Alan Jeffries - Obituary

It is indeed very sad news of the passing of Alan Jeffries (Jefsfire) whom I have had the pleasure of his friendship for almost fifty years.

When Jack and I came to know Alan and his late wife Kath, we had just started in dogs, and had seen the beautiful golden sables they were consistently showing, when we attended the  Yorkshire Collie Club Championship shows in our area, we were full of admiration for this couple who were owning these impressive dogs, which had made an instant impact on us both, that it was our wish to obtain a show bitch from this kennel.

I wrote a letter to Alan & Kath making enquiries for a young sable bitch for showing, with no outstanding faults???, as we were just starting to have a kennel of our own, and it was our desire to own a Jefsfire bitch as a foundation. Alan was very kind in his reply to me, that if he had such a wonder he would be keeping it, or it would have been sold for a small fortune.however,they did offer us a dark sable bitch "Jefsfire Gaytweed" on breeding terms, needless to say we telephoned for an appointment to go to look at "Tweed" as soon as possible!

So our friendship began! Over time we  eventually purchased a further three bitches from them, with different lineage to help us condense what we had, to enable us to breed the lines of our own.

On the occasions we did visit, Alan was particularly interesting to talk to, and I was totally absorbed with his conversation, as we didn't get time to speak to them at shows as, they were both always so busy grooming or showing their dogs, Alan never gave us advice, so we learned from observation about any kennel husbandry etc.

I think that Jefsfire will go down in history as one of the great kennels of our time, I stand to be corrected, but I think they will have had at least 30 UK Champions, apologies if I miss some titles, but names such as Ch.J. Strollaway, J.Happy by name,litter brother, Ch Lucky by name, Ch J Ready Cash and the famous tricolour. Ch.J Clean Sweep,who won B.O.B. at Crufts, plus some of their bitches were Ch J.Forever Amber, Ch. J Ready Maid,Ch J. Gay Return, Ch.J Blue Riband, Ch J Fashion.along with their Ch shelties, they had a great sire in Ch J.Freelancer, the list is endless,as they were clever breeders, who devoted their life to Dogs.

Alan was an extremely hard worker, maintaining the lovely Kennels and Lawns and trees, which surrounded their home, I know that he was very fondly thought of in Norway, as friends visited Alan each year where they kept in constant touch about his welfare.

It was nice to hear from him occasionally by phone, especially at Christmas , and I know how moved he was that so many people thought of him after Kath sadly passed away.

I will always have a place in my heart for them both, for allowing Jack and I, to have had the pleasure for us to have our "Jefsfire" bitches for the foundation of our own kennel, which have brought us so much pleasure in our lives, and give you our love and Thanks, as always, for being a friend, you will be sadly missed, and may you rest in peace along with KATH just across the field, where the echo of the famous Jefsfire Collies and shelties will be. Sending my deepest sympathy to Lloyd and his charming granddaughter Poppy. and siblings.

Sandra Wigglesworth  (Sandiacre)