Yorkshire Collie Club Championship Show
September 3rd 2023

Thanks you to the committee of Yorkshire Collie Club for inviting me to judge Rough Collie Bitches at this show which was carried forward from 2020 due to COVID19. Special thanks to my ring stewards Mrs Edith Prior and Emma Large.
Presentation was good in most exhibits the odd few with tartar on teeth and some feet that were untrimmed. Overall the bitches were excellent quality which bodes well for the future of the breed. Thanks you to all the exhibitors for a lovely entry of 65 and for taking my decisions in a sporting manner.

Veteran Bitch 8-3
1st  Walder’s Champion Beldones La Vita Bella for Hanvale JW. 7 year old sable and white scored on quality of balance make and shape, Good reach of neck, level topline, Tail set and carriage outstanding all combined enabled her to move with style and drive. Head good, good ear carriage used continuously. A worthy Champion. BVB
2nd Boyle’s Monsolana Madam Blues over Barrenclough Sh.cm Vw (Imp Rus) Nine and a half year old with a good blue colour to her coat in good condition for her age retaining her head qualities. Moved and showed well for handlers.
3rd Beare’s Jemspark Maid in Secret.
Res. Watkins’ Aniesh Forever Blue with Whatacoo.
VHC Brooker’s Telforth Sweet Dreams to Corisian JW.

Minor Puppy Bitch 7-3
1st Cronk’s Skabona If I Saw You In Heaven For Chelborn (Swed Imp) Naf Taf. 8 Month old blue merle, lovely make and shape, good reach of neck, clean head,  moulded foreface, stop a little low at the moment. Almond eye, sweet expression, well used ears. Moved out with drive.
2nd Proctor’s Didek Moonshine for Cathbri  8 Month old tri colour, feminine balanced head, well placed eye giving sweet expression, good neck, level topline. Moved soundly from all angles.
3rd Parnham’s Dancing Queen Silpion Valaquenta to Samante Naf Taf (Imp Pol)
Res. Rodwell’s Ladnar Yourstruly At Pomnenka.

Puppy Bitch 6-1
1st McCarte’s Roughrigg Red Largertha. Nine and a half month old dark sable and white of super quality, not the most flashy but lovely shape and confirmation, good angulation and nice topline. Head is clean in both width and depth, flat skull with good stop and muzzle. Nice eye giving feminine expression. Good condition and as build suggests moved effortlessly. BPB. MB. BPIB. Res. BPIS.
2nd Hawkins Brilyn Shows The Difference. Ten month old sable and white with nice shape and outline, moulded foreface slightly round in eye, well used ears, good length of neck, good angulation front and back. Today moved freely at back but close in front.
3rd Whitaker’s Siluto Silvary Blue Moon
Res. Ablett’s Siluto Misteriously Blue.
VHC. Parnham’s Dancing Queen Silpion Valaquenta to Samante Naf Taf (Imp Pol)

Junior Bitch 5-1
1st Howard’s Serenlas Angel Of Casatentola. Seventeen month old tricolour of top quality. Well balanced clean head and back skull with no depth or excessive width. Ears on top, dark eye and pigmentation, correct stop and good underjaw. Ample well arched neck, good length of back. Stood on well boned legs and neat feet. Moved effortlessly fore and aft, jet black well groomed coat. Res. Bitch C.C.
2nd Dodsworth’s Libanel Everlasting Dezire. Fifteen month old blue merle, coat well broken and of good colour. Nice body shape, head very feminine without exaggeration, sweet expression. Correct construction and moved soundly.
3rd Whitaker’s Siluto Blueberry Mist
Res. Ablett’s Siluto Misteriously Blue.

Maiden Bitch 5-1
1st McCarte’s Roughrigg Red Largertha.
2nd Hollinshead’s Millubie Enchantress (Imp Srb) twenty two month old sable and white with lovely clean head of correct dimensions. Nice reach of neck on a well balanced body. Moved soundly around the ring and presented well.
3rd Turner’s Delfluvia Blue Raine for Paulara. Seventeen month old blue merle. Lovely make and shape. Coat well broken and good clean colour. clean head, lovely eye and correct ear carriage. No fur on the right side of foreface. Did not respond to handler today, would like to see her on another occasion. 
Res. Parnham’s Dancing Queen Silpion Valaquenta to Samante Naf Taf (Imp Pol)

Graduate Bitch 8-3
1st Ross’ Most Majestic Timeless Touch at Samshernik. Two and a quarter year old golden sable and white who really stood out in this class. Beautiful, top quality. Her head is correct parallel planes, well filled foreface, dark almond eye giving sweet expression, correct well used ears. Good reach of neck depth and spring of rib, well bent stifle and moved with drive. A strong contender.
2nd Rose’s Beldones Clementine Avec Coloratura. Seventeen month old golden sable and white. Lovely balanced head with nice expression, correctly placed stop. Good ear carriage. Good body and strong legs and feet. Moved with drive and just coming back into coat.
3rd White’s Mejola Main Event JW.
Res. Garside’s Jessopdays Its Now Or Never.
VHC. Boyle’s Barrenclough Touch of Silk

Post Graduate 5-3
1st Hollinshead’s Starlyn Amazing Grace. Five and a half year old golden sable and white. Correct shaped head with flat skull, well placed almond eye. Used her ears to advantage giving a lovely expression. Arched neck good shoulders, correct length of back to height. Well set tail and moved out freely,  in excellent coat and well presented.
2nd Boyle’s Barrenclough Touch of Silk. Three and a half year old sable and white. Pleasing head with correct stop and good ears. Ample neck and length of body balanced throughout. Moved well.


Limit Bitch 9-2
1st Cronk’s Chelborn Gamblers Wish. Nearly Two year old sable and white with fitted coat. Balanced head and good eye, well set ears, nice sweet expression. Good neck and shoulders, well sprung rib, excellent rear angulation. Moved with drive keeping a level topline.
2nd Harrison’s Cambrogan Lady Of Loch’aber At Cariadhaf. Three and a half year old sable and white. Very attentive to handler. Nice head with most pretty expression coming from a lovely eye and ear placement. Well presented, movement true and sound, correct tail set and carriage.
3rd Hawkins Beldones Magical Bliss.
Res. Tipper’s Revdvicki Ruby Tuesday At Tiganlea
VHC Congdon’s Riverside Song Instant Karma For Aaronwell (Imp Rom)

Open Bitch 10-5
1st Foy/Hawkins Beldones Touch Of Class. Four year old ultra feminine, super make, shape and size. Neat feet, good in upper arm, lay of shoulder, deep chest, slight rise over loin with good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Clean head, blunt rounded muzzle, exquisite eye, good ears giving the sweetest expression. Movement positive with good front extension and drive at the rear. Presented and handled to perfection. This bitch is “fit for function”. Bitch CC, Res. BOB, BOS
2nd Walder’s Ch Hanvale Polly Shelby JW. Another quality five and a half year old bitch, worthy of her title. Groomed and presented well. Similar remarks apply as 1. She too is balanced throughout, clean head good eye and ear carriage giving correct expression. Very feminine moved well but 1 excelled in movement.
3rd Farthing’s Aldreen Illusion In Blue For Didek
Res. Tipper’s Tiganlea Twinkling Star
VHC Shipp’s Ch Gillyflower Della Buca Delle Fate (Imp It)

Bitch judge: Mrs Daphne Iley