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This page (together with the links referred to on it) tell you the conditions of use on which you may make use of this website.

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1.2 Accessing the Website
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1.3 Information
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I aim to update the Website regularly, and may change the content at any time. If the need arises, I may suspend access to the Website, or close it indefinitely.

Collielife content and images are covered by copyright, if you wish to take a copy of any material on site, or a screenshot of any of the contents, please ask permission first.

1.4 Third party links
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2.1 Kennel pages/exhibitors
Collielife is committed to protecting your personal data and respecting your privacy, at no time will your details be shared with any third party without your express consent.

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I have in place appropriate security measures to prevent your personal data from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered or disclosed. Access to your personal data is limited to me, the web owner/designer, Julie Growcott, and not disclosed to any third party unless required to do so, by law. All information you provide to me is stored on a secure external server.

4.1 Copyright
You may not reproduce or store any part of this site in any other web site, document management system or electronic retrieval system, via screen posting or otherwise, without my prior written permission.

5.1 Puppy Buyers
Puppy buyers personal information may be shared with other breeders but at no time to an external organisation for sales and marketing purposes.

If you are looking for a puppy, and future litters, please look at the planned and expected page

Please do not use the email addresses and telephone numbers given on the kennel page listing as a distribution list to contact every breeder on site with a puppy enquiry.

6.1 Breeders/Exhibitors Kennel pages
Membership is open to all non commercial Rough and Smooth Collie breeders in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Collielife reserves the right to refuse an application for membership and to terminate membership without being obliged to give reasons or explanation.

Kennel pages entitle you to free unlimited puppy and stud dog adverts throughout the year and unlimited updates to your pages. As long as I have a suitable good quality photo of your dogs, photos will be used in show results.

I will only add photos of dogs owned by others if the others have kennel pages on the site. Just the odd photo please and I can add a link to their details on the owners page too.

Note - Collielife subscription fees for membership are payable every 12 months, an email will be sent a week before the fees are due, and if not paid by the beginning of the month in which they fall due, kennel pages may be removed, without further notice. (updated 1st January 2019)

Collielife expects all breeders to adhere to our code of ethics.

6.2 I reserve the right to refuse or terminate membership of any breeder found to not be acting in the best interests of their dogs, for example, breeding from an underage bitch or having two litters from the same bitch within a 11 month period.

6.3 All puppies should be registered with the UK Kennel Club or appropriate national Kennel Club for the Country of origin. To abide by UK law, it is illegal for puppies to be sold prior to 8 weeks of age.

Puppy adverts can remain active for one month with a maximum of two edits (addition of new photos). Breeders will contact me as soon as puppies are reserved/sold for the advert to be removed and will not pass buyers on to other breeders who do not advertise on this website. The advertiser must be the registered owner of the dam of any litter advertised on the site, unless your advert states otherwise.

If health testing is included in the puppy advert, I need to be able to check accuracy. If the information is not available the KC website against the dogs registered name, please send me a copy for my records.
I reserve the right to refuse adverts, or remove if necessary.

6.4 It is up to the puppy buyer to check the revelant DNA and Health tests recommended for the breed and see appropriate certificates, if applicable. Collielife will not be held accountable for any health problems with puppies/adults purchased from breeders who advertise on this web site. More on hereditary diseases can be found HERE.


I only accept adverts from breeders who, as far as I am aware, are reputable, and have years of experience and/or will have an experienced mentor. Breeders will only breed from healthy dogs and bitches and will carry out appropriate health testing as required. All breeders who advertise on this website will take back dogs at any time during their lifetime if the owners circumstances change.

As a minimum breeders using this website will not breed non standard colours, all puppies will be KC registered, and they will aim to produce structurally balanced and stable, level-headed dogs, capable of dealing with the world. All DNA and health test results should be available for buyers to see if required.

If I get a complaint about a breeder, this is investigated, and Breeders using this website to advertise puppies will not recommend another breeder who has a litter available if they do not advertise with Collielife.

