Show – Vulnerable Native Breeds Show
Date  – 18.06.23
Judge – Lynda Nicholas (Nickarlyn)

Incredibly successful inaugural event to showcase some wonderful breeds and thank you for asking me to judge. Well Done to Jacky and the team. Thanks to London & Provincial CA for supporting the entry and my efficient stewards who kept the ring running smoothly.
Thank you to all the exhibitors who entered today. Temperaments were excellent and all well presented in sound, clean condition. It was my absolute pleasure to go over your dogs.


P (5 2)
1 Seager – Blamorder Magic Maker with Freejack
S/W flashily marked mature boy of 8 months, a real showman for one so young. Well-balanced head, good eye shape and well used correctly placed ears all made for a pleasing expression, and I am sure his stop will clear a little more. Decent underjaw and generally well-off for bone.  Good outline with beautiful reach of neck and proud head carriage. Whilst mature for his age still needs time to develop and drop in chest. Good ribbing and has lovely balanced angulations. Good height to length proportions; just a little bum high at the moment. Good tailset and carriage. Composed on the move and with time will tighten up. Happy to award BP & RBD

2 Howe – Lizoni The Drifter
Very much a baby at 6 months old, a happy chap who enjoyed his showing experience. Tri who has everything where it should be and in balance. Still immature in body and head needs to develop, but everything looks promising - time is on his side. Good wedge-shaped head, dark almond eye and nicely tipped ears gave an alert expression. Well balanced front and rear angles, good tailset and carriage. Movement was a mixture of puppy bounce but did show a fair amount of drive from rear. Well-schooled for one so young.

3 Rodgers & Carvallo – Blamorder Mischief Maker


SY (4 0)

1  Jerrett – Coldelee Eternal Sunshine RBB & RBOB
Eye-catching s/w young lady of 14 months. Well moulded head, correct stop with almond shaped eyes giving sweet expression with good underjaw. Used her ears well and attentive to handler.  Presented a lovely balanced outline, good body proportions with a nicely arched neck, balanced front and rear angulations. Good substance and well-off for bone. Decent turn of stifle and short below the hock which ensured she moved out well with reach and drive holding a steady topline. Well set tail that she carried well. Coat of correct texture presented beautifully. (Has a lovely topline with the required rise over her loin - handler just needs to be aware of uneven ground and try to avoid standing her in a dip)

2 Warren – Coldelee Jupiter Rises with Blamorder
Tri litter brother to winner – similar comments apply but has lots more development still to come. Upstanding masculine dog with decent bone. Good head planes and correctly placed stop. Dark eye and lovely underjaw – however I preferred the expression of the winner. Well placed shoulder but would prefer a tad more upper-arm which showed in his front movement. Good chest for his age and well-proportioned body with an excellent topline both static and on the move. Used well-muscled hindquarters to his advantage. Good tailset and carriage.

3 Bemelmans – Moseliqa Proudfoot

PG (4 1)
1  Jerrett – Coldelee Eternal Sunshine
2 Warren – Coldelee Jupiter Rises with Blamorder
3 Swan – Koczkodan Silver Bullet

L Dog (3 2)
1 Wensley – Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive JW
22 month tri dog. Good head planes and correctly placed stop. Dark eye and decent underjaw but would prefer slightly more length to head. Well set ears that he used well. Not the biggest, but balanced proportions - still has time on his side to develop in front. Correct length/height ratio with balanced front and rear angulation. Very much a live wire, but today moved smoothly and effortlessly around the ring with minimum foot lift holding topline. Good harsh coat and super core-strength and condition, shown with good muscle tone. BD

L female (5 3)
1 Benton – Brackenhaye Queen of Hearts of Oakestelle BB & BOB
On the day she was the most complete package, beautifully balanced and super on the move. 3 ½ year old tri just hitting her prime. Coat was jet black with rich tan, gleaming in the sunshine. Balanced ultra-feminine head with exactly the expression I was looking for. Whilst free stacking, uses her muscular neck to proudly carry her head, fronts legs well under her body and loved her topline both stacked and on the move. Scored highly for depth of brisket, good ribs, beautifully balanced angles. Great bone, short below the hock and correct feet. Nothing is exaggerated and presents a harmonious picture. On the move really came to life using her well-muscled rear quarters and powered around the ring giving the impression she could do that all day.  Happy to award BOB

2 Bemelmans – Oakestelle Asteria
6 year old feminine tri that is just starting to show her age. Clean balanced head of good length with correctly placed stop and flat backskull. Dark almond eye but would prefer a little more under-jaw. Lightly tipped ears. Decent neck and topline, however a little upright in front angulation which reflects in her front movement. Standing on good legs, flexible pasterns, Not the body and balance of the winner. Movement was steady with accurate footfall. Well set tail carried correctly.

O Dog (1 1)

O female (5 2)
All 3 lovely ladies who have different strengths to offer a judge.
1 Meacham – Blamorder Curlywurly Girly at Zellamere
Tri who is hiding her approaching veteran status. Well moulded head, correct stop with almond shaped eyes giving sweet expression. Used her ears well – though 1 was a little light. Presented a lovely balanced outline, good body proportions with a nicely arched neck, balanced front and rear angulations. Good substance and well-off for bone. Excellent shoulder and upper-arm, Decent chest and spring of rib. Her movement did not quite match the promise of her angulations but later found out not her usual handler.

2 Benton – Oakestelle Artemis ShCEx
6 year old blue built on finer lines than winner – but everything in proportion and balance. Clean wedge-shaped head with correct stop and flat backskull and the best of ears. Kindly eye but very alert expression. I would prefer a tad more underjaw. Presented a lovely balanced outline, on the free stack her feet were well under a well-proportioned body. Nicely arched neck, balanced front and rear angulations. Started off a little wide behind but within a few steps displayed correct movement. For a blue her colour is far from textbook – but no denying her many attributes and ability to do a hard day’s work.

3 Kennedy – Shandlmain Serene

V (1 0 )
1 Benton – Oakestelle Venus De Milo VW ShCEx
Great example of the amazing longevity of this breed - most feminine blue of lovely colour. Almost 10 years old and presented in great condition and muscle tone. Ultra feminine head, good eye, stop and decent backskull. Just wished for a little more underjaw. Used her ears non-stop. Not the biggest but presents a balanced outline - has enough substance and bone for her size and stands four square on good legs. A consummate mover - holding a strong topline and a well carried tail. Well-presented correctly textured coat and handled to advantage. Whilst standing alone fully deserved BV and shortlisted in the group