Welsh Kennel Club
August 2023

Rough Collies

My thanks to the WKC for inviting me to judge and also to my two stewards for doing such a sterling job.

I was pleased with my class winners, and my dog and bitch CC and Best of Breed, BUT...I was mortified to see how my Best of Breed performed in the Group. I finished judging at 1pm, and the pastoral group went in at 4pm, so what on earth happened in between!! I am at a complete loss and felt ashamed as she performed beautifully for me, I am not in the habit of sending anything lame into the group, and have been judging at Championship Show level for 30 years.

That said, teeth seem to be last on the list for cleanliness for some exhibitors, and movement leaves a lot to be desired. Afterall, the Rough Collie is bred to work sheep, and living where I do among the mountains of Snowdonia, I doubt very much whether some of them could walk up them, never mind work sheep on them. Presentation on the whole was good, but please be aware of the heavy ear carriage which is creeping in. The standard calls for one third of the ear to be tipped.

Veteran Dog
1. Vogan, Lenosann Midnight Rascal. 10.5 year tri belying his age, and enjoying his day out. Doesn't look half his age and could put a lot of youngsters to shame when moving. Head is refined and not a bit of coarseness. Lovely dark eye and neat ears giving him a sweet expression. With lovely clean white teeth, presented in a wealth of fresh clean jet black coat and super whites. Thank you for bringing him.

Minor Puppy Dog
1. Skinners, Ladnar Makeithappen for Nikal. A very raw six month blue baby, thoroughly enjoying his day out, so confident for one so young, shows promise and took everything in his stride.

Puppy Dog
1. Hawkins, Brilyn Worth The Wait. A promising sable/white of lovely make and shape. Presented in a wealth of harsh well groomed coat. Head is balanced with a lovely dark eye and correct stop, nicely filled in foreface with a good underjaw, ample neck. To be critical I would just like tighter ear carriage. BPD

Junior Dog
1. Lockyers, Gataj Turn Back Time. Here was my star of the day, just a youngster, but he literally stole my heart, he is such an extrovert, full of potential and promise, and so outgoing. He is of a lovely make and shape with ample neck and a good length of back and good quarters. Neat feet, lovely bone, I loved his head with his lovely nicely shaped dark eyes, nicely rounded in muzzle with good underjaw and neat well placed ears, all gave him his endearing expression. His sable/white coat was groomed beautifully and he covered the ground with ease. I could not get past him today and awarded him the CC which surprised myself.

2. Holmes and Lusty, Blamorder Gold Plated. An upstanding sable/white of different type to 1, head was too heavy and coarse for my liking

Novice Dog
1. Skinners, Ladnarmakeithappen for Nikal - as MPD

Graduate Dog
1. Hogg, Lillyway Lemon and Lime. A new one for me, and was quite taken by this handsome classically marked tri colour, who was put down to the nines, not a hair out of place. His whites gleamed and his jet black coat shone. A lovely length of body with ample neck, balanced and head was beautifully balanced. Two dark eyes with correct stop and neat ears sitting on top which he knew how to use and a lovely rounded foreface, good underjaw, all combined to give him the sweetest of expressions, which is so difficult to achieve in a tri. Good quarters front and back with well let down short hocks and neat feet, which enabled him to move with drive and covered the ground with ease. Did consider him for the RCC.
2. Tipper, Amalunaque Arcturis Wind at Tiganlea, Another tri colour who sadly had forgotten to bring his jacket. Different type to first being finer all through

Post Graduate Dog
1. Blaikie, Kourika You'll Do For Me. Another lovely tri colour who was put down to the nines, immaculately groomed and a very promising prospect. Lovely make and shape with good quarters and good bone, neat feet which enabled him to move soundly. Head is balanced with refinement and a lovely dark well placed eye. Good stop and neat ears. All combined to give him the desired expression. Also had him in mind for top honours.

