It was a pleasure to take a trip down to St Helens to judge the rough and smooth collie classes. Big thank you to the steward keeping us In order, Sue Beare.   The society pulled a very large entry across the show ,with 27 in rough collie alone. Sadly due to a variety of reasons largely relating to winter illness, lack of coat and bitches in season and a breed club show date change close by many did not make the show on the day but I am very grateful for all the entries and especially grateful to those who managed along to the show and allowed me the privilege of going over their dogs. 

Overall I found dentition to be good, correct scissor bite and reasonably clean teeth. We had a rather small ring to make the best of and I was pleased with how all the exhibits handled themselves.

Rough Collie Puppy (3,2)
1 st and BPIB. Howards Serenlas Angel of Casatentola. 11 month old tricolour. A beautifully constructed puppy, good body proportions, correct length to height ratio. Good muscle for a puppy and ample bone. She is lively and happy and of very excellent temperament which is just as important as the physical aspects of the breed standard – no trace of nervousness. Such a sweet expression on her. Good parallel head planes and correct stop. Correct dentition and decent muzzle and under jaw and nice tight lips. Neck Is strong and beautifully arched and of a good length. She Showed her ears non stop and was very attentive to her handler, presenting

an elegant and balanced profile. Moves well in all directions and moved at correct speed.
Rough Collie Junior (3,2)
1 st Beardsworths Maysinder Sapphire Reign. Nice blue merle female, 16 month old. Of good size and shape, foreface ever so slightly longer, not enough to spoil the overall look of her head. Foreface well filled, lovely well rounded muzzle and underjaw. Excellent ear carriage and placement, used well to give an alert expression. Body is strong, well made ribs and loin. Rear angulation is good, moving away ok but on the return the front legs were crossing in front of one another.

Rough Collie Post Graduate (8,5)
1 st Beadens Myriehewe London Calling. Triclour male, still developing has the makings of a really lovely collie once he fills out in body , fore chest and rib cage and maintains his weight. He is at the teenage age where males lose their condition however he is a really lovely boy who is very eye catching when he is standing up and stretching himself out to present himself. He is in lovely coat for his age, jet black and gleaming white. He has a very nice head , good depth , not to fine and decent underjaw. His ears were exactly where they should be. Strong arched neck which enhances the overall elegance of this boy. Perfect ratio of length to height and
angulation front and back and finished with a good length of tail. Going away his movement was decent, however coming back towards me it started off looking good but I could only see the first few steps before he decided it was time for fun. He has plenty of time to enjoy himself while he matures. I preferred his overall shape.
2 nd Edwards Elshajo Adored. I really wish this sable girl enjoyed the show ring more as she is lovely, Different to
1, a smaller collie but very much in proportion. She has a really lovely head, balanced and correct placement of stop with a good fill to her muzzle, nice shape and size of eye. Expression kind and calm, eyes on handler at all times. Her ears could be slightly lighter, but she was reluctant to use them today. Good bone and muscle, body well made and angulation front and back correct with a good bend of stifle, allowing her to move smoothly and soundly in all directions.
3rd Fieldings Lillyway Lemon Crush. Attractive young sable male, another one mid maturity. Lovely well rounded muzzle and under jaw. A bit unsettled at times and enjoys his own voice, definitely has character. Moves ok. Shows off his superbly placed ears very well when asked.

