For most people dog showing is a pleasant hobby, and like all sports, we should all use some common sense and good manners whether we are merely a ringside spectator, an exhibitor, or a judge.



Inside the Ring

  • Please do not obstruct other exhibitors by stepping forward so your dog is more prominent than others.
  • Dress in a smart, clean and tidy manner. What’s the point of preparing a dog for exhibition and not yourself?
  • Do not storm from the ring if you have not been placed – no dog can be a winner every week and every judge has their own opinion on each dog.
  • Your dog should be well groomed with clean, mat free hair, clean teeth and void of fleas and ticks.
  • Bait and/or squeeky toys are often used in the ring to attract the dogs attention. Baiting is best done discreetly so as not to distract other dogs in the ring


Outside the Ring
  • Keep the entrance to the ring clear.
  • If you are sitting ringside try not to distract the dogs being shown by eating food or making loud noises. Your own dog may be well trained and ‘bullet proof’ when it comes to distractions but other handlers may not be as lucky. It can be hard to keep a lively young dog under control.
  • Be nice to newcomers – remember you were one once.
  • Applaud the placings even if you don’t agree with them.


Friendships with Judges

If you have been in a breed or for any length of time, it is inevitable that you are friends with a number of judges. A lot has been said about showing under your friends.....however, it is worth noting the following out of respect....

  • Avoid socializing with a judge who is your friend the weeks leading up to the show. If you know a judge and run into him/her prior to going into the ring, for appearances’ sake keep all conversation brief.
  • If you are friends with a judge do not hang around him/her before or after judging. This puts the judge in an awkward position.
  • If a judge who is your friend prefers that you do not show to him/her, respect these wishes. Some judges, on the other hand, do not care.
  • Be prepared to lose under a judge even though he/she is your friend.
  • Under KC rules, a dog may not be entered under a Judge that has handled the dog within the previous twelve months.


If You Are the Judge
  • Give equal attention to all exhibits.
  • Don’t forget the ‘seen dogs’ from previous classes.
  • Thank your stewards.
  • Be pleasant to exhibitors, they have paid for your opinion.
  • Don’t be dismissive of the ‘not so perfect’ exhibit.
  • Remember to write a critique.
  • Smile


At the End of the Day
  • Take your rubbish home with you if there isn’t a bin.
  • Never bitch about the judge and other exhibitors – if you have a valid complaint, speak with the show secretary.


And remember, we all take the best dog home with us. Enjoy the show