WELKS - 2023


This is the Mark II critique, and a bit of a punishment, given the original got lost in the ether between my mobile & OD at the end of May. Have still endeavoured to do justice to your support with 35 hands on from the original 43 entries & as you coped with delay in starting, in less than ideal showing conditions, that kept us inside. I had noted not only Category 2 points but also the recent introduction of “highly undesirable” that may well have been principally aimed at colours but also extends to “plaiting, crossing or rolling”. There was only one exhibit I found not to be rewarded, as a result. 


VD(1) 1 Boyle’s Barrenclough Diamond Days JW; 7yrs sable/white; striking d. in ex form to enable me to “get my eye in”; all male with strong, well rounded muzzle, yet sufficient refinement in head so as not to be coarse; clean wedge with flat skull, slight stop, oblique eye & well placed & carried ear; shapely with correct double coat; moved so typically & true with an active gait. 


PD (3) 1 Cooper’s Kelekona Hearts Of Gold; rising 9m yet already so v together; head was clean cheeked with parallels; scored in eye, ear & muzzle; gd in neck & forehand; ex body proportions with balanced angles & sweep over loin; well coated; sound & collected on the move off ex feet; full of promise. 2 Morley’s Brookynut Storm’s Gift; 10m; what a lovely pup who “screamed” quality & was also so well collected for his tender age; outstanding head features combined in his clean wedge of a head; arch to neck; well angulated; so shapely with slight length & slight rise; easy action; but was anxious in the noisy, indoor conditions so as not to do himself any favours; should be a different story as the outdoor season beckons 3 : Muir’s Kelekona’s Sparks At Dawn

JD (2) 1 Collins’ Triburle Bluebolero; rising 13m blue merle; such type & class as to defy this usually difficult teenage phase; all so proportionate, balanced & w/o exaggeration; oblique, almond eye; small, expressive ear atop his flat skull; clean taper down to well rounded muzzle; all neck & angles; all sweeping bodylines; such a dense, functional coat that struck me as of correct colours; characteristic action, & tail carriage, that was as light as it was positive & sound as he gained in confidence, the more I asked of him. Reserve Best Dog 2 B S Gift 


YD (2,0) 1st: White’s Phreelancer Phederal Agent At Mejola; 22m tri; gave an ex outline of breed type, shape & structure; long, clean head down to blunt, rounded muzzle; scored in eye & ear; well balanced; as firm in rear as in front; ex neck & forehand; correctly harsh in flat outer coat; slight rise over loin; ex carriage with some length of stride; shows every chance of holding his own as he moves up the ranks. 

2nd: Tilley’s Ingledene Dark Moon Risin; 21m tri; all male of a heavier build & stronger head type, albeit with correct features; scored in rib & depth; gd bodylines & an ex double coat in its density, texture & colours; used himself well on the move, albeit tail carriage less than ideal. 


PGD (5,1) 1 Llewellyn’s Fridens Xtra Chance For Salsina(IMP RUS); 3.5yrs tri; valuable sire of the JD/RBD; quality exhibit of a v gd make & shape to instantly take the eye; noted his expressive ears & his slight stop & parallels in his clean wedge of a head; well angulated; rise over loin; oval feet that he drove off; gd tail length & carriage; double coated; will surely rise onward & upwards. 2 Boyle’s Monsolana Aspire To Inspire Over Barrenclough (IMP RUS); 2.5yrs tri; lovely long, fine head with almond, dark eye & neatest of well placed ears; ex front; rise over loin; relatively short bodied & less gd & collected on the move. 3 Blaikie’s Kourika You’ll Do For Me 


OD(6,1) 1 Hawkins & Foy’s Beldones Rocket Man; 2.5yrs sable/white; so impressive & such a great shape, all of which was confirmed “ hands on”; ticked the breed specific boxes as I have been taught them; classic & refined in head; expressive eye & ear; parallels; has all the neck & angles you could wish for with sweeping lines; so well ribbed; ex quarters; came on correctly with front feet comparatively close; well fitting double coat, enhancing the body outline; covered the ground with a light, long stride; surely title bound & represented the breed so well in the Group. BD& BOB 2 White’s Camanna Chasingclouds Over Mejola; 3.5yrs blue merle; 3 Boyle’s Barrenclough Heart Of Gold JW ; displayed many gd breed points as with an ex eye & ear as well as neck & shoulder; clean front; not in full coat but the texture was all there; sweep over loin; tail carriage rather high & tightly curled. 


