Unfortunately, in my opinion, the male Rough Collies that were shown under me didn’t have the quality of being a Champion, therefore I withheld the CC.

To all breeders and exhibitors of Rough Collies, I suggest a study of the KC breed standard with full consideration of quote ‘dog of great beauty’ ‘head and skull’ ‘gait/movement’ ‘coat/colour’.

A large number of dogs were not schooled in show mode and their presentation of coats was poor. 


V (2) 1. Burrows’ Ch. Tiganlea Tinkerbell at Revdvicki. S/W, in good coat with a white collar, general good shape with nice bone and shaped feet, oval eye of good size, flat skull with ears being used well, BV. 2. Cook/Watkins’ Aniesh Forever Blue with Whatacoo. B/M, nice colour, in good body and condition, well bent stifles. 


PD (1) 1. Lockyer’s Gataj Turn Back Time. G/S, with white collar and good outline, liked bone size and tight feet, small ears being used well, BP.


JD 3(1) 1. Congdon’s Aaronwell Ain’t He A Saint. S/W, steady temperament with length of leg, small ears being used well, nice body and type. 2. Edwards’ Tiganlea Remember The Days. In better coat but temperament not so steady, handler and dog need more confidence. 


ND 1(0) 1. Lockyer’s Gataj Turn Back Time. Repeat. 


PGD 3(0) 1. May’s Camanna Careerchangeing for Maqueeba. All three dogs of this class had short tails, this was the best mover of the class, good outline and coat, smooth well filled foreface. 2. Blaikie’s Kourika You’ll Do For Me. Tri, nice bone, front and temperament, needs more time to settle and show. 3. Pullin’s Barrenclough Diamond Dawn at Myjacks. 


LD 4(1) 1. Milligan/Marley’s Alfsden He Lives In You. B/M, nice length of head, lovely colour coat with white collar, oval feet, well padded (soles), sensible temperament. 2. Jones’ Brooklynson Black Diamond with Dancol. Tri, nice size and type with deep black colour, not moving so well as 1st. 3. Lockyer’s Gataj Out Of The Woods JW. 


OD 6(0) 1. Geddes’ Ingledene Fantasy of Blu. Sound moving with good bone, oval shaped feet, good covering coat with heavy markings, reluctant to show, BD. 2. Blaikie’s Kourika King Pin. Nice bone for size and of good type, liked head but not moving so well. 3. Bluck’s Phreelancer Chill Factor for Elshajo. 


PB 4(1) 1. Tipper’s Tiganlea That’s The One. Sweet outline of good size, friendly temperament with good bone and coat. 2. May’s Maqueeba Magical Blessing. Another of good outline and coat, would prefer a larger eye. 3. Cronk’s Chelborn Tell Me Your Wish. 


JB 4(1) 1. Mitchell/Jordan’s Avonfair A Million Lovesong. S/W, moving well and with ease, good body condition and balanced overall, small ears. 2. Blake’s Corydon Agatha Cristal. Tri, needing a coat but in good body condition. 3. Beardsworth’s Maysinder Sapphire Reign. 


GB 1(0) 1. Congdon’s Riverside Song Nebraska at Aaronwell (imp ROM). Tri, another in between coats but she moved very well, good temperament. 


PGB 3(0) 1. Tipper’s Revdvicki Ruby Tuesday at Tiganlea. S/W, good length and covering coat with a frill, using small ears well, sensible temperament, sound. 2. Edwards/Bluck’s Paulara Lucy In The Sky for Elshajo. Tri, has good temperament and body condition, in between coats. 3. Hawkins’ Breckamore Welsh Honey for Brilyn. 


LB 6(0) 1. Lockyer’s Gataj Good Time Girl. S/W, lovely sensible temperament, good size, coat with white collar and bib, nice almond shaped eye, using ears well, sound.


2. Milligan/Marley’s Ladnar Trust In Me for Alfsden JW. B/M, easy free moving with filled in foreface, another sensible temperament, good almond shaped eye, nice size and type. 3. Hawkins/Foy’s Beldones Magical Bliss.


OB 9(0) 1. Cronk’s Chelborn Wish List. Balanced mover, smooth and with plenty of drive, sensible temperament and friendly, good sized almond eye, excellent bone, size and enough coat, a vey good example of her breed, BCC & BOB. 2. Newman’s Phreelancer Phaith Hill. Tri, used ears well, has nice bone and general shape with good sized almond eyes, moved well with ease, sensible temperament, RBCC. 3. Blaikie’s Kourika Kover Girl.


Robin Searle