Rough Collie Open (11,8)
1 st and BOB Allsopps Aqualita It’s a Miracle. It was a hard call between the first and second however I preferred the head qualities of this dog, having a fuller muzzle, more depth to his skull and ever so slightly bigger eye. He is very masculine and of a very good size. Expression alert and intelligent with lovely brown eyes, his owner does have to work hard to get him to use his ears to complete the picture, that being said most collies were not using their ears to their advantage today. His legs are made of good bone, straight and strong, ample neck which flows into sloping shoulders ,his ribbing well sprung and chest deep and a well made body, firm level back which was held on the move and strong and supportive loin. Excellent front and rear angulation , this dog is a dog who can move with power and purpose, strong rear drive through well muscled legs and very clean smooth side profile. It’s a shame when the ring size is small and full potential cannot be achieved as I would love to see him really get into is stride and not have to stop. He is in great condition.
2 nd and RBOB Beadens Marvalan Spirit of Rock (IMP ROM). Beautiful ,balanced profile. He is eye catching with his jet black coat and gleaming white markings, flashier than 1. Head is pleasing, of good length, slightly finer in foreface and depth than 1, but has a well placed and shaped eye which is a lovely colour of brown and displaying an expression of wisdom and intelligence. Adequate neck, shown to advantage when he reaches his head forward. Another who has ears the owner had to work for to lift, but placement is correct and when he shows his ears he looks beautiful. His body is filling out nicely as he matures, good depth to ribcage and chest. Strong, straight legs holding him up and allowing his free easy front movement. He Moved well in all directions, having good rear quarters and bend of stifle, moving away with power but maintaining a lightness on his excellent feet.
3 rd Mills Lynmack Starman. There is so much to like about this lovely boy, now entering the veteran stage of his show career. He is handled expertly, and moves very soundly in all directions. Excellent muscle in his hind legs he is in great condition. He has a pleasing head, shape and set of eye and well made body with good bone. He used his ears well, I just felt they needed to be set a little bit higher , and a tad more neck to complete a more shapely, elegant picture.

Smooth Collie Puppy (2,0)
1 st BPIB and RBOB Jerretts Coldelee Eternal Sunshine. I loved this super feminine 10 month old sable and white puppy. Finer made than the other puppy, but I preferred the head qualities of the winner. Lovely balanced head, proportionate to her size, a nice tapering to the end of her muzzle which was rounded, nice tight lip line and underjaw. Correct placement and depth of stop and a nicely shaped almond eye of good size which portrayed an alert but kind and soft expression. Placement of ears was ok, with decent amount of tip and used well to complete her head and expression. Good length of neck powerful and set into well sloped shoulders. Straight front legs, elbow coming beneath the withers. Body is good, decent depth to ribs and a good firm top
line which was held on the move. Tail length good. Very free and easy movement in all directions, aided by the angulation of her rear quarters, allowing drive but smoothness in side profile. Pretty, elegant and balanced , works well with her handler.
2 nd Richardsons Celeste Uta Anyaru Of Lizoni (IMP CZE). 7 month old blue merle female , bigger build than 1 st but balanced. Excellent body , condition and muscle to thighs for one so young. Head I felt was a little strong, not quite the elegance of the 1 st . Muzzle was very nicely filled and rounded, eyes and ears both correct, ears very well used and full of life behind her eyes. Moved well in all directions.

Smooth Collie Open (2,0)
1 st and BOB Smiths CH/MULTI CH Winter Is Coming To Tentola. Every inch the picture of a dog born to work, everyone should get a chance to go over a dog of such quality at least once in their judging career. Such astrong, masculine blue merle dog, well up to size. Nothing is out of proportion or over done. Fabulous head, being of correct balance, super head planes with a well placed stop of desired amount and appearing as a well blunted clean wedge, tapering to a rounded muzzle which was well filled. Excellent underjaw. Eye set ,shape,
size and colour along with his ears (all be it they are lightly tipped) provide such an alert and lively expression. He stands proud and wants to be seen, head carried and supported by a well arched , good length of neck. Elbow falls easily beneath his withers due to the perfect angles of his return of upper arm , supported by quality bone in his strong straight legs. Plenty of room beneath his chest and ribs for the vital organs. Strong back and loin, nice slope of croup into a decent tail carried well. Excellent rear, driving him across the ring with ease. Very sound. Stands on good feet. 2 nd Richardsons Lizoni Va Va Voom. Feminine young female with a lovely eye and shape of head. Very appealing. Ears tip nicely but could be set a little higher. Excellent body, bone and muscle in her thighs. Coat is nice and black, well marked. Moves great in all directions. Light and effortless with easy drive from a good bend of stifle and moderately angulated rear. I preferred the front assembly of dog one and overall balance.

Stacy Steven (Cambrogan).