SKC, May 2023, Rough Collies.

An enjoyable appointment spent with the first breed I ever showed in 1964, This the 3rd time I have given CCs to this breed in the UK having also judged them several times overseas Open dog and bitch were the classes on the day with quality right down the line-up, a large ring gave everyone the chance to show off their charges movement or not! a first class steward that goes my thanks.

This being the biggest entry on the day in the Pastoral Group. My main concerns were shoulders and short necks plus this is a working breed and should be able to get from one side of the ring to the other with complete soundness and freedom of action this was not always the case, presentation in ALL was first class but a few could have done with a bit more muscle tone , several looked the part stood then my heart sank when I asked them to move. Having said all that, I was delighted with my main winners and there was several present on the day I would happily sign a CC for.

Results:-  PD ( 1) 1st BP & Res CC & P Group 2, Lockyer, Melissa Gataj Turn Back Time, little did I think judging the 1st dog on the day he would finish with the Res CC ! so impressed for breed type a real look of quality and balance , He had the movement I insist upon , Head details correct . typical profile, he moves like he does because he his built correctly , in ex jacket and I thought him quite special , in the challenge the more I looked the more he impressed Surely has a future .

JD (4) 2a, 1st Collins, Triburle Bluebolrro, B/M. easy winner, quality , head  appealed with a typical expression , enough neck ,straight front , typical profile and very pleasing quarters his action gave him the class. 2nd Shorten, Thistlewings Andromeda, sable, stronger head than winner, stood I liked his balance and typical profile, but his movement was not what I look for his hind action was not good .

S/Y ( 2) 1st ,Brodie, Shanaburn Country Road, sable, quality masculine , head details correct , ex bone good straight front ex feet, lots to like but please do not let him get any heavier, he carries enough body , easy sound action . 2nd, Barrow & Jenkins, Rannaleroch Perfect Storm, B/M, smaller made, still masculine , pleasing head details enough neck , straight front , ex body shape . but not the hind action of my winner

PG (5) all present but not an easy class to sort out. 1st, Garside, Demelewis Gang Leader, S/w, in lovely jacket in full bloom, pleasing head, enough neck, straight front. typical in outline, moved okay . 2nd Blaikie, Kourika You , Tri, quality lots to like but I would want better action particularly behind . 3rd Walsh, Thistlewing Smoky Quarts,

LD (4) all present and a much stronger class for quality. 1st Lockyer, Melissa Gataj Out Of The Woods (JW) , Top class and I did look at this s/w For the Res CC  one I would happily sign a ticket for ,all the quality and breed points I look for, in super form . typical action, loved that head eye and expression, in the challenge my eye was consistently drawn to the puppy! and I trust that eye but no doubt this male is in my opinion Champion quality. 2nd , Donaldson, Caronlea Celtic Traveller With Fivannte, Rich S/W , also a lovely quality male , liked the head ex ear set and he used them, good eye ex bite, enough neck, straight front, ex body qualities and a strong backend , he moves freely and well , just needs to come back into full coat, one I really liked ,3rd, Proctor, Wilmaranna Out of The Blue For Cathbri, 

OD, ( 10 ) 3ab , 1st CC & BOB Foy /Hawkins, Beldones Toucher Du Bois instantly caught my eye in this strong class! Quality line-up that you would expect in an Open Class, just loved everything about him, my idea of a typical collie, wonderful head details, super eye shape and colour ,but its when he moves he left the issue in no doubt who was going to win ! everything I wanted on the day he was also shown and handled to perfection , one word sums him up ,CLASS . 2nd Benton, CH Brooklynson El Dorado SH CXE, did not shout out at me on the first look around , but to go over was a different story everything fits and flows , , beautifully constructed with the neck shoulders and hind angulation required in the breed standard , okay head but another so impressive on the move , when it came to the Res CC I just preferred the head on the puppy , but this male is certainly a very worthy Champion. 3rd Mccarte, CH Roughrigg Rag N Bone Man, another super Champion with everything going for him.

VD (2) 1ab 1st, Steven, Cariadhaf Crazy Dream, S/W, 8 year old and at his best , top class shouts quality, lovely masculine head , super white teeth ex bite, ex body qualities in fabulous coat presented to perfection ,obviously well loved and looked after, sound happy mover . proof indeed like most Pastoral breed not at there best till reaching that Veteran stage.

SB, (1) 1st ,Thistlewings Andromeda , reported 2nd in Junior.

GCD (1) 1st , Procton, Wilmaranna Out of The Blue For Cathbri, B/M, nice quality male , with some pleasing qualities but not the hind action I look for

MPB (2) 1st, Walker & Walker & Richie, Chantique Tooth Fairy For Starlenga , 8 month S/W in full puppy coat and looking an absolute picture , stacked there is little I would want to change ! so feminine , head details correct ,such a lovely typical profile and a real showgirl .when asked to move she was having none of it! Enough said. 2nd , Hodges, Jopium Loves To Shine, S/W just 6 month , lots to like but this hall and noise did not suit her , difficult to judge her movement another day a different venue ,who knows .

