Sheringham & District Canine Society Rough Collies

23rd April 2023

I would like to thank the committee for my invitation to judge today. Whilst I had several exhibits absent, possibly put off by the dubious weather forecast, I was pleased with the quality of my entry today.

Class 86 - Special Yearling (6/4) 1. Clark’s Riverside Song Unbelievable Guy at Stavods (Imp Rom) 12 month old sable dog with a soft yet masculine expression that really appealed to me. Parallel head planes correctly proportioned. Lovely dark eye of correct size and oblique set. Neat ears which he used to his advantage, correctly tipped. Well constructed front and good depth of chest. Good rear angulation and tail of correct length and set. Viewed in profile, everything is in proportion but I would prefer a little more of him all over. Moved well, if a little excitable at times RBOB 2. Chaplin’s Takhisis Lysander 22 month old sable dog who defines the “friendly disposition” that the breed standard calls for. More substantial in build than (1) and carrying less coat today. His overall shape when stood and viewed in profile is good, with a nice length of back and good angulation to the rear. I preferred the eye placement and ear carriage of my class winner today as it contributed to the expression I was looking for. Moved OK, but again a little excitable in his adolescence.

Class 87 - Limit (2/1) 1. Clark’s Riverside Song Unbelievable Guy at Stavods (Imp Rom)

Class 88 - Open (5/3) 1. Benton’s Ch. Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle 8 year old sable bitch who is the consummate showgirl with real ring presence. Schooled to perfection, never a foot out of place, and expertly handled. Whilst I would prefer a little more stop and softer, sweeter expression, that did not detract from the overall quality of this bitch. Exceptional outline when stood, arched muscular neck leading to a well constructed front. Good length of back, excellent rear angulation and neatly fitted coarse coat. It is no surprise that her excellent construction shows in her effortless, powerful drive when on the move. She glides around the showring with ease. BOB 2. Clark’s Stavods Soda Stream 5 year old blue merle bitch who was super sweet. Lovely colour and presented in immaculate condition. Nicely shaped and sized eye, correctly tipped ears and balanced head, all of which contributed to her soft feminine expression. A nice shape and outline overall, and well constructed. She was a little reluctant to stand still today and over excited on the move, but absolutely enjoying her day out. S

imon Walder (Hanvale)