Three Counties Championship Show 8 th June 2023
Collies (Rough)

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge at this show, which was carried forward from Covid times. Special thanks to my hard working Stewards for the smooth running of the ring. What a lovely large, quality entry.

Movement has improved since I last judged. Presentation was of a high standard in most exhibits apart from a few with large amounts of tartar on teeth and sleep encrusted in some eyes. We had a large flat ring so plenty of room for the dogs to move. It was quite windy and cold which caused a few problems with ear carriage, but by the last few bitch classes the sun had appeared.

Minor puppy Dog 4 (1 absent) 1 st Page’s Lynmead Prince Charming six months old g/s and making his show debut. A real charmer. He appealed instantly for breed type. Lovely clean balanced head, correctly placed dark obliquely set almond shaped eye. Ears correctly set. Good shoulder placement and adequate chest. Nice bone. Good length of neck and level top line. He has a good turn of stifle & moved out freely and with confidence. Covering the ground well. 2 nd Hawkins’s Brilyn Worth The Wait. Another lovely s/w puppy, 7 months old, with good head pattern and sweet expression. Good front construction, would prefer a little more neck. He moved well for age. 3 rd Noble’s Beldones Hugo Lloris For Tonova

Puppy Dog 3 (1 absent) 1 st BPD & BP Scott’s Chantique Abracadabra, 9/12 months old, s/w. Lovely refined head with a gorgeous eye and expression. Good Shoulder placement & reach of neck. Correct length to height ratio. Nice bone. Just moved a little close at the rear, but covered the ground well. 2 nd Perrot’s Gataj Lightning Flash 11 months old. Slightly larger and
rangier type. Would prefer more neck, Good bone. Movement a bit loose.

Junior Dog 4 (2 absent) 1 st Collin’s Triburle Bluebolero, Lovely upstanding b/m. Appealed for bone and good outline. Correct depth of chest. Balanced wedged shape head with lovely expression from his dark eyes. Good ear placement. Good front assembly and good turn of stifle. He moved out really well, covering a lot of ground.2 nd Cronk’s Chelborn’s Gambling List, tricolour with lovely rich tan markings, lovely eye and expression. Good head. Well coated. He is shorter in back than the winner. Moved ok.

Graduate Dog 5 (1 absent) 1 st Res CC Waterhouse’s Lynmead Famous Lover. Gorgeous s/w.
Loved his outline and shape. Correct length to height, Good neck. Beautiful soft dreamy xpression, from lovely muzzle, correct stop and ears set correctly, In good coat, Strong bone. He looked so balanced moving freely with drive. 2 nd Hogg’s Lilyway Lemon and Lime, lovely tri with rich tan markings giving a sweet expression. Nicely made but I would prefer his back slightly longer. Good coat. He could stand better at the rear. 3 rd Boyle’s Monsolana Aspire To Inspire Over Barrenclough (IMP RUS)

Post Graduate Dog 3 (none absent) 1 st Pullin’s Barrenclough Diamond Dawn At Myjacks s/w. pleasing head pattern but his ears are a little heavy. Good bone and front quarters, tends to stand with rear legs tucked in and moved close at the rear. Front movement ok. 2 nd Dix’s Barrenclough Diamond Skies. Litter brother to 1 st . s&w, pleasing head but ears a bit wide set. Nice expression. A little narrow in body and would benefit with more spring of rib. Front movement ok but a bit close at the rear.

Limit Dog 12 (1 absent) a lovely class. 1 st Hawkins and Foy Beldones Rocket Man. s/w. Such an elegant outline, good balance throughout. Good length of neck, level top line. Good bone. Correct lay of shoulder and good upper arm. Lovely head of correct length, good stop and lovely placed eyes giving a very sweet expression. Ears well set but he was reluctant to use them in the wind. A pleasure to judge him and he moved with good length of stride and good drive from the rear. 2 nd Congdon Starlenga All that Jazz From Arronwell Lovely tri with pleasing head eye and expression. Nice ear carriage, good neck and spring of rib carriage. He moved freely. Sadly, out of coat on the day. 3 rd Fuller’s Hanvale Arthur Shelby With Damos.

Open Dog 5 (none absent) Another lovely class. 1 st CC & BOB Wray-Ramsden’s Takhisis. Here he stood, a noble majestic dog. Beautifully balanced. Nothing exaggerated. Lovely head with correct eye placement, sweetest expression. Strong bone. Lovely reach of neck. Excellent
fore and hind quarters. Level top line. Stood and showed non-stop. As his confirmation suggested he moved freely, covering the ground effortlessly and had power in his hind quarters giving good drive from the rear. I hope his third CC is not far away. A credit to his owner. 2 nd Telford’s Brilyn Born To Run For Glenbowdene, gorgeous shaded sable. Exquisite eye and expression. Lovely ear carriage. Beautifully constructed with good front and bone. Lovely turn of stifle. Correct length of back. Lovely flowing movement. He pushed the winner to the line. I also called him in to challenge for the Reserve CC, but he just did not stand as well this time. I am sure he will soon be getting the green cards. A super dog. 3 rd Blaikie’s Kourika King Pin.

