I had been looking forward to this with somewhat mixed expectations and was positively surprised with most of the class winners and very happy with the main winners.
PD (5,4) 1 Gataj Lightning Flash Sabel male puppy, very mobile and with an attractive silhouette. Parallel head planes, quite pleasing stop. Very good ears. Elegant neck. Typical slight rise over the loin. Balanced angulation both ends. Light on his feet and well co-ordinated in the move. Well presented.

JD (4,2) 1 Tiburle Bluebolero Well grown, masculine blue merle. His head planes are more parallel than they appear from a distance and his stop is well placed. Somewhat heavy and wide-set ears. Very attractive neck. Compact body. Beautiful coat, and a lot of it over his rear, making it necessary to feel for his topline, which is actually pleasing. Moved well from the side and from behind, but could perfect his movement coming towards me. 2. Kelekona Hearts of Gold Sable male, very elegant and not fully mature in his balance. Quite parallel head planes, but I would prefer the stop further back. Pleasing ears. Attractive neck. At this time actually rather high behind. Very pleasing legs and feet. Moved narrow behind, but light on his feet from the side.

GD (9,2) 1 Serenlas Black Magic Well constructed and well balanced tricolor male. He makes a very pleasing overall appearance with his flowing body lines.His head is well filled in and has parallel planes. Acceptable ears. Excellent neck and topline. Balanced angulation both ends. Beautiful coat and colour. Another who moved soundly from the side and from behind, but could improve coming towards me. 2. Phreelancer Phinal Salute Less mature sable male with an attractive balance and overall appearance. Well shaped head with parallel planes, if quite the stop placement and definition of the winner. Attractive neck. I would prefer more angulation behind, but still moved well from all directions. 3 Thistlewing Smoky Quarts

PGD (1) 1. Wicani Obsidian Dagger at Rossavon Tricolour male, masculine and quite big, he gives a very positive impression on the stack, and his lovely neck contributes to that in a big way. I would have preferred more parallel head planes. Excellent depth and width of body. Beautiful coat and colour. His front movement let him down from all angles, but he retained his balance on the move.

LD (7,1) 1.Alfsden He Lives In You Blue merle dog, strong and masculine. I would have preferred more chiseling to his head. Pleasing ears. Long and strong neck. Attractive body silhouette. Sound in movement coming and going and quite pleasing from the side. Beautiful coat and excellent distribution of his merle markings. 2. Marvalan Spirit of Rock Tricolour male, very attractive when standing. Beautiful expression, even if his ears are rather heavy. Strong underjaw. Attractive silhouette which he kept on the move, but needs to stabilize in movement coming and going. 3. Kourika You’ll Do for Me

OD (5)1 Lt.Ch. Skabona Stairway to Heaven A young blue merle dog, instantly attractive and lovely type and well developed for his age. Parallel head planes, correct stop. Attractive ears. Enough length of leg. Excellent neck, the starting point of his lovely flowing silhouette with a firm topline with slight arch of loin. Well developed in body. Excellent coat and colour. Lovely side mover, at all times retaining his shape and balance, reasonable coming and going. CC 2. Ingledene Fantasy of Blu Mature blue merle with a grand silhouette, a bit more up on legs than the winner. Beautiful eyes and very good ears. Well angulated both ends. Not quite the neck of the winner. Excellent shapely topline. Moved very well from all angles. In a very good coat, but his colour is not his fortune. Res CC 3 Ch.Ladnar Mustriharder

Vet (5,1) 1 Bellawave Caught in A Dream A classical, attractive tricolor bitch, well balanced and well proportioned. Feminine head with quality, parallel planes and well placed stop. Good ears. Pleasing neck, well set. Rather weak in pastern. Excellent topline. She moved well from all direction. A really good bitch, in very good condition for her age. Best Veteran 2. Wicani Altitude at Imaginist. Impressive tricolor dog in very good condition, if not in full coat. Excellent balance. Very masculine head with pleasing features. Acceptable ears. Strong neck with an attractive nape. Pleasing topline. Moved well coming and going, keeping his balance, if somewhat heavy footed. 3 Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas

Good Citizen (2)1 Tashisis Lady of Illusion Classical sable bitch, well made, but I would not want her any shorter in body. Excellent eyes, contributing positively to her expression, reasonably parallel head planes, ears somewhat wideset. Excellent neck. Moderate, balanced angulation both ends. Firm topline. Very pleasing colour. Quite a good mover from all angles. 2. Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas Sable bitch, eight years old and not in full bloom. Very feminine in head, I would prefer some more fill under her eyes, but the eyes themselves are beautiful. Pleasing topline. Moved with the breaks on and could be more precise coming and going.

