WECS Ch Show 2023

Rough Collie Bitches

Thank you to the West of England Collie Society for your kind invitation to judge Rough Collie Bitches and award Challenge Certificates in the breed for the first time.  It was an honour, a truly memorable day, with a modest entry but some high quality bitches. 

A special mention and thanks must go to my very capable stewards, who kept the ring running smoothly, also to my co-judge Dave Gordon and referee & BIS judge Doreen Clarke and last but not least thank you to the exhibitors for entering your lovely dogs and accepting my decisions graciously.

Veteran Bitch
no entries

Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1st Gataj All That Sparkles

7 month old s/w, happy and well balanced girl. Her head is clean through cheeks, ears placed well and used to her advantage. She has a good underjaw, length to head and flat skull, with correct stop placement.  I would prefer her eye to be a move obliquely set to complete the overall sweet collie expression. She still needs to fill out around muzzle, as expected of this age, but should come in time. Her neck is of good length, arched down onto her well laid shoulders, slight rise over loin onto a good long tail, which remained down in the move, despite her happy disposition! Beautifully groomed. Happy to award her BPB. 

Puppy Bitch (2,0)

1st Sweetmint's Uptown Girl at Gataj (Imp Nor)

10 month old golden sable, who was schooled to perfection! Although the same owner as MP, this bitch was much heavier overall. She has a very sweet eye, nicely tipped ears bringing out a soft expression. On handling her head, her cheeks were more prominent than I’d prefer and head shorter. Well boned, with adequate neck and length of back. Moved freely around ring, groomed very well.

2nd Gataj Majestic Hope

What a lovely natured girl! S/w with a flashy white shawl collar. She took time to settle in the class, but got there in the end! She is groomed beautifully and clearly well cared for. Her head is of good length, has correct scissor bite and used her ears well, although  I would prefer tighter ear carriage to enhance her expression. Would prefer a little more length to her back, moved ok. 

Junior Bitch (7,2)

1st Riverside Song Thumbelina With Mertrisa (Imp Rom)

A shapely b/m of 14 months. Such a sweet expression, on a beautifully marked face, enhanced with the rich tan tone. Her neck is well arched, leading back to well angulated shoulders, rise on loin, down to long tail. Stifle well bent, hocks short allowing for strong back action on the move. Really liked this girl, just needs time to grow in confidence.
2nd Gataj Time After Time at Rahlissa

A feminine s/w bitch, standing to attention of her handler consistently! Pretty girl who was unlucky to come up against 1. She appeals for standing four square constantly. Her head is balanced and clean, ears bang on top and correct stop placement with flat skull. I would prefer her eye just a little sweeter. She loved soundly front and back as her construction would suggest. Very well presented. 

3rd Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcanis (Imp Rom)

Special Yearling Bitch (4,1)
1st Riverside Song Violet for Mertrisa (Imp Rom)

Another lovely coloured b/m presented by this kennel. This 14 month old has many of the same attributes of her kennel mate, balanced overall in shape, correct height to length ration, good reach of neck. Her head is good to handle, although I would prefer a tighter ear carriage. She has all the right credentials to move as a collie is required, just needs to move her pace up a gear to fully show this. 

2nd Riverside Song Paloma Nera at Colcanis (Imp Rom)

A tri colour bitch who is at her point of coat change, but this gave me the opportunity to observe her lovely outline with ease and what coat she did have was well groomed and shiny. She is by the same breeder as 1 and you can tell instantly. She has a sweet expression, good head planes, correct stop, good underjaw. Correct front and rear angulation, setting her up to move around the ring with ease. 


Maiden Bitch (2,0)

1st Gataj All That Sparkles

As above.
2nd Amalie Loves to Shimmy with Willowcombe

A 23 month old tri bitch who was unsure of her surroundings but settled into herself as the class progressed. She has a lovely rich tan, groomed very well with neatly trimmed feet. Her fore face is well moulded, with good parallel lines to her head and flat skull.   I would prefer more length to her back, to give a better balance. She loved well at the front but would prefer tighter movement at the rear.  

Novice Bitch (3,0)
1st Riverside Song Wear My Kiss Mertrisa (Imp Rom)

Glamorous sable girl of 14 months. She is very shapely, with powerful arched neck, slight rise on loin & good angulation front and rear. She has the sweet collie expression, although I would prefer a tighter ear carriage. As her construction would suggest, she can move and cover the ring well. Presented beautifully and very attentive to handler. 