Limit Dog
A lovely class to judge and I could have done with more red cards.
1. Milligan and Marley, Alfsden He Lives In You.Here was a lovely blue all male boy who I have never judged before and he took my breath away. He has the most beautiful correct blue coat which was presented in pristine condition. He literally gleamed and underneath that was a body and bone of correct structure and balance with a lovely front and rear with short hocks coming from well bent stifle, neat feet. His head is beautifully balanced, well marked with just enough tan, two gorgeous well placed dark eyes and well placed stop, and with his neat correctly placed ears and well filled foreface, gave him the sweetest of expressions. On the move he kept a lovely topline and covered the ground with such ease. On looking at his breeding later, I was quite surprised, thank you for bringing him, my reserve CC.

2. Walker, Ritchie and Congdon. Starlenga All That Jazz from Aaronwell. Another beautiful tri colour, all male, who today was just unlucky to meet the first. Again different type to one, he has a lovely balanced refined head with a lovely eye and expression. Ear carriage, body shape and quarters good, and another who kept a lovely top line and moved with such ease. An art in presentation from this exhibitor, pushed the first hard.
3. Congdon, Aaronwell Ashley Banjo

Open Dog
1. Hawkins and Foy, Beldones Rocket Man. Won a class of quality males, I could easily have awarded a few red cards in this class, this dog is so sound in all departments, moved with ease and drive, and covers the ground well. He is balanced all through with a good body and length of back, ample neck and a good front, ample bone and with neat feet. His head is balanced, nicely filled in foreface with a good underjaw. Lovely dark placed and shaped eyes with correct stop. Ears could perhaps be a shade tighter.

2. Grainger's, Ch Samhaven Ballahanna Banjo. A very worthy champion, who I have judged before. All male and looking every inch the champion that he is. Today he was unlucky to come against the first, a lot has already been said about this lovely champion that I cannot add to.

3. Shipps, No More Heroes Du Clos de Seawind (Imp Fra)

Veteran Bitch
1. Beare's, Jemspark Maid in Secret. 7 year old sable/white bitch enjoying her day out. Still has elegance and refinement. Head is balanced with a sweet expression and presented in a good harsh coat. Good on the move and so attentive to her handler.

2. Watkins, Aniesh Forever Blue for Whatacoo. Aptly named 10.5 year old blue bitch, who really belies her age. Her head is still refined with no hint of coarsness, with a sweet expression. She enjoyed her day out, although now I think she would prefer to be at home. Thank you for bringing her.

3. Skiinners, Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal

Minor Puppy Bitch
1. Lockyers, Gataj All That Sparkles. Lovely sable/white baby, who has a lot to offer. Lovely make and shape with a balanced head with the sweetest of expressions, so attentive to her handler BPB/BPIB

2. Carlton's, Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze. Another lovely sable/white baby of different type to first, but not quite as confident and a little overwhelmed by it all. I hope her confidence grows as she is a quality baby with a lot to offer. Sympathetically shown and handled

3. Howse, Kiss Me Kate Di Cambiano (Imp Ita).

Puppy Bitch
1. Hawkins, Brilyn Shows The Difference. Quality sable/white puppy classically marked, and groomed to perfection. Possesses a lovely head piece with a sweet expression. Ample neck and a good body shape, with a good length of back and good quarters, nicely let down at the back. Moved soundly, nicely boned legs and neat feet. Litter sister to puppy dog, but feel she has the edge on him.
2. Carlton's, Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze. As MPB
3. Walker and Ritchie's, Chantique Tooth Fairy of Starlenga

Junior Bitch
1. Shipps, Tremaro A Kind of Magic. Sable/white of lovely make and shape, presented in lovely condition. Head is balanced and refined with an endearing expression. Good front, lovely body and good topline, with a nice turn of stifle. Ample bone and neat feet which helped her to move soundly.
2. Howards, Serenlas Angel of Casatentola. Classically marked tri colour presented in a lovely jet black coat that gleamed along with her whites. Just enough of tan, she was balanced all over. Lovely head piece, kind eye and neat ears gave her a sweet expression. Good quarters and she moved soundly.

