I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at their very prestigious show doing my 1st CC appointment ,which was deferred from 2020 due to COVID ,A huge thank you to the wonderful stewards , I would like to thank you all for allowing me to  go over all your dogs , There were a lot of variations in head make & shape , But saying that there were lots of quality in both sexes , There were a few exhibits having round eyes  , There were also quite a few who need some dental hygiene to remove the tartar .Overall presentation was very good , thank you for accepting my decisions , it was a lovely day and weather good for the dogs but a bit cooler for all watching


SBD/B  4
1st Chaplin . Takhisis Lysander. Clean head with smooth lines , stop in correct place , nice almond shape dark eyes , using his ears well just a little bit heavier tipped , he has a lovely reach of neck & good lay of shoulders , nice depth of chest ,decent length of back with rise over loin flowing to well set tail of good length , good bend of stifle , moved well & in profile had the desired well made dog
2nd Lindsey ,Carristina Bluebell Wood , similar applies head qualities as 1st but has not the length in back & as sound in shoulder, moved ok .
3rd Gautrey , Carristina Summer Rhapsody.

VD. 1
1st Page , Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go ,has a very pleasing expression ,not showing his age at 10 , stood alone but worthy of his place ,he has a lovely well moulded muzzle with smooth parallel lines both top & side , almond shaped eye with stop in the correct place , very good shoulder & upper arm ,ears in the correct place when he used sparingly but enough to see , good length of back , well bent stifle which showed on moving .

MPD . 2
1st  Page , Lynmead Prince Charming , What super young puppy , sweet expression , clean in head with stop in the correct place lovely dark almond shape eye , ears well used  & in correct position , nice length of neck flows to a decent length in body & tail reaching to hock, very well balanced for one so young , moved well with handler but with age will tighten up .
2nd King. Prince of Love with Reserdon, note they are litter brothers very similar applies , not having the length of back or maturity but once he has grown on a bit they may change places from time to time.

PD . 5 1A.  
1st Noble. Beldones Hugo Lloris for Tonova a very nice well built dog , he has a sweet expression but masculine , dark almond shape eyes correctly set , stop in the right place , very smooth lines in head properties ,good underjaw , lovely length of neck & back ,not in full coat so all to be seen , very good front shoulders , well let down hocks & bend of stifle , well off in bone & substance ,all will fall into place as he matures , will look forward in seeing how he matures on, moved well at one with handler , looks well in profile .
2nd Scott .Chantique Abracadabra , Another very nice young man , sweet eye with a lovely expression , smaller than 1st all over but has that  look at me  appeal , has good ratio length of body to height , moved well , I am sure these will change places throughout their show career .
3rd Perrott. Gataj Lightening Flash.

JD. 5 1A (1repeat )
1st Cronk.Chelborn’s Gambling List , A lovely jet black gleaming coat , I have note very handsome well boned dog , he has a very sweet expression with well set eyes of almond shape , head well balanced & stop in the correct place , he used his ears well , plenty of drive on moving with well let down hocks , good length of back , would have liked a little bit more length in neck .
2nd Lockyer. Gataj Turn Back Time , lovely expression , head smooth with nice wedge shape , stop in correct place , well constructed young man just preferring bone & substance of 1 .
3rd Collins .Triburle Bluebolero.

YD 1
1st Lindsey, Carristina Bluebell Wood , written 2nd in special beginner class .

ND 2
1st written 2nd SB class
2nd Vescan Phreelancer Phinal Salute, different type in head properties , head leaner but with a nicely moulded foreface , obliquely set eye of almond shape , stop in the correct place good ear carriage & placement , moved well , would prefer slightly more rear angulation to compliment profile .

PG . 2
1st Brighmore. Millubie Razzmataz, ( imp srb) Very sweet eye ,clean lines on handling head with stop in correct place , eyes of almond shape ,ears on top using all the time attentive to handler , good reach of neck , sound on the move , lovely clear blue merle colour , just would have liked a bit more of him in size .
2nd Chaplin , Takisis Lysander ,won in the SB class which showed his lack of maturity in this higher class .

