Thank you for asking me to judge at this friendly well-run show. My stewards were very kind and helpful thank you to you both.

It was a sunny day and as it went on it just got hotter. I think dog owners and dogs all managed very well in the conditions.

Special Awards Class

Class 25 SAC Puppy Dog or Bitch 4/0

This class had 4 beautiful blue merles which were litter siblings 6mths 1 week old; it was great to judge so many from one litter to see their finer differences.
1 st Mrs K Ablett – Siluto Misteriously Blue
This lovely well balanced female wasn’t so keen on the floor but when she did move you could see potential. She has a sweet expression: full rounded muzzle, lovely dark eyes and using ears well in correct position with slight tipping and flat skull. Good length of neck and length of
back, good angulation front and back.

2 nd Mrs Y J Ross – Siluto Blue Wizzard
Litter bother to 1 st , he had a nice male head lovely smile and alert; with full round muzzle, correct stop, dark brown eyes, flat skull, ears used beautifully with lovely tipping, giving the most sweet expression. Good arch and length of neck. Good angulation front and back with goodbend of stifle. Good length of back with slight rise over loin. Great length of tail with beautiful white tip.

Class 26 SAC Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 10/1

This class had a some very nice dogs to go over, unfortunately there were a few overweight that could have been placed.

1 st Miss E Ross – Uffspring Ultravox for Coloratura 4yr old tri bitch with a jet black coat had a nice rounded muzzle, stop a little too deep for me, flat skull, nice dark brown eyes, good length of neck and back with level top line and slight rise over loin. Good front assembly, well sprung ribs and deep chest, good turn of stifle with nice oval feet. Moved well.

2 nd Mrs D Jerrett – Coldelee Eternal Sunshine
1yr 1mth old s/w smooth collie bitch could hold her own in this large class. She had a beautiful outline and sweet expression given by lovely shaped dark brown eyes and perfectly placed and tipped ears. Flat skull. Muscular and good length of neck going into well laid shoulders and
good spring of ribs. Good length of back with level top line and slight rise over loin. Good turn of stifle. Good tail set and length of tail. Moved gracefully around the ring.

Class 27 SAC Open Dog or Bitch 10/3

1 st Miss E Bluck – Phreelancer Chill Factor I have watch this beautiful male merle since he was a pup. Now 4yr 3mths old still strutting his stuff with pride. He has a beautiful outline and moves effortlessly around the ring. His head and body were lovely to go over. Round muzzle, two level planes, flat skull lovely shaped eyes well placed ears that he used all the time. Deep chest, strong arched and good length of neck, well sprung rib cage. Good length and level topline slight rise over loin. Good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Well set tail and nice length. Oval feet.
Well-made dog. This dog won Best in Show!

2 nd Mr & Mrs PJ & GT Stillwell – Bellawave Caught in a Dream

1 month being off 9 years old this tri bitch with lovely black coat won this position on the fact she could still do a days work at this age, her movement was lovely all due to her construction.
Her muzzle was a little finer than 1, she has beautiful, sweet dark brown eyes, well tipped and placed ears which were used all the time. Nice arched neck, good level top line, good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. This girl also won Best Veteran in Show!

Janine Hanson (Jards Rough Collie)