Scottish Breeds Canine Club Championship Show

26th March 2023




PUPPY (1 ) 1. LOCKYER’S GATAJ TURN BACK TIME What a happy Chappy to start my day off . 10 month old s/w with good head patterns albeit still developing . Lovely moulded muzzle which is nice to see at his age with enough under jaw. A great little showman using his ears well . Overall body shape was good with plenty of bone and substance . In good , well presented coat. Moved well BPD

JUNIOR (3, 1 abs) 1. CONGDON’S AARONWELL AINT HE A SAINT upstanding 16 Month old s/w in nice coat with plenty of furnishings . He has a balanced head with good stop . Good length of body incorporating a good reach of neck . A little unsure of the floor as were quite a few others but he soon got into his stride and moved with drive . 2. SHORTEN’S THISTLEWINGS ANDROMEDA S/W lad who was well handled by his young handler . Good length of head , nice body shape with a full white collar which enhanced his reach of neck. He does need to tighten up in movement .

YEARLING (2) 1.BRODIE’S SHANABURN COUNTRY ROAD Masculine S/W chap who stood and showed non stop for his handler . He owns good head planes with lovely moulding to his muzzle , plenty of under jaw . Nice make and shape with plenty of bone and substance . In super coat and condition and presented very well . He was a tad overweight but moved ok.

2. WELSH’S THISTLEWING SMOKY QUARTS upstanding s/w who never stopped showing . Good length of head , nice eye and good ears which all combined to give a nice expression. Overall body shape and neck was good . Lovely presentation but just needs a bit more coat to complete the picture. Moved well .


Lovely coloured blue merle gentleman. Nicely balanced head with a lovely moulded muzzle , good ears which he used well . Ample neck leading down on to a nice overall body shape with good bone and substance . Moved ok. 2.SHORTEN’S THISTLEWINGS ANDROMEDA

POST GRAD (2, 1 abs) 1. BRIGHTMORE’S MILLUBIE RAZZMATAZ (IMPS SERB) Another lovely b/m , not a big lad but all in proportion. He is in lovely coloured coat in top condition and was well groomed. Good balanced head , moulding of muzzle with a well placed stop. Showed very well for his handler Lovely bone and well let down hocks. Good angulation front and rear .


Upstanding male who is showing so much promise. Lovely head, balanced throughout , good stop, nice almond shaped eyes ,set well , correct ear carriage all combining to give a pleasing expression. Good make and shape with a good amount of bone and reach of neck. Lovely lay of shoulder and correct upper arm and good rear angulations also . In good coat and condition which was beautifully presented . Moved well. He is a nice big male and when he finishes maturing will trouble the best ……a bright future ahead.

2. LLEWELLYN’S FRIDENS XTRA CHANCE FOR SALSINA (IMP RUS) Tri boy of good black colour. Well presented coat but needs a bit more length to complete the picture . He stood and showed his socks off . Nice head pattern , good stop, nice ear carriage . Moved ok 3. LOCKYER’S GATAJ OUT OF THE WOODS JW

OPEN (4, 1 abs ) 1. McCANN’S CH OAKLAND BLUE STYLE DU CLOS DE SEAWINDS (IMP FRA ) Beautiful coloured B/M , 5 years of age . I have judged this gorgeous boy before and awarded him the Res CC. This time he has gone one better. His head is well balanced with lovely moulding to his muzzle. Beautiful almond shaped dark eyes , set correctly . Good ear carriage which he used non stop , all this giving the desired lovely expression I look for . He is not the biggest of boys but what he has is all in proportion and you can tell he is all male . Lovely rounded bone , good body shape with ample neck and good angulations front and rear . Lovely tight feet and the correct length of hock for his size . He was presented and handled beautifully . Moved out and back as you would expect from his construction. A very well deserved CC and BOB .

2. McCARTE’S CH ROUGHRIGG RAG ’N’ BONE MAN another well deserved Champion , this time a s/w. Lovely head with well placed stop , good strong under jaw, nice eyes of correct shape and placement , well placed ears , good rounded muzzle well filled fore face culminating in a lovely expression. Good length of body covered in a lovely well groomed coat . He was in top notch condition . Lovely bone and substance and correct hocks for his size . Moved with drive . A bit of a character which I loved and was very pleased to award him the Res CC 3. LOCKYER’S CH GATAJ STRUCK BY LIGHTNING

VETERAN (1) 1. BARRON & JENKINS XCODE DELLA BUCCA DELLE FATE AT RANNALEROCH (IMP ITA) 7 year old tri gentleman not in show mode today . Nice length of body and good amount of well groomed coat. Nice big white collar enhancing his good reach of neck. Nice head planes. Moved well . Best Veteran




Pretty , feminine tri baby . This little lady just stood and demanded attention . Her head handles very nicely indeed for one so young. She has a lovely moulded fore face , well placed stop, nice under jaw , flat skull and good well placed ears giving a nice expression . Good reach of neck leading down on to a good firm body with plenty of bone and substance . Nice well let down hocks of correct length for her size . Presented and handled well . Moved well . Very please to award her BPB and BPIB

2. DAVIS’ ROSSCHELL BE MY BABY another little tricolour lady born to show . Longer cast than my winner . In lovely coat and condition ,presented to a tee and handled well . Nice head pattern , nice ear carriage just preferred the expression of my winner . Moved well . 3.McCARTE’S BELDONES BEAUTE BLONDE AT ROUGHRIGG

PUPPY (3,1 ABS) 1.LOCKYER’S GATAJ SOMEONE YOU LOVED Another youngster with a lovely happy temperament . Good head , well shaped eye and good ears which she used well . Nice overall body shape covered in a good well presented coat . Moved well . 2. HUTCHING’S RIVERSIDE SONG THRILLS OF THE NIGHT AT SCOTTRYE (IMP ROM) NAF TAF

Tri colour lady of 11 months. Lovely head properties . Lovely make and shape with lovely rounded bone and substance . A little unsettled on the move. In lovely coat and condition , presented beautifully .