2nd Amalie Loves to Shimmy with Willowcombe

As above
3rd Kalzan Cant Stop Loving You

Graduate Bitch (2,0)
1st Aaronwell Allure in Black

A spritely and eager jet black tri colour of 15 months. Well presented and attentive to handler. She is balanced throughout, good bone and angulation, long tail. On the move she covers the ring freely, I would prefer a move positive, tight rear action. 

2nd Samhaven Super Natural at Willowcombe

A b/m bitch who was reluctant to perform today. She is in good coat and well groomed with large white shawl collar and although colour is adequately broken I would prefer it to be clearer. Her head is pleasing, no extremities, but did not want to use her ears unfortunately. She is well constructed, but her weight hindered her movement, she could’ve covered the ground better.
3rd Kalzan Love Young Dream

Post Graduate Bitch (5,0)
1st Chantique Ooh La La

A pretty girl, well set eye giving sweet expression. Her muzzle is well filled, and her skull is flat. I would refer her ear carriage slightly tighter. She is well boned, has an elegant top line, long arched neck with good shoulder and stifle angulation, allowing her to cover the ground with ease. Well presented.
2nd Rahlissa Toffee Cake for Denora

A difficult decision between 1 & 2 in this class. I really liked the overall balance of this girl, similar in type to 1st place, in the end I just preferred the eye & neck on the 1. She was groomed and showed perfectly.
3rd Samhaven Sound Effects
Res Gataj Addicted To Love
VHC Kalzan Love You Inside Out

Mid Limit Bitch (4,0)

1st Collimgvale Chin Chin Lynmead RCC/RBOB/RBIS

What an absolutely beautiful tri colour, when I turned and saw her in the ring it took my breath away! She has elegance and showmanship, something that makes you keep looking back at her. She is jet black, gleaming and well groomed. Her head is clean to handle, the blunt wedge as it should be, well place stop and a soft sweet eye which so often is difficult to find on a tri colour. There was lots to like about her, once handling her head, her strong neck, length of back and front and rear angulation. Unfortunately, todays venue did not suit her & she was not her most comfortable on the move. She did enough to secure her class win and then RCC & RBOB.  I’m sure in an outdoor setting she will often trouble the best.

2nd Chantique Deja Vu
Another lovely bitch from this kennel, golden sable of 4 years. Sweet, obliquely set almond eye, head good to handle, good underjaw, correctly placed stop and flat skull, used ears well. She is of good shape, powerful neck, front and rear angulation correct, would just prefer a little more length on her back to complete the picture. 

3rd Amalie Just Annie at Terelimon

Res Kalzan Kissed By An Angel

Limit Bitch (9,2)

1st Beldones Touch of Class BCC/BOB/BIS

As the name suggests, indeed a touch of class! A very feminine bitch who had the elegance and cleanness I was looking for on the day. Her head was easy to handle, with parallel lines, clean cheeks, correctly placed stop, flat filled skull. She had a well place, obliquely shaped eye giving that sweet, soft collie expression. My hands could run easily over her body, no extremities, lots of heart room in the chest, well sprung ribs, slight rises on loin, well toned thighs behind the well turn stifle. Her bone is good, this together with her balanced construction enabled her to move positively around the ring, with good front and rear action and this in turn won her the class and eventually onto the BCC, BOB & later BIS. Many congratulations, thank you for bringing her. 

2nd O'De Lancome Of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique (Imp Fra)

An elegant, shapely bitch whose full white collar enhanced her long arched neck. Again, as applies to all of the girls from this kennel, good bone, overall angulation and very attentive to handler and well presented coat. Balanced head, with good underjaw, correctly placed stop and well used ears. She moved very well, in prime condition and challenged for top honours. 

3rd Gataj Honey Bee
Res Beldones Uptown Girl of Rosschell
VHC Riverside Song Ice Cream Girl (Imp Rom)

Open Bitch (6,3)
1st Lillyway Lemonade Blush

An honest bitch, of good height to length ratio, good proportion throughout. Well filled rounded muzzle, correct stop placement and flat filled skull, obliquely set eye, neat tipped ears. She has good bone, feet, front and rear angulation, put to work on the move to give a positive stride. Presented well and very attentive to handler. 

2nd Riverside Song Ice Cream Girl (Imp Rom)

What a pretty tri colour bitch, who was in full bloom. She has a sweet expression, used her ears enough to display alertness. She stood with a good topline, well arched neck, slight rise over lion. Good bone and angulation, moved and presented well.
3rd Stregato The Maleficent at Marketdene

Louise Walker (Bartolo) - Starlenga