CH Roughrigg Rag n Bone Man - 'Rory' - 3CC 9RCC
Lynmack Walk All Over You At Roughrigg x Beldones Fun 'N' Games at Roughrigg

2nd MPD, SKC Ch Show 24/08/2019 - Judge Mr KS Wilberg
2nd MPD Yorkshire Collie Ch Show 1/9/2019 - Judge Mr R Blaikie
1st MPD, BPD and BPIB Darlington Ch Show 13/9/2019 - Judge Mr G A Hill

1st: 4231 McCARTE Mrs M & Mr J Roughrigg Rag 'N' Bone Man a very smart well grown 7 month old who has all the basics in conformation to develop into a super adult male. He is true in front, is well boned and is well grown in body; Particularly attractive in head, eyes, ears and expression which I just preferred to 2nd. Presents a very pleasing breed typical overall picture which is in proportion and balance, with desirable size and without any obvious faults. Moved really well with true forward extension in front and good width parallel hocks in rear. Excellent prospect; Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd MPD Driffield Ch Show 19/9/2019 - Judge  Mrs L Chalmers

1st PD and BPIB - Scottish Breeds October 2019 - Judge Ms L McCormick
1st MPD, BPD, BD and BOSIS October 2019 - N & D Open Show - Judge Mr J Blackburn
1st PD and BPD - Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland November 2019 - Judge Di Ware
SCC Open Show 1st December 2019 - PD, BPD and RBD - Judge Ms M Fort
1st Jnr - N&D Open Show Feb 2020 - Judge: Ms M Davis
1st Jnr and RBD - Yorks CC Open Show Feb 2020 - Judge: Mrs Alyson Rae


1st Junior Dog, C.C.  - Midland Collie Club Champ Feb 2020 - Judge: Mr Didier Dupont  and  BIS - Judge: Mr Brian Hawkins

Above June 2020 - aged 16 months - photo by Rachael Millar

DCC - Collie Club of Wales April 2022

1st Open Dog - Dog CC - Collie Club of Wales Champ April 2022 - Judge: Mr Brian Hawkins

1st Open Dog - Res CC - L&C Champ May 2022 - Judge: Mr John Congdon

RCC SKC October 2022
RCC Windsor July 2022
RCC Blackpool 2022
RCC Driffield 2022

RCC N & D September 2022
RCC March 2023 Scottish Breeds March 2023
RCC London Collie Club June 2023


What a lovely dog !!! my star of the day. Superb head with a lovely expression that i was looking for, giving him this desirable expression. Neat ears on the top of his head which he uses non stop.  Good bone, excellent neck, forequarters and hindquarters are very good, excellent presentation. Moves around the ring with effortless. Pleased to award him the  CC and later BIS on the referee decision. Congratulations !!!  Judge :
Didier Dupont (France)

McCarte’s ROUGHRIGG RAG ‘N’ BONE MAN.   S/w of quality.  Excellent head properties and the cleanest of skulls with no exaggerations.  Correct well placed stop, correct shaped dark eye and ear carriage, giving the desired masculine expression.   Good reach of neck, correct front and well balanced body, with free movement.  Held his tail well on the move and was presented in excellent coat and condition.  He won a very good class of dogs, and I was pleased to be able to award him the CC today. Judge Brian Hawkins

1 McCarte’s homebred s/s/w rising three years, beautifully presented in full coat of correct texture, most pleasing head, eye and expression, ever alert ears, intelligent dog who knows the name of the game, so responsive to handler. Saw him as a puppy, thought then he had bright future, now developed into the champion he has become. Very good shoulder, good depth of chest, spring of rib, length of back, strong in loin, not overdone anywhere, strong well-boned legs, tight feet, moves with animation and confidence, sound, good side extension, well handled to DCC, RBOB & BOS, but more importantly, to his title. Congratulations. Judge Geoff Duffield

1st McCarte’s Roughrigg Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, 3-year shaded sable of glorious colour in full coat with a fabulous, masculine expression - he just seemed to know when I was looking at him and looked right back! Clean head with a lovely eye and well-set ears which he used non-stop. Flat skull and beautifully moulded foreface broken by a well-placed stop. Decent neck with good length of back, nice depth and spring of rib, correct front and rear angulation, super rounded bone, and excellent feet. He moved with reach and drive. When it came to the challenge, I was splitting hairs between the two main winners, but preferred the overall elegance of the Limit winner. Worthy RCC winner, thank you for bringing him. Judge Sophie Wray-Ramsden

3rd and crowning CC Ayrshire Collie Club 2022


Beldones Fun 'N' Games At Roughrigg - 'Lacey'
Sire: Ch Beldones Black Illusion Dam : Ch Beldones Fit For Fun

1st GB - Yorkshire Collie Club Ch Show - Judge Mrs S Wigglesworth
1st PG - Scottish Breeds October 2019 - Judge Ms L McCormick

lst in Graduate and Reserve Best Bitch - Judge Mrs J Milligan - Lancs and Cheshire Open Show October 2019
1st PGB October 2019 - N & D Open Show - Judge Mr J Blackburn
1st PGB and RBB - Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland - Judge Mr R Ware