Rough Collie

Smooth Collie

Accidental matings happen, but I will not accept an advertisement for puppies for a bitch under 12 months of age. I personally consider that no bitch should have more than three litters in their lifetime, and not be bred from after 7 years of age, as such, no advertisements will be accepted if it breaches these conditions.

All breeders should provide support and guidance to puppy purchasers for the lifetime of the dog.

To comply with Dog Breeding Regulations, unless you have a breeding licence, the details of which should be given with all advertisements - Collielife will only accept advertisements for a maximum of two litters in any twelve month period. Please see update April 2019 HERE.

It is the Breeders/Exhibitors responsibility to ensure that all details for their kennel pages is kept up to date and accurate.

7.1 Results/Critiques
Note I reserve the right to add results/critiques as I feel appropriate. I reserve the right, in my sole discretion, to edit, refuse to publish or remove any content from the Site.

8.1 Disclaimer
Collielife does not promise that any information on site is error free and the service will be un-interrupted. Any errors, broken links etc, should be bought to my attention and will be corrected at the earliest opportunity.

The site is malware free, however, you assume responsibility for the use of the site, together with any external links contained therein.

The above disclaimer applies to any damages, liability or injuries caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction of or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use, whether for breach of contract, tort, negligence or any other cause of action.

Collielife reserves the right to do any of the following, at any time, without notice:

(1) to modify, suspend or terminate operation of or access to the Site, or any portion of the Site, for any reason

(2) to modify or change the Site, or any portion of the Site, and any applicable policies or terms

(3) to interrupt the operation of the Site, or any portion of the Site, as necessary to perform routine or non-routine maintenance, error correction, or other changes.

(4) reserve the right, without notice and in my sole discretion, to revoke access to the Site and block or prevent future access to the Site.

8.2 Health testing

Most breeders aim to improve the overall health of the breed by only breeding from healthy good examples of the breed. The Sire and Dam of the litter are usually tested before the mating takes place and are only used if the results are acceptable. Health testing is expensive however by performing testing and then selectively breeding breeders can eliminate genetic conditions and minimise the likelihood of nongenetic conditions occurring. It is very important to note that "Vet checked" does NOT mean health tested.

Health testing does not guarantee quality nor that the puppy will not develop problems later in life. So many influences in the outside world can determine how your puppy will turn out. The major advantage for health screening is that at least the breeder knows the stock they are breeding from is fit for the purpose and that any puppies resulting from that mating will be as healthy as they can be.

It is up the buyer of a puppy to do their own research, this website, Collielife, will not be held responsible for any health problems in your puppy/adult at any stage in their life.

9. Photographs

I am happy to take photos for use on the website at shows I am attending (please note I very rarely take my camera to General Championship Shows), for a small charge of £5 each photo to cover my time. The photos remain my intellectual property and should not be used elsewhere without my consent.

These terms and conditions may be modified as necessary -

Update - October 2018 - Dog Breeding Licence and restrictions on number of puppy adverts

Update January 2019 - Subscriptions fees - due to non payers, if kennel/exhibitor page subscription fees are not paid by the beginning of the month they fall due, pages will be removed.

Last update April 2019 - Update - Dog Breeding Licence regulations - Kennel Club website link

Last update July 2021 Rates - July 2021 - All kennel pages, new and existing, will be £40 per annum. Old rates of £35 will only apply for those members who have an existing automatic renewal subscription set up via paypal. Pages may be archived if fees are not paid by the 1st of the month in which they fall due.

I will no longer be advertising litters or adult dogs and taking enquiries on behalf of the breeder/seller, if you need to find homes for adult dogs, you will need to use your own contact details on the advert.

Last update - August 2022 - to ensure accuracy, if you want to quote health test results in your puppy advert, if results are not available on the KC website against the dogs name, I need to see a copy please. A mobile phone photo of them is fine as it is just for my information.