3. Corben's, Wisewyn Lustosa Design via Caprioara

Novice Bitch
1 Carlton's, Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze. as MPB
2. Gee, Ingledene Powdered Sugar. A blue just coming back into coat of good colour. Finer all through than I like, but still a lovely balanced bitch with plenty to commend her and a sound mover.

Graduate Bitch
1. Ross, Most Majestic Timeless Touch at Samshernik NAF TAF. A glamorous sable/white turned out in her best bib and tucker. One that I have not seen before and pleasantly surprised. Carrying a wealth of good harsh coat groomed to perfection. Lovely make and shape and balanced all over with a good front, deep chest and well let down at the rear with a nice turn of stifle. Head is elegant with a lovely dark eye, neat ears and correct stop and nicely rounded in foreface with a good underjaw. All set to give her the sweetest expression, another who moved well and covered the ground with ease.

2. White's, Mejola Main Event JW. Another lovely bitch of different type to 1, and a lovely mover. Balanced all over with good body and quarters. She possesses a lovely neck and her head is refined with a sweet expression. She pushed 1 hard.

3. Edwards, Cammaa Sissy Spacek

Post Graduate Bitch
1. Patman's, Riverside Song Ice Cream Girl Imp Rom. Stood alone but well deserved her placing, tri colour shown in full coat which was well groomed. A shade finer than I like, head handled well with a pleasing expression. Good body and quarters and was sound on the move.

Limit Bitch

A lovely class of quality bitches, who no doubt will change places many a time
1. Growcott's, Lillyway Lemon Breeze. Litter sister to my Graduate Dog winner, a lovely well made tri colour, who unfortunately is in the throws of changing her wardrobe, but could not be denied this class on her movement and overall balance. Lovely neck on good shoulders, deep chest, straight front and a level topline, and good rear with a nice turn of stifle. Coat was as I say on the way out, but she has nothing to hide. Balanced and refined head with the sweetest expression, with her lovely dark eye and neat ears, so attentive to her handler.
2. Hawkins and Foy, Beldones Magical Bliss. Another lovely bitch was so unlucky to come up against the winner. Sable/white just coming back into coat, balanced all over with a lovely refined head. Lovely dark eye and correct stop, with neat ears giving her a melting expression. Good quarters, well let down at the back with short hocks, she was also a lovely mover.
3. Gautrey's, Carristina Summer Rhapsody

Open Bitch
Best class of the day, with some lovely bitches going cardless, no doubt on another day they will change places
1. Shipps, Ch Gillyflower Della Buca Della Fate (Imp Ita). A lovely shaded sable/white who's coat gleamed, lovely condition and put down to the nines. Classically marked, balanced with a good body with a good depth of chest and good front. Ample neck with good shoulders leading onto a good length of back, with a level topline and slight rise over the loin. Good turn of stifle, short hocks and neat feet enabled her to move soundly. Head is refined, with the sweetest of expressions coming from her almond shaped dark eyes, correct stop and neat ears. CC/BOB

2. Kelly's, Samhaven Sister Sara with Ballahanna. Another lovely bitch true to the standard, but of different type to one. Presented in tip top condition. Every hair of her sable/white coat gleamed. She is of a lovely make and shape with a good body, depth of chest and a lovely front. Ample neck and length of back and well let down at the near. Her short hocks and neat feet enabled her to move soundly. Her head is beautifully balanced and refined with a lovely rounded foreface, two lovely dark eyes, neat ears bang on top which all combined to give her the sweetest expression. So unlucky to meet first. RCC
3 Lockyer's, Gataj Good Time Girl. Another quality bitch completed a trio of lovely bitches#

Best Veteran In Breed - Wray-Ramsden, Ch Takhisis Dream Weaver, A lovely sable/white just into veteran, whom I have judged and done well for before as a youngster. So glad to see that he has made it up into the upper house, of which he thoroughly deserves. My opinion of him has not changed as he has matured into a lovely upstanding male. Hope to see him now following his career in veteran

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