Saturday, 13th May, 2023
BIS report, Geoff Duffield

It was my very great pleasure to be invited to judge BIS for The Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain, my grateful thanks to the committee.

The show maintained a very pleasant atmosphere throughout with a garden party ambience in what started out as very chilly conditions but when the sun decided to appear, it was warmth all round.

Through no fault of the committee, the grass had not been mown for a good few days and the terrain would not suit a bowling green. However, the dogs coped admirably throughout.

Jo Denton judged the Smooths and sent forward Norman’s home bred Fin/Nor Ch Seanua Serendipity as BOB, winning through from Veteran, a quality s/w who, at ten, showed no signs of coarseness and beautifully presented in full coat of correct texture, so important in this breed.

Excellent make and shape, in tip-top condition, beautiful head to handle, sweetest of eye and expression, excellent rear construction, very strong thigh muscles enabling positive movement every which way. Lovely temperament.

The Roughs were judged by Fay Hutchings and her BOB came through from Puppy, Newman’s Ingledene Crystal Vision of sPhreelancer, an 11-month b/m beautifully presented in full coat of very good colour covering a well developed body, a glamorous girl of particularly good make and shape, most beautiful head, lovely eye, feminine expression, correct stop, very good ears, nicely marked head with good rich tan markings.
Her movement was untroubled, confidently covering the ground decisively as you would expect from a working breed.

So there I had it. A ten-year-old challenging a puppy for BIS, both making a mockery of their age to oppose each other on an even playing field (which is more than can be said for the ring!)

The Rough certainly has the quality to go all the way, she stood her ground well, but I had to favour the Smooth who has reached maturity in style, responding so well under her owner. I was reminded afterwards that I had placed her first (PG) at Crufts in 2015. I naturally checked on my critique to compare notes where, among my remarks, I quoted ‘absolutely exudes femininity, gorgeous expression, super temperament’. This she has retained.

Serendipity was also awarded BVIS. A credit to her owner.

The rough was awarded RBIS and BPIS.

The BOS award went to the Rough, Benton’s S/S/W Ch Brooklynson El Dorado, a gentleman collie who has done so much for the breed over the years. Indeed I gave him a puppy group and have seen him develop into such a pleasing, upstanding all-male boy, beautifully presented in full coat, has extremely good conformation, proven on the move. El Dorado has a lovely clean head to handle, nothing exaggerated, flat skull, excellent ears, perfect stop, good muzzle and underjaw, beautiful eye and masculine expression, good ring presence and temperament.

Best Smooth male was Lusty’s Ch.AM Gr Ch/Can GCh Cardross Red Dirt to Blamorder, an upstanding s/w who, I’m pleased to report, attained his English title the following day.
No denying his sex, I have seen him often in the ring and always wanted to get my hands on him. He proved how wrong it is to ringside judge for I found him a pleasure to go over. In very good body covered in good harsh coat, has really good conformation as compounded on the move. Strong neck into good shoulder, good length of back, powerful thighs, covers the ground untroubled.
Head is balanced and smooth, good flat skull, excellent ears, good muzzle and underjaw, lovely dark eye, masculine expression, good temperament and attitude, very well handled. He was also RBVIS.

Geoff Duffield (Judge)