Yorkshire Collie Club
Open Show May 2023
Best in Show

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge BIS at this club show and for the warm hospitality shown. I would also like the thank the two breed judges in gifting me the job of choosing between two excellent representatives of each breed.

Both best of breed winners are dogs that I have judged and placed well in the past. Both are classically good examples of their breed standards. Two upstanding males of good size and commanding appearance. Both wearing exceptional quality well fitting blue jackets, both emiting an air of aristocratic superiority, I could imagine them being drinking partners enjoying a brandy together in a gentlemans club.

A true Collie of either breed should display the breed characteristics of perfect anatomical balance, strength, agility and dignity. In my experience it is rare and refreshing to see representatives of both breeds looking so similar. Not an ounce of coarseness nor cloddy movement. both had the strength of body and fluidity that allows one a glimpse of their true working heritage.

Both dogs had head qualities that are in perfect balance with their elegant body lines. Heads had length and strength without excessive depth, well formed under-jaw, clean gradually tapering wedge, flat skull and slight stop. Ears neat and well used. The Smooth dog had the slight edge on hind action, the Rough had the slight edge on expression. How does one choose between them? In my opinion it is extraordinarily rare to see a male Rough Collie that gives us such a complete 'picture' of the breed standard. I was literally stepping back in time to the 'golden age' of Collies, he had the quality we saw in Yorkshire during the 'Dunsinane' era. Newcomers to the breed can only learn from seeing such a dog. This was my deciding factor between two outstanding males.

BEST IN SHOW going to the Rough Collie PHREELANCER CHILL PHACTOR looking even better than when I gave him a reserve cc last year! RBIS went to the beautiful smooth dog MULTI CH. WINTER IS COMING TO TENTOLA also looking the best I have seen him! BOSIS was the feminine soundly moving tricolour Junior Rough bitch SERENLAS ANGEL OF CASATENTOLA . Best Puppy in Show went to the precocious 6 month old Rough puppy dog BRILYN WORTH THE WAIT at his first show and taking everything in his stride.

Best Veteran in Show went to a very youthful looking nine year old Rough Collie bitch BELLAWAVE CAUGHT IN A DREAM, such a beautiful head piece on this stylish tricolour, nice body proportions, athletic on the move with the lovely upward swirl to her tail that the standard asks for. She did everything asked of her, alert and in lovely body and coat condition. RBVIS was the Smooth dog CH FOXEARTH FASHION GARU FOR KOCZKODAN who at 14 years of age was exceptional. How many collie can move so well at this age? he is a credit to his owner.


judge: Angela Harvey