LD 8
This class was most challenging due to so many variations of type , soundness & movement

1st Milligan Alfsden He Lives in You ,BM dog of lovely colour well marked , he has a sweet  expression , clean well moulded foreface a little short for me .stop in the correct place again slightly more stop than I desire , eyes are of almond shape , he used his ears all the time at 1 with handler , decent length of neck & back with well let down hocks , nice depth of chest , moved well , would liked a little bit more of him .
2nd White Camanna Chasingclouds over Majola , again a nice coloured BM , I preferred head of this man having the slight stop & length . but preferred the animation of 1 & profile , moved well ,also left his coat at home .to give him the finished look .
3rd Brooker .Corisian Parisian Magic

Open 9 1A
1st Grainger. CH Samhaven Ballahanna Banjo. What can I say that has not already been said , his presence was all there to be seen a dog of outstanding quality , he has a sweet expression , head clean from on top & side , has a slight stop in the correct place , lovely almond shaped eyes , ears in the correct place which was used constantly ,lovely length of well arched neck , shoulders & upper arm giving good front , well bent stifle with short hocks , tail was kept down throughout , moved effortlessly & light on his feet , in profile he certainly looked very dignified , a dog of good size with plenty of bone & substance . CC & BOB
2nd Shipp, No More Heroes Du Clos De Sea-Wind (imp fra ) well another really gorgeous a golden sable male of top quality , has a lovely sweet soft expression but remaining masculine , lovely well set almond shape eyes with a slight stop , using his ears & attentive to handler , has good front angulation , lovely length of back , well let down hocks & bend of stifle , he moved very well as construction suggests , he just lacked the presence of 1 , I had no hesitation of giving him RCC
3rd Foy/Hawkins ,Beldones Toucher Du Bois
GCD no entry



VB 5 1A
1st Murray & Bellamy, Beloreenstarlight  BM of decent colour & well broken , very feminine, sweet looking with nice dark almond eyes obliquely set with stop in the correct place , well rounded muzzle & clean cheeks , ears right on top used all the time , has a good reach of neck onto slope of shoulders with a decent length of back , good bend of stifle with lovely short hocks , sound on the move as construction suggests , lovely in profile which won her the class .BVIB
2nd Stillwell .Bellawave Caught in a Dream , a beautiful jet black lady 9 years young , bigger in type all over , she has lovely construction & still moves so gracefully , her head is smooth with a slight stop & ears used well , preferred 1 on her profile make & shape .
3rd Daley .Tremaro Tainted Love at Rahlissa.

1st Lockyer, Gataj All That Sparkles , Slightly the younger one of the two , but has more body and size , more settled , she is lovely  very feminine baby , sweet head which is clean in cheeks ,stop in the correct place , sweet almond shape eye , attentive to handler using her ears , decent reach of neck , good length of back with nice length of tail , good front angulation ratio , good bend of stifle with short hocks , moved at one with handler .
2nd Carlton , Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze , what a lovely sweet baby , very sweet & feminine , much similar applies a lovely head with slight stop , clean lines & almond shaped eyes , lovely make & shape , moved ok but a baby will tighten up with maturity , I’m sure as time goes on they may swap places many times .

PB 2
1st Cronk,Chelborn Tell Me Your Wish , head handles well smooth wedge shape with a slight stop , almond shaped eyes , good under jaw , ears used well and right on top as desired , good length of neck , shoulders well angulated giving a good front , from the rear good bend of stifle with short hocks complete the picture , very light on her feet on the move , sound as expected from her construction & will only improve with age . BP BPIB
2nd Carlton, Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze
From MP class repeated

