Yorkshire Collie Club Championship Show
3 rd September 2023

First I would like to thank the committee for giving me the opportunity to judge and award CC’s for the first time. I really enjoyed my day and had a mostly good to very good examples of the Breed to go over. I have only been able to get to 6 Collie Shows in the last 3 years and was very pleased to see that in general the health of the collies has improved, especially in regard to movement and a reduction in the amount of cow hocks.

Rough Collie Dogs

Class 1 8 (0) Veteran Dog
1 st Ch Mejola Fate And Fortune. A well constructed 7 year old B/M with correct head, eye placement and bite, nice topline with slight rise over the loins. Good conformation, front and rear, stood square and moved well. RDCC. BVD 2 nd WicaniAltitude At Imaginist. A good 9year old Tri ticking all the boxes as did 1 but just preferred 1. 3 rd Barrenclough Diamond Days JW

Class 2 4 (0) Minor Puppy Dog
1 st Oakley Imagine Deagons At Corydon (Imp Che) A very promising 6 mth old puppy with a balanced head good ears and correct bite. Good topline stood and moved well. If he carries on growing as he is should do well. 2 nd Cammana Cellmate. this time an 8 month old Puppy with correct head and construction. Was a bit fidgety. Could have had a trifle more attention 3 rd Tiganlea So True At Glenspey

Class 3 6 (0) Puppy Dog
1 st Ladnar Makemeawinner A very well made 7 month old B/M Puppy, Good all round from the tip of his nose to the end of a really lovely tail. Moved with ease. I can envisage him following in his grandfather,s footsteps. BPD 2 nd Paulara Polar Express 8 month old Puppy with a well balanced head and correct bite good.construction front and rear, Moved well. 3 rd Brilyn Worth The Wait

Class 4 4 (1) Junior Dog
1 st Kelekona Hearts Of Gold 1 yr old S/W with a lovely well balanced head, good construction front and back . Stood square and moved freely 2 nd Libanel Erebus Eternal Love 1 yr old B/M with balanced head with correct eyes and bite. Good angulation front and rear, moved well. 3 rd Libanel Everlasting Charm

Class 5 2 (0) Maiden Dog
1 st Kelekona Hearts Of Gold As Class 4 2 nd Camanna Cellmate As Class 2

Class 6 4 (2) Graduate Dog
1 st Phreelancer Phederal Agent At Mejola 2 yr old Tri with correct head well placed eye and correct scissor bite good topline and construction moved well. 2 nd Monsolana Aspire To Inspire over Barranclough (imp Rus). 3 yr old Tri with correct head good topline. Stood square and moved OK Coat a little untidy

Class 7 8 (2) Post Graduate Dog
1 st Gemheid Troubleshooter 2yr old S/W correct head with a well placed and shaped eye. Good reach of neck and topline, well contstructed front and rear and Moved well. 2 nd Demilewis Gang Leader Another 2 yr old S/W very similar to 1 and on another day could have changed places. I just preferred 1 today. 3 rd Chelborn’s Gambling List

Class 8 12 (5) Limit Dog
1 st Corydon The Ringmaster 7 yr old S/W with a good rich colour. All round good head with well placed eye and scissor bite, good reach of neck, well constructed front and rear stood and showed well. 2 nd Camanna Chasingclouds Over Mejola 4yr old B/M. Good Balanced head with correct ears,eyes and bite . well arched neck and good topline well constructed front and rear and moved well. Look a little out of coat. 3 rd Alfden He Lives In You

Class 9 11 (0) Open Dog
1 st Champion Ladnar Mustriharder 4 yr old Tri. This dog is exceptional I have liked him for the few times I have seen him and being able to go over him has confirmed this for me. Today his coat was gleaming with condition. In my opinion there is nothing not to like about him. DCC, BOB, BIS 2 nd Corydon Pol Roger Another Quality 4 yr old, this time a B/M, A little out of coat today but very good in all other respects. 3 rd 68 Demelewis Truth Or Dare

Philip Sargeant