Veteran Dog 3 (1 absent) 1 st Boyle’s Barrenclough Diamond Days JW, s&w,7 years old with a lovely head, eye and expression. In excellent coat and condition. Good neck and spring of ribs. Nicely constructed. Moved freely. 2 nd Page’s Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go. Shaded sable, nearly 10 years old, a lovely made dog, slightly smaller in size. He has a beautiful eye and expression. Moved freely. Out of coat on the day.

Minor Puppy Bitch 5 (none absent) 1 st & BPB Walder (handling for Mr J & Mrs M McCarte) Roughrigg Red Largertha s&w, 6 months old, Very sweet and feminine expression. Lovely head quality for her age, lovely ears which she used to advantage. Very elegant shape and construction. Adequate coat. She is well schooled and moved very well. 2 nd Hawkins Brilyn Shows the Difference, another pretty s&w, 7 months old. Lovely head and expression but preferred the sweetness of the winner. Nice neck and construction. Good bone. Moved very well. 3 rd Hodges’s Jopium Loves To Shine

Puppy Bitch 5 (3 absent) 1 st Chantique Once Upon A Time 9 ½ month s&w. Very feminine, lovely refined head, sweet eye and expression. Good front and hind quarters. Good length of back. In good coat. Moved freely. 2 nd Rae’s Gataj Majestic Hope, bigger and rangier type than 1 st . Pleasing head, sweet expression. Good bone & reach of neck. She needs more control on the move as it is difficult to access.

Junior Bitch 9 (2 absent) 1 st &a Res CC McEntee’s Lynway Sun Blossom delightful s&w. She is super feminine and has the most exquisite eye and expression. In full coat with a huge white shawl. Good reach of neck and level top line. Good front construction, Ribs well sprung. Good turn of stifle. All creating a lovely outline. Moved freely. 2 nd Tame’s Gataj Time AfterTime at Rahlissa another lovely s&w. very similar to winner. Gorgeous eye and expression, good ear carriage. A very close call between them. 3 rd Collin’s Triburle Taboo.

Graduate Bitch 7 (none absent) 1 st & CC Waterhouse’s Collingvale Chin Chin Lynmead. Tri with nice tan markings. I looked across the ring and saw this beautiful vision in black gracefully entering. My notes say WOW. She filled my eye with elegance and great beauty. So feminine, lovely clean head, beautifully moulded fore face. Exquisite eye and expression combined with correctly set ears. Correct lay of shoulder and length of upper arm. Lovely length to height. Good short, well let down hocks and good turn of stifle, which provided drive. When she moved it was light, free and effortless. Covering the ground with good stride. Beautifully presented. 2 nd Shipp’s Tremaro Kind Of Magic rich s&w, slightly smaller bitch, but very feminine. She is beautifully made, but I would prefer a slightly longer neck. She has a very sweet eye and expression. Moved well. 3 rd Swain’s A Touch of Blaze.

Post Graduate Bitch 7 (1 absent) 1 st Larkin’s Rahlissa Toffee Cake For Denora. Very pretty
s&w, lovely head with sweet eye and expression. Correctly placed stop and good ear carriage. Good front and chest, Good length of back. Strong hindquarters. Moved freely and effortlessly. 2 nd Hawkins & Foy Beldones Ebony & Ivy a very elegant tri as her names suggest. Beautifully constructed and balanced. Lovely to watch move, covering the ground so well. Lovely head with good ear set. Would just prefer a slightly sweeter eye. 3 rd Well’s Amalie Just Annie At Terelimon.

Limit Bitch 13 (3 absent) 1 st Tame’s Riverside Song Xtra Sweet At Rahlissa (IMP ROM) s&w,lovely moulded head, with sweet dark eyes. Good neck and nice bone. Level top line, strong hind quarters. Moved really well. 2 nd Hodge’s Jopium Love’s To Sparkle With Meryctin, s&w, very attractive and elegant. Clean head with sweet eye and expression. Correct lay of shoulder, good bone and coat, correct length to height. Moved well. 3 rd Scott’s Chantique Déjà Vu.

Open Bitch 12 (5 absent) 1 st Hawkins & Foy Beldones Looks Like Fun shaded s&w. Another Very elegant bitch from this kennel who has lovely confirmation and balance. Super front and hind quarters. Correct length to height, Good reach of neck and level top line. So sound on the move, effortless and with good drive at the rear. Very feminine head with gorgeous expression. 2 nd Tipper’s Revdvicki Ruby Tuesday at Tiganlea, s&w, Lovely eye and expression. Beautiful shape, good front and hind quarters, strong bone. Good spring of rib. Moved well. 3 rd McEntee’s Sun Lite.

Veteran Bitch 6 (2 absent) 1 st & BV Hodge’s CH Jopium Love Heart JW ShCM 8 years old s&w in super condition. Lovely construction and balance. Elegant neck and good length of back. Lovely movement. Lovely head and sweet expression. 2 nd Boyle’s Barrenclough Moon River JW 10 ½ years old. In super condition for her age. She has retained her beautiful head qualities. Moved ok for her age. A credit to her owner.

Sheila Carlton