SCCGB 13th May 2023 Open Show 1 – SAC classes, judge: Emily Bemelmans


I would like to say a huge thankyou to all the exhibitors who gave me such a large and varied entry. Lovely happy dogs, some very full of the joys of spring and all a delight to judge


Puppy (2, 0 abs)

1) Seager’s Blamorder Magic Maker with Freejack - s/w 8mo solid youngster already a good size with moderate bone and well balanced throughout. Nice clean wedge head with a stop that is almost finished.  Good ear set and correctly tipped. Eyes dark brown, almond shaped and correctly set however I would prefer a bigger eye. Nicely arched neck which is muscling out nicely into well laid back shoulders and good front. Tiny bit upright in the upper arm right now but this could improve with age. Nice straight front legs with tight feet. Good width and depth of chest into a rib cage which is beginning to spring. Lovely topline with a correct rise over the loin and nice slope of croup into correct tail set, tail is of good length and to the hock though I would prefer it just a little longer. Good angulation in the hindquarters with well developing second thigh. Moved well with good reach and drive, very balanced with still a little puppy bounce to his step but that will improve over time.

2) Rodgers and Carvallo’s Blamorder Mischief Maker - s/w 8mo – brother to first and very similar in design but just smaller and finer throughout though I did prefer his rear angulation. A little slower to develop with his stop still needing to clear, again I would prefer a larger eye and slightly longer tail. His neck is well muscled into his shoulders giving a nice smooth topline throughout. Difficult to assess his movement because he was more interested in playing than trotting around the ring.


PG (7, 2 abs)

1) Jerrett’s Coldalee  Eternal Sunshine – a very feminine and well put together s/w 13mo bitch. She has such a beautiful expression, deep brown eyes obliquely set on a clean head with well placed stop, correct parallel planes and well set ears tipped nicely, a little light but still correct. Nicely set neck which slopes nicely into her shoulders, a tad upright in the upper arm, but this could change once her ribs spring a bit more. Lovely topline and correct set tail of good length. Neat feet and good rear angulation. On the move she had good reach and drive and almost effortless. Overall it was her expression and overall construction that won it for me.

2) Wensley’s Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive JW – tri male 21mo of moderate bone and size. Nice wedge shaped head with rounded muzzle, lovely ear set which adds to his expression. Nicely arched and well-muscled neck sloping into well laid back shoulders. Good front angulation and strong front limbs. Ribs spring nicely into strong loins nice rise over the top, however I would prefer just a little more length in loin. Croup a little steeper than I would like but correctly set tail just reaching to the hock. Good drive on the move with correct movement.

3) Warren’s Coldalee Jupiter Rises with Blamorder


Open (3, 2 abs)

1) Lusty’s Ch/Am Gr Ch/Can Cardross Red Dirt Road to Blamorder – s/w male 8yo of good size and proportion in bone and muscle. Correctly shaped wedge head with beautiful head planes and correct stop. Would prefer a larger eye, but still has a lovely expression with well set ears of good size and correct tip. Strong well arched neck of good length into correctly angulated front. Strong solid front limbs, deep chest and well-sprung ribs. Nice topline with gentle slope over the loin into a nice croup with correct tail set and of good length. Good rear angulation and tight correct feet. Looks so balanced in the stand and moved as you would expect, effortless and like he could do a full days work.

2) Riva’s Manordeifi Rock On – rich s/w male 2yo of good size and moderate bone. Masculine head with well-rounded muzzle and well set ears. Correctly placed stop with obliquely set almond eyes, would prefer them a little darker. Well arched neck of good length into well laid back shoulders. A little upright in the upper arm which did show on the move, but good strong front limbs. Still needs to fill out in body and ribs to spring a little more. Lovely rear angulation, well set tail of good length. Moved well with good drive from the rear.

3) Moore’s Blamorder Riding on a Rainbow to Manordeifi