Special Beginner Bitch (3) 1. Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas 2. Pincess Pink Rhodonite A very fine tricolor bitch, she needs to develop in substance and sturdiness. Quite pleasing head planes and expression from dark and slanted eyes. Long neck. She stood well over her legs, but needs to develop more body. Lovely colour. I would like to see better coordination on the move.

MPB (1) 1. Roughrigg Red Lagertha At six months and one week, this is a very feminine bitch. She has an attractive head and expression, excellent ears. Pleasing rise of neck. At this time she is significantly higher behind than in the front, especially when standing. In a full puppy coat. She moved quite well from all angles, evening out somewhat in balance.

PB (5) The class was headed by two very attractive and compatible puppies, they turned out to be litter mates. 1 Ingledene Crystal Vision of Phreelancer Blue merle bitch of excellent type and overall balance. She has a lot of quality and beauty about her. She is already fully grown, well developed for her young age and already competitive with the adults. Expressive head, very good ears. Long neck. Excellent topline, shapely and flowing in her silhouette. But has a lot of coat over her croup which makes her look rather bum high, but this is refuted on closer inspection. Moved soundly from all angles. Best Puppy 2. Ingledene Sno Flurry. Another classical and beautiful blue merle bitch of excellent type and overall appearance. Quite similar to the winner, and I am sure they will change places at times and will both have excellent careers ahead of them. Excellent feminine head with beautiful expression. Lovely neck and body outline. Moved very well indeed from the side, if not quite as accurate as her sister coming and going. 3 Chelborn Tell Me Your Wish

JB (9) 1. Tremaro Kind of Magic A very feminine bitch with plenty of quality about her. The same thing goes for her head, but could not be more refined. Beautiful expression. Excellent ears. Very good neck into shoulder. I would not want her any shorter in body, but she has a very attractive flow to her outline and a typical slight arch over loin. And above all she was the best mover in this class. 2. Chelborn Gambler’s Wish Another attractive bitch, well balanced and well made. Lovely eyes and expression. Very good neck, well set into a shapely body, good return of upper arm. Excellent sable colour. Not in her best coat today. She moved well, still not as well as the winner. 3 Serenlas Chloe

GB (6,2) 1. Triburle Seren Dlos Well balanced and shapely blue merle, feminine and well proportioned. Attractive head with pleasing parallel planes and well placed stop. Pleasing length of neck. Well coated, her blue colour could be more distinct. Used her legs well enough on the move, but could do with some more energy. 2. Gataj One Moment in Time Attractive bitch on the larger side, still feminine. Would prefer more parallel head planes, but she has beautiful eyes. Quite shapely in body. She was the best mover in this class. Excellent coat, well handled. 3. Thistlewing Magic Lady

PGB (8) 1. Demelewis Double Take Attractive tricolor bitch, scoring heavily in movement as she unusually sound, indeed rarely perfect coming and going. Parallel head planes, but her heavy ears did not enhance her expression. Long neck, shapely body, enhanced by her coat rather than hiding it. Well angulated both ends. 2 Lynmead Lemonade for Collingvale JW Attractive blue merle bitch, very feminine. She scored in expression over the winner. Attractive body shape, stood well over her legs and feet. She also moved quite well coming and going, but could be more active and animated. 3. Rhalissa Toffee Cake for Denora

LB (11,4) 1. Takhisis Lady of Mystery Sable bitch out of the top drawer, very well balanced and particularly pleasing on the move. Well shaped head with quality and chiseling, reasonable stop and ears. Beautiful crested neck. Shapely body with flowing lines and slight arch of loin. She stood very well indeed over her legs and feet. A free and sound mover, won this the class with something in hand and later the Res CC 2. Lilith Nar Sule of Kelekona Well made bitch and a very positive mover, if not spectacular. Quite parallel head planes. Strong neck. Moderate, but balanced angulation both ends. Moved parallel coming and going and kept her outline and balance from the side. 3. Ladnar Trust in Me for Alfsden JW

OB (9,2) 1. Phreelancer Phaith Hill. A stunningly beautiful, very classical tricolor bitch in full bloom. Big, still feminine, she has ideal proportions, is well up on legs and covers ground with lovely, flowing lines, each part fitting so well into the next. Beautiful head with parallel planes and well placed stop. Lovely expression. Strong and firm topline with slight arch of loin. Excellent coat quality and in pristine condition, but I would not want any more of it. Sound and efficient mover from all angles, at all times keeping her silhouette. She gave me flashback to the good old days when there were more Collies like this. The star of the day, CC & BOB 2. Swed.Ch. Skabona Heaven Can Wait Another very sound, well constructed and well balanced bitch of excellent type and quality, fit in body and mind and very mobile. She has a classical blue merle head with parallel planes, correct stop, very pleasing ears and expression. Well balanced in her outline, if not as shapely as the winner. An excellent mover, sound from all angles and athletic. Lovely coat and colour, well presented. 3. Serenlas Heaven in Blu

Espen Engh (Norway)