JB 7 1A
1st Newman , Ingledene Crystal Vision of Phreelance, BM a lovely silvery blue of well broken coat , Her head has lovely clean lines both side & above , lovely eye , slight stop , ears used well , her profile does stand out with the big white collar enhances her length of neck , good length of back , good shoulder placement , rear has good bend of stifle with short hocks , her movement is very sound so smooth &  effortless , I had considered her for higher award but with having had a bad experience roughly handled by another judge she was a bit unsettled , but also considering she needs to fill out & be a bit more mature , hope she develops on .
2nd Shipp , Tremaro Kind of Magic another very nice quality bitch , very pretty smaller in type head clean with stop in the correct place with eyes correct almond shape ,ears on top used to her advantage , good length of neck , good front angulation & depth in chest , rear quarters showing strength on the move lost out to 1st on size & movement was not quite as light , I am sure will swap places throughout their career .
3rd Cronk Gambler’s wish

YB 3
1st Collins, Triburle Saren Dlos, BM well made bitch ,good for size , nice length of head , smooth lines both above & to the side with stop in the correct place  having nice almond shape eyes , good length of neck & shoulder well angulated giving good reach on the move , nice length of back , moved ok , today having left her coat at home but hope her new coat will clear in colour.
2nd Ware ,Millubie Essence of Magic at Wassail , Tri very pretty head stop in the correct place nice eye & used her ears , decent length of neck ,moved ok ,smaller all over to 1st & more compact .
3rd Swain , A Touch of Blaze for Lexcol.

NB  1
1st Carlton, Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze , stood alone but worthy , a very pretty bitch placed in MPB & PB .

PGB 10 1A
I will say this class was quite a challenge as on first looking in profiles & movement , what I had thought in my head didn’t come to fruit with a lovely lady who just did not want to play ball .

1st White , Majola  Main Event , Nice clean head with stop in the correct place has almond shape eye , good in body proportion having good front assembly with decent length of neck with length in back , good depth of chest giving plenty of heart room ,rear has decent bend in stifle short hocks which all enhanced her movement which won her this class .
2nd Larkin , Rahlissa Toffee Cake for Denora , a very pretty bitch , lovely head with stop in correct place ,clean lines top or side with lovely dark almond shaped eyes , good length of neck , good shoulder angulation and length of back , rear assembly having nice short hocks , just lost out on movement to 1st .
3rd Margetts ,Lynmead Lemonade for Collingvale .

LB 10 2A

1st Scott ,Chantique Déjà Vu, very feminine lovely type , pretty head with lovely expression using her ears well , good shoulders & length of body , was a delight to watch on moving around the ring , she is of smaller type but has personality plus .
2nd Tame , Riverside Song Xtra Sweet at Rahlissa ( imp Rom ) , Similar remarks to 1st but more of her , very sweet expression , lovely eye , nice type , moves freely with handler , Shows herself off very attentive to handler , lovely make & shape .
3rd McDade , Beldones sweet Illusion with Lyndale .

OB 5

1st Foy/Hawkins , Beldones Looks Like Fun , what a lovely Bitch has the desired look , a pretty feminine bitch well filled foreface clean lines looking from the top or side has the desired stop with lovely eyes , ears on top using them to her advantage , lovely front shoulders & upper arm , well for bone & substance , rear angulation having powerful drive with nice short hocks , lovely animation on the move & in profile carrying a nice fitted jacket , nothing exaggerated with her just a very nice classic lady , was pleased to award her the  CC
2nd Scott , Q’De Lancome of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique (imp Fra ) another very pretty feminine lady smaller in type but has   all the required qualities , lovely head pattern with desired stop , lovely eye & ears used well , nice long length of neck , desired length to height ratio , good front assembly & rear , moved well , looked good on the move & in profile , was pleased to hand her the RCC
3rd Lockyer , Gataj Good Time Girl.

GCB 2 1A
1st Daley ,Tremaro Tainted Love at Rahlissa. Stood alone & no entry with the dogs so being the best good citizen today , its so very hard to believe this lady is almost 12 years old , she still has the elegance of her youth showing her socks off , nice for type , pretty & feminine still , good shape & moves well for her age , well done .

Tina May