PB (4) 2ab , BOSP, 1st ,Lockyer, Melissa Gataj Someone You Loved , S/W, sister to that super dog puppy and the same high quality and promise, loved the head details ,ex neck , lovely front with correct shoulder angulation , well developed body and strong quarters ,in ex form with the movement I insist upon , what a lovely pair of youngsters ,sure to continue to impress. 2nd Brodie, Starlenga All For it, Tri, head details correct ,but not the front movement I wanted or hind action I look for ,

JB (5) 1ab , B/M, easy winner I wrote in my book , feminine head ex eye and bite , enough neck straight front, typical profile and she moves with freedom drive and front extension , very attractive girl, 2nd, Shipp, Tremaro  Kind of  Magic, S/W ,Quality , head details correct, enough neck .straight front ,typical in body shape ,feminine, but movement could be better. 3rd Hutchings, Riverside Song Thrills of Night At Scottrye.

YB (5) 1ab, poor class for movement except my 1st and 2nd , 1st, Barron & Jenkins, Takhisis Summer Solstice At Rannaleroch, S/W, nothing flashy but an honest sound bitch that was lovely to put hands on , head details correct . typical in profile and moves freely and well. 2nd, Wray- Ramsden, Takhisis Lady Of Mystery, S/W, Another quality girl, with very similar qualities . and good on the move, just needs a new jacket. 3rd, Mccarte,  Roughrigg One Of A KIND .

PGB ( 7) 1ab , 1st ,Welsh, Thistlewing Magic Lady, S/W, good winner, loved the head eye and bite, enough neck , straight front ex bone and feet, shapely correct profile and good angulation both back and front ,quality jacket and a free easy action .2nd , Mccarte, Roughrigg Remember Me, S/W, again a very nice bitch , head correct , typical profile just a little over proud of her tail at times but a happy girl , easy action . 3rd Walker & Richie, Beldones Just For Fun at Starlenga .

LB (6 ) 2ab, 1st Lockyer, Gataj Good Time Girl. S/W, top class , typical feminine girl, loved that head expression , good neck, straight front , ex outline on the stack. And correct angulation both back and front, easy ground covering action. in lovely coat presentation perfect, another who in my opinion is CC quality. Top Class. 2nd,  B/M , Barrow & Jenkins, Tiganlea Twinkling  Saphire at Rannaleroch, nothing flashy but an honest sound collie, certainly could do her job . attractive head but I did prefer the winner’s expression, enough neck, straight front good shoulder angles. typical in profile, quality jacket. and a good free movement, handled to show off her good points .3rd, Foy/Hawkins, Beldones Magical Bliss.

OB (6) 2ab ,strong class,  1st CC, Blaikie, CH Kourika Kover Girl, no surprize to find her titled , looked and moved like a Champion, instantly caught my eye on the first look around she just shouts breed type and quality at you ! lovely size and very feminine, head so correct ,ex eye , nothing really to dislike , everything felt right with hands on and she was in wonderful form , superior  hind action wish they all moved like her behind . no hesitation in signing that CC I was told later she does have a few , sure to continue to impress . 2nd Res CC , Foy/Hawkins, Beldones Looks Like Fun , S/W, so unlucky to meet the winner today because I was told later she is on 2CCs and some reserve CCs . Bound to make-up because she holds all the qualities a Champion should have and again the movement I look For. 3rd, Lockyer, CH Paradise Girl Du Clos De Sea-Wind for Gataj. another super bitch what a threesome , you could swap all three around and not be wrong, certainly had some quality present today !

VB (4) 1ab Wow such quality, 1st, BV ,Hodges, CH Jopium Love Heart JW SH CM .S/W, looked what she is a Champion of the highest quality and breed type ,and boy she could move . a case of not enough CCs today because I would have no trouble sighing one for  this lady, and that goes for the 2nd also .Benton, CH Brooklynson Jane Russell Of Oakestelle, from a breeder that has the knack of producing one good one after another and this lovely girl no exception. She looked and moved like a Champion Collie, and I might add her clever handler is one of the best in the breed .3rd Steven, Cariadhaf Cookies And Cream for Cambrogan.

SBB, ( 1) 1st,Clark Kerr, Uffspring Uniquely Mayd for Whitecraigs, Tri,Quality , liked her head , shapely , but hind action could be stronger.

GCB ( 2) ,1st, Wray-Ramsden, Takhisis Lady of Illusions, S/W, lots to like with this girl ,and she is sound , pleasing head, good neck, straight front. Typical in profile, well shown , 2nd Clark-Kerr, Uffspring Uniquely for Whitecraigs. 

JUDGE BARRIE M CROFT.                       

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