good pigmentation, almond eyes well set, used ears which are placed correctly. Slightly longer in loin then 1st. Well-muscled. Such a happy dog moved freely.

3rd - Williams – Essanjay Fire and Ice 

Open – 4-1

1st – Flower - Serenlas Pumpkin Spice – B.O.B

Pretty sable girl with wedge clean head, correctly placed stop. Expressive almond eyes using her well placed ears to her advantage. Good length of arched neck leading into well angulated shoulders, good depth of chest. Lovely overall shape with well sprung ribs, good bend of stifle and length of tail. Moved with a good stride and drive. Well presented. 

2nd – Newton – Corydon Victoria Rose At Fiorcara 

Sable with a well-balanced head, lovely expression well used ears. Nice neck. Good angles. Little longer in body then first. Move well lovely temperament.  

3rd – Flower – Serenlas Keeping Faith