Judge Mr Stuart J Mallard
Never satisfactory when a breed has a substitute judge so thank you for accepting my placings in a sportsmanlike manner. Although some worthy winners I felt the overall quality rather poor.
My best wishes to Mrs Lister.

SBD/B 2 1st. Seaver, Blamorder Magic Maker With Freejack. 8 m o masculine sable. He is well constructed and honest to assess but heavier in build than my ideal. His outline is balanced and he was shown in very good condition. Harsh flat coat. BP.
2nd. Bemelmans. Moseliqa Proudfoot. 17 m o tri with a clean head, rounded muzzle and break about right. Depth to brisket and rib cage well sprung. Well moulded hindquarters. In between coats. Moved steady.

VD/B 2 1. Pretzel-Kazantzis & Busby, Ch Foxearth Fandella. 7 y o breed specific lady with quality. Clean appealing head with almond shaped eye placed just right. Parallel plains to muzzle and skull with ears to suit. Reach to muscular gently arched neck into well placed shoulder supported by moderately boned parallel legs. Sprung rib cage with firm level back and muscular hindquarters that compliment fore. BV RBCC.

PD 3 1 1st. Blamorder Magic Marker With Freejack.
2nd. Sewell, Wynele Strike It Rich To Lewarne. Fairly promising 8 m o tri. Head coming, reach to neck and respectable shoulders and limbs. Proportioned body with firm topline and tail set and carriage to suit. Moved steady but needs to tighten in front a little.

JD 2 1st. Warren & Lusty, Coldelee JupiterRises With Blamorder. Well balanced attractive 14 m o tri. Clean head on gently arched neck into well placed shoulders. Firm level back and useful hindquarters. His action was typical and totally sound. Shown in good condition. RDCC.
2nd. Moseliqa Proudfoot.

PGD 1. Coldelee Jupiter Rises With Blamorder.

LD 1. Wesley, Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive JW.22 m o quality tri carrying a clean head, strength to underjaw, rounded muzzle perceptible break, flat skull and dark almond eye set just right. Well constructed forehand, deep brisket and shape to ribs that are carried well back. Firm topline and defined muscular hindquarters. His sound action was light and typical for the breed. Coat of good texture and condition. DCC.
GCD/B 1. Burton, Lois Glencorrie Black Ckichadee. 4 y o attractive tri lady with much to admire. In between coats today however she presented a balanced outline and her frame is very well constructed. Moved well and handled to advantage.

JB 1. Jerrett, Coldelee Eternal Sunshine. I considered this 14 m o feminine sable the star of the day. She carries the best of heads, loved her alluring sweet expression from obliquely set dark almond shaped eye. Reach to crested neck into firm well placed shoulder. I liked her length of leg into tidy oval feet. Body with the cleanest of lines and useful hindquarters. With this construction she was always going to move well and she didn’t disappoint. Shown in excellent condition. Not yet reached her best but what a prospect. BCC BOB.

PGB. Coldelee Eternal Sunshine.

LB 4 1st. Benton, Brackenhaye Queen Of Hearts Of Oakestalle. Feminine 3 y o tri, clean head with parallel lines, reasonable eye and correct ear and set. Reach to powerful neck. Depth to brisket and body with substance. Defined muscular hindquarters. Honest movement.
2nd. Glencorrie Black Chichadee.
3rd. Howard, Shandlmain’s Sofistikate.

OB 2 1st. Howard, Brackenhaye Heartbreaker At Shandlmain. 3 y o tri with a reasonable head. Soundly made with decent shoulders into straight legs of moderate bone. Firm level back and well angulated muscular hindquarters. Moved soundly.
2nd. Denton, Ch Brackenhaye Heart And Soul. Same age and similar stamp. Clean forehand, depth to brisket, shape to rib cage and firm topline. Well constructed hindquarters used to advantage.

Stuart Mallard. Judge.