JUNIOR (6, 2 ABS) 1. MITCHELL , MITCHELL & JORDAN’S AVONFAIR A MILLION LOVE SONG a promising young Lady full of femininity . Very eye catching

s/w , lovely body shape and reach of neck enhanced by her lovely big white collar. Lovely rounded bone . In super coat and condition , beautifully groomed and presented. Lovely well balanced head well placed stop , sweet eye set correctly, giving a super expression. Moved steady . The handler was excited to tell me after that today she gained her JW….Congratulations 2.McCARTE’S ROUGHRIGG ONE OF A KIND slightly darker coloured s/w, a little heavier all over than my winner . stood and showed well for her handler. Attractive girl with a lovely make and shape . Good head planes of equal length , good muzzle , well placed stop and flat skull , nice eye and well used ears. All giving a pleasing expression . Move ok 3. TURNER’S SANTIN DREAM DU CLOS DU SEAWIND (IMP FRA)

YEARLING (3, 1 ABS) 1. MITCHELL , MITCHELL & JORDAN’S AVONFAIR A MILLION LOVE SONG 2. WELSH’S INGLEDENE SNO DREAM AT THISTLEWING beautifully coloured b/m in lovely coat which was presented nicely . Longer cast than my winner. She was a little unsettled on the move to start but then soon forgot that and settled back in to a good stride moving with drive.

GRADUATE (5) 1. MITCHELL, MITCHELL & JORDAN’S ACONFAIR A MILLION LOVE SONG 2. FINNEY’S MILLUBIE REWIND (IMP SERB) Ultra feminine tri lady who stood and showed non stop for her handler. Overall impression of this bitch is ….balanced throughout. Lovely head, well placed stop and correct ear carriage. A lovely make and shape with rounded bone and plenty of substance. Newly grown coat that was impeccably presented . Well let down hocks of correct length for her size good angulations front and rear all allowing her to move well .


POST GRADUATE (4, 1 ABS) 1. MITCHELL, MITCHELL & JORDAN’S SALSINA SECRET LOVE SONG AT AVONFAIR another lovely feminine s/w with a beautiful balanced head, correct placed stop , well shaped eye , correctly set giving out a gorgeous expression. . Lovely overall body shape with a lovely reach of neck. Beautifully presented coat , again a very attractive lady . Stood , showed and moved well . 2. McCARTE’S ROUGHRIGG REMEMBER ME Nice overall shape for this s/w girl. Good head planes ,plenty of under jaw , nice eye . She stood and showed well for her handler . Lovely bone and substance. In good coat which was presented well .


LIMIT (6, 2 ABS) 1. LLEWELLYN’S ARTZAIAK SECOND HAND ROSE AT SALSINA (IMP ESP) 1. Beautifully presented s/w . Lovely balanced head properties with a correctly placed stop , lovely moulded muzzle and good under jaw. Lovely eye and expression . Well used ears and she used them non stop . In beautiful coat and condition , beautiful presentation . Moved well . 2. LOCKYER’S GATAJ GOOD TIME GIRL Flashy s/w who instantly appealed . As with all this handlers dogs she was beautifully presented . Lovely balanced head , good ear carriage . Lovely make and shape , good reach of neck enhanced by her white collar all covered in a freshly new growing coat . Nice let down hocks Moved well . 3. CONGDON’S RIVERSIDE SONG JOURNEY OF LOVE FROM AARONWELL

OPEN (5, 1 ABS) 1 LLEWELLYN’S ARTZAIAK SELINA DE SALSINA (IMP ESP) Absolutely stunning was my first thought when this little lady entered the ring . I was not disappointed in any way when going over her. Ultra feminine just oozing quality , just my cup of tea. Lovely refined head with well placed stop, good under jaw, lovely eye and expression , flat skull .Ear carriage was good and she used them to her advantage . Lovely body shape with good spring of rib , nice rise over the loins , good angulations front and rear. Nicely rounded bone , smart little hocks, correct for her size. Beautiful groomed coat indeed first class presentation . Moved well . I was very pleased to award her the CC . 2. LOCKYER’S CH PARADISE GIRL DU CLOS DE SEA-WIND FOR GATAJ (IMP FRA) another very eye catching Lady . Longer cast than my winner . In super coat and condition again beautifully presented . She stood and showed and actually demanded my attention . Good head pattern with nice stop and under jaw , nice eye and good ear carriage . Plenty of bone and substance , nice tight feet , good angulations front and rear , correct hock length for her size . Moved well RES CC 3. BROOKER’S CH PARIS VENISE DU BOIS DES AMAZONES FOR CORISIAN (IMP FRA)JW


SPECIAL BEGINNERS (1) 1. CLARK KERR UFFSPRING UNIQUELY MAYD FOR WHITECRAIGS young tri lady in nice coat and condition , groomed well . Good overall body shape with good bone , nice feet . Bit reluctant to use her ears , moved well. Sympathetically handled . BEST SPECIAL BEGINNERS