Roughrigg Remember Me - 'Mia' 1RCC
Sire: Lynmack Walk All Over You At Roughrigg x Dam:  Beldones Fun 'N' Games At Roughrigg
Photo at 8 weeks old
Mia at 12 weeks - photo by Rachael Millar
Photos above December 2020 - Mia 8 months - photos Rachel Millar

Above September 2022

SKC Sept 2022 1st PGB and Res CC  Judge: Mr D Timmins
Ayrshire Collie Club Open Show May 23 - 1st Limit, RBB and RBIS - Judge: Mr Liam Kelly

Roughrigg Golden Rhapsody
Lynmack Walk All Over You at Roughrigg x Gloryway Cinderella for Monsolana at Roughrigg

Above Photos March 2017 aged 6 months

 1st PGB - N&D Open Show Feb 2020 : Judge Ms  M Davis
                      1st PGB - Yorkshire CC Open Show Feb 2020 - Judge: Mrs Alyson Rae

'Rhea' - July 2017

Photos above December 2020 - photo credit Rachael Millar


Roughrigg Red All Over - 'Olly'
Sire: Culbrae Red Again x Dam: Roughrigg Golden Rhapsody
Photo Credit Rachael Millar

Above March 2022

1st PD, BPD - British Collie Club Ch Show 05/03/22 - Judge: Mr G Francis
1st PD, 1st MD, 1st ND and BPD - British Collie Club Open Show 05/03/22 - Judge: Ms C Jenkins
1st JD, MD, ND - Ayrshire Collie Club 27/03/2022 - Judge: Mrs D Muir
3rd JD, 1st ND - Collie Club of Wales - 16/04/22 - Judge: Mr B Hawkins

2nd JD - SKC - 21/5/22 - Judge: Mrs C Moffat 2nd JD
Scottish Collie Club - 22/5/22 - Judge: Mrs L Chalmers

British Collie Club March 2022

1st, Mc Carte, Roughrigg Red All Over, S/W with a balanced head all in proportion, lovely eye and well rounded muzzle, lovely angulation at shoulder into straight front, nice neat feet, lovely confirmation good turn of stifle and well let down at rear, moved true but just needs to settle. Best Puppy Dog. Judge Mr J G Francis

1st McCarte, Roughrigg Red all Over. Promissing Sable  boy with so much future. On the stand, a lovely shape and pleasing to the eye. Big coat groomed to perfection. Nice head, correct ears. Nice front and good angulation  Strong shoulder placement following through to depth of rib with length to back quarters. Showed himself well. Judge Ms C Jenkins


Roughrigg Rita Ora
Lynmack Thunderstruck x Glory Way Cinderella For Monsolana At Roughrigg (Imp Rus)
1st Junior Bitch Scottish Collie Club Open Show - April 2016
Photo June 2018 - by Rachael

Three puppies from the litter out of GloryWay Cinderella For Monsolana At Roughrigg
Taken September 2015 at almost six months
Roughrigg Rita Ora
Lynmack Thunderstruck x Glory Way Cinderella For Monsolana at Roughrigg
photo to follow
BPIB/RBPIS North of Scotland Sheepdog Club Open Show - October 2015

We wish Anne and Steven lots of luck with Rougrigg Railroad Rosie in the Ring.


Roughrigg Remember Me - 'Mia'
Lynmack Walk All Over You at Roughrigg x Beldones Fun 'n' Games at Roughrigg


Roughrigg One Of A Kind - 'Una'
Ch Gataj Struck By Lightning x Roughrigg Remember Me

SKC Sept 2022 1st PB and BPIB -  Judge Mr D Timmins
Scottish Collie Club Ch Show May 2023 1st YB - Judge Mr G Francis
London Collie Club - June 2023 - 1st GB - Judge: Mr J Catliff
Above Una with her mother Mia


Roughrigg Red Lagertha
Sire - Hanvale Arthur Shelby With Damos and Dam - Beldones  Fun 'N' Games At Roughrigg 
Above photo at six months - June 2023

Bath - May 2023 1st MPB - Best Puppy Bitch - Judge: Mrs C Gillingham
Southern Counties - June 2023 - 1st MPB - Judge: Mr E Engh

3 Counties - June 2023 - 1st MPB and Best Puppy Bitch- Judge: Mrs S Carlton 
Midland Collie Club - July 2023 - 1st MPB, PB, BPB and Best Puppy In Show - Judge: Mrs J Milligan
City of Birmingham - August 2023 - 1st PB, BPB, BPIB - Judge: Mr D Smith and Puppy Group 4 - Judge: Mr B Day

Yorkshire Collie Club Ch Show - September 2023 - 1st PB, MB, BPB, Best Puppy In Breed and Reserve Best Puppy In Show - Judge: Mrs D Iley 
Richmond - September 2023 - 1stPB and BPB - Judge: Mr S Clark
Below at 9 months of age - September 2023


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