VB (2,0) 1 Boyle’s Monsolana Madam Blues Over Barrenclough Sh CM VW (IMP RUS); 8yrs blue merle; rather classy & made a gd pairing with her kennelmate who won VD; gd headpiece; gd neck & forehand; so shapely with some depth & breadth & sweep over the loin; quality coat; sound moving, coming on correctly close in front; scored in coat & colour. BVIB 2 Lyall’s Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas; 8yrs sable/white; such a feminine head with ex eye giving a sweet expression; ideally tipping ears; not the shape, sloping off from wither to rear & stood slack at pastern. 


PB (4,1) 1 Shipp’s Jackinstar Sandra Dee; 11m sable/white; beautifully refined in her long, clean head with parallels, almond eye & small, well-placed ear; closely coated that enhanced her shape; arch to neck; well made body; rise over loin; can still just firm in rear; action was smooth & elegant; such obvious potential, duly marked with BPIB. 2 Davis’ Rosschell Be My Baby; 9m tri; v much a baby learning the ropes in the showring; out of coat; truly lovely head & eye; flowing lines; rise over loin; has the potential to develop on & will surely grow in confidence once showing outdoors; look forward to seeing how she matures on. 3 Morey’s Brookynut Gem Stone 


JB (5,0) Good class 1 Shipp’s Tremaro Kind Of Magic; just turned 12m sable/white; interestingly bred from 2 French imports; such quality & so secure already; attractive head being smooth in outline as it gradually tapers; parallels; small, tipped ears; arch to neck; so shapely with slight length & sweep over loin; well fitting, flat, double coat & harsh outer coat; such a sound mover with a light, long stride; notwithstanding her youth, looked title bound to me. BB 2 Collins’ Triburle Taboo; rising 13m tri & litter sister of JD; v gd breed type; noted her well rounded, blunt, muzzle that came from a clean head with a gradual taper; gd spring of rib with depth; correctly coated with slight rise over loin; just went less positively in the indoor conditions; surely a “real” prospect, moving forward, similar to her brother. 3 Flower’s Serenlas Chloe


YB(3,0) 1 White’s Mejola Main Event JW; 22m sable/white; immediately struck by her quality bodylines to fill my eye with her elegant outline; such a lovely, clean head with expressive, almond, dark eye; neat, well tipped, ears; gd in neck & forehand; correctly coated with sweep over loin; long, well carried, tail; flowed along with a light ease; will be holding her own as she moves up the ranks. 2 Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Breeze; 23m tri; another ex b. with an assured future; just a touch heavier built; ideal eye & ears set in a clean-cut wedge of a head; really good, well angulated & balanced, structure; moved accordingly; gd in coat & colour; she too will be making her presence felt. 3 Collins’ Triburle Seren Dlos 


PGB (3,0) 1 Llewellyn’s Triburle Return The Passion To Salsina NAF TAF; 2.5yrs sable/white; half-sister to JD being sired by the imported PGD; so many, equally favourable, breed points; utterly feminine & cleanest of heads with small, tipped, ears; sweeping, elegant lines; coat that fitted her outline; carried herself so soundly with balanced ease; will readily win her way up into the higher classes. 2 Gautrey’s Carristina Summer Rhapsody; 3.5yrs; another so feminine in head with smooth outline; parallels; arch to neck; such a shapely outline with those sweeping bodylines; in pose, she appeared well able to match her rival but on the move she was less “together” in her performance & less secure in rear; should do herself more justice in the freedom of the outside rings 3 Riddell’s Princess Pink Rhodonite

OB (7,2) Competitive class to end with. 1 Growcott’s Lillyway Lemonade Blush; rising 6yrs sable/white; much to like & in the full bloom of maturity; quality head with oblique, almond eye; so v shapely with correct rise over loin; noted her round bone & strong pasterns; flat, harsh outer coat enhanced her shape; v sound moving with gd tail carriage; would not have been surprised to see her titled. 2 Cooper’s Lilith Nar Sule Of Kelekona; 3.5yrs sable/white; not quite the neckline, nor in her best coat, so as to be able to separate them as she went so well on ex feet & was well bodied with some depth & breadth; correct slight length with slight rise over the loin; lovely headed, scoring in eye, ear & clean cheeks; well suited to mix it with the best of her sex. 3 Llewellyn’s Artzaiak Second Hand Rose At Salsina (IMP ESP)

Howard Ogden