13/05/2023 OPEN SHOW 2


Judge: Gwen Beaden

It was a privilege to judge the Smooth Collie Club of GB’s Show 2 Best In Show. I had two excellent breed representatives to choose from, many thanks to Jo White and Gary Clarke for sending these quality exhibits forward.
Best In Show:
First up was the Smooth Collie Ch/Am GR Ch/ Can GCH Cardross Red Dirt Road To Blamorder. This mature s/w male stood impassively on a loose lead watching his handler and showing his many qualities to advantage. Everything about this dog is in proportion. He takes the eye for his proud head carriage, good reach of neck, well developed withers and strong topline. Head of good length with oblique eye placement and well used ears. Correct shoulder placement and length of upper arm and well developed ribs of good depth and length – so important to a herding dog. Strong quarters with well bent stifle and let down hock and completed with a long well carried tail. Presented in hard muscular condition, he stood on strong legs and well padded feet. This is a top size dog but he moves effortlessly with a light easy action showing the desired daisy cutting front action and powerful drive from the rear. He covered the ground with ease and his topline never moved- a total pleasure to watch. He fully deserved Best In Show/ Best Veteran In Show
Next was the stunning b/m Rough Collie whose clear silver blue colour and black markings are textbook. Only 10mths old Ingledene Crystal Vision of Phreelancer has a classic outline with arched neck, level topline with correct rise over the loin and a long well carried tail. In full coat of the correct harsh texture that fitted her bodylines she was presented and handled to perfection. Her lean head with parallel planes, oblique almond shaped blue eyes that twinkled in the sunlight, small neat well used ears and a well filled foreface for her age combined to produce an alert but sweet expression. Good length of neck running into well placed shoulders with good length of upper arm and depth of chest. Like the Smooth she is well proportioned with a good length of back for her height and strong quarters with well bent stifle and let down of hock. Her movement was excellent, not the strength of the fully mature Smooth but parallel driving rear action, good length of stride in front and holding her impressive outline as she moved round the ring. Definitely a lady with a future, she took a well deserved Reserve Best In Show/ Best Puppy In Show/ Best Opposite Sex In Show
Reserve Best In Show:
Putting up a good challenge but unable to match the b/m Rough on the move was the Smooth Brackenhaye Queen Of Hearts. Lots to like about this 3yr old tri lady. Balanced head with flat skull , well filled foreface and well used ears. Pleasing outline with good reach of neck, depth of chest and length of back. She moved with drive. Tight black coat of correct harsh texture. She is maturing well but there is still more to come.
Best Puppy In Show:
Challenging the eventual Best Puppy In Show winner was the 6mth old tricolour Smooth male Wynele Strike It Rich to Lewarne. Only a baby but what an exciting prospect. Very well constructed with excellent angulation front and rear and this showed in his accurate foot placement on the move. Pleasing outline and long tail correctly set and carried. His head is clean with dark expressive eyes and good filling to the foreface. I shall watch how he matures with interest.