Breed Notes
4th August 2023

Well, you have all excelled yourselves last weekend, so I now have news to pass on as many of you have let me know of not only good show wins but other collie related info as well

Firstly, at Corydon, Miranda Blake kindly offered yet another interesting educational day, along with some “Hands On” of a different type supplied by the
multi-talented Maxine Mellish, allow me to elaborate. Firstly, having been greeted with a Pims or Elderflower cordial the participants were treated to a
Presentation on Pedigrees, something really needed in current times. This then involved them actually writing a 4-generation pedigree and learning about Tail
Male/Female lines, Line Breeding, Outcross pedigrees and all associated aspects. This was followed by the “Hands On” where Maxine gave everyone a slab of air- drying clay and showed them how to turn it into an actual collie head, but following the principals of our breed standard! This was firstly met with
trepidation but with help of all and a few collies running around, many achieved an actual head and started to understand why certain points, such as eye shape
and placement of the stop are relevant! In all everyone present had a great day – Thanks Miranda and Maxine, Looking forward to another “Hands On” if
Now to some show wins, Melissa Lockyer took her Gataj Turn Back Time and Gataj All That Sparkles to Dorset County Open show, where there was a change of judge and won BOB and PG2 with Turn Back Time and BPIB and PPG1 from judge Ed Forsey and Group Judge Jane Stevens.
Cathy Proctor went to Kilmarnock & District Open show with Wilmaranna Out of The Blue for Cathbri and annexed BOB but also Didek Moonshine for Cathbri won BPIB and PPG1 from judge Helen Gutteridge (Qiqern) Zoe Alexander owns Ingledene Aramis and thinks that possibly he is the first
from that kennel to gain sufficient points to claim a Bronze Agility Warrant and to date, this year, has gained over 50 points in Agility and is progressing well in this field. Zoe tells me she only has to gain another 150 to reach higher levels.
Now to Leeds at Harewood House and many gathered at 8.30am for a good paper entry of 97 for Judge, Mary Glover-Guest, (Doonelodge) a name some
would not have recognised but she is an established CC awarding judge for Shetland Sheepdogs and previously awarded CC’s to Roughs, in Scotland, back
in 2016 and is based in Yorkshire.
From the 46 males present, Higham have marked just 4 absent, our TV Star, Corydon Pol Roger annexed his 2 nd CC. If you recall, earlier in the year he was
invited to join BBC Breakfast to promote the breed in view of our falling registrations. This video is still available if anyone is interested. Roger is a blue
merle, owned and bred by Miranda Blake and took his first CC at Darlington last year from Betty Peach. He is sired by Corydon Winning Factor out of Corydon Blue Fizz and he won an Open class of 13 with 3 absent. Another blue took homethe RDCC, this time it was John Congdon’s Fr Ch/UK Ch, Jugband Blues de Clos de Sea-Wind via Aaronwell, or as we all know him as Jive. Now allow me to remind you, his sire is Dazzle Blue Legend de la Chappelle aux Arbres out of Eclipse Total du Clos de Sea-Wind. He has, I think around 12 CC’s and numerous RCC and is now in Veteran, being born in August 2014.
Other dog class winners were: Ladnar Makemeawinner (MP); Jopium Love On The Rocks (P); Gataj Turn Back Time (J); Thistlewing Smoky Quarts (PG) and; Camanna Chasing Clouds Over Mejola who won Limit Now to the ladies, with 7 marked absent, top honours and a 12 th CC went to Ch
Jopium Love Heart JW ShCm for Jo Hodges. She has been having a lovely run of wins from Veteran recently. Sired by Ch Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell out of Riverside Song Venice Queen and she celebrated her birthday in April. Winning Open, another good class of 11, was the winner from Blackpool, Daphne Iley and her blue merle, Call Me A Dreamer In Blue for Ileyda Della Verde Scozia. She is bred in Italy and is by Guards Che Blue di Bella Della Verde Scozia out of Ultimate Result of Buddy In Black Della Verde Scozia and she was born in April 2018.
Others to win classes were: Gataj All That Sparkles (MP); Siluto Blueberry Mist (P); Tremaro Kind of Magic (JB); Thistlewing Magic Lady (PG) and Breckamore Pitch Dark who won Limit. Now to the challenge and taking another BOB was Eva, Ch Jopium Love Heart JW ShCm and Jo Hodges who was sent forward to the group, judged by Keith Baldwin. In a message sent from Jo she let me know that for once, she had company on the journey down from Scotland in the form of Scott, but, having stayed at the show for a while, once they were advised that the groups would not be taking place until later, and Pastoral would follow Working, she had to make the decision to stay or not. This was based on the fact that Scott, a long-
distance lorry driver, had to be back at base for a 7pm start, that could possibly be delayed until a bit later. So, having informed both the Judge, Mary and Group Stewards she and Scott sadly set off for home and she sends her apologies to all concerned. As Eva was also BVIB, she missed this group too judged by Richard Kinsey.
Best Puppy In Breed, to go forward under Lee Cox, was Melissa and her Gataj All That Sparkles who did stay but did not feature. The last award was Best Special Beginners, with judge Yvonne Billows in charge and this went to Uffspring Ultravox for Colorata and Elspeth Rose who also sent me a lovely message to say that they too stayed and although her bitch performed well, again they did not feature.
Some hardy souls, having shown at Leeds, then attended the Midland Collie Open Show at Edingale Tamworth and hardworking Secretary, master of all
trades, Hannah Walder, along with Show Secretary Sophie Wray-Ramsden hadbeen preparing and cooking all week for those who had entered and this resulted in a Free Lunch for all. If only for the food, this is one show to attend. The judge for this show was Committee member, Jan Milligan, Alfsden who has
been doing well in both of her breeds, Roughs and her Australian Shepherds. Jan, as many of you are aware has judged most of our breed club Open shows
and must be congratulated as I understand she is now passed for CC’s. The entry was 53 roughs and SAC classes were to be judged by Georgina
Howard, another progressing through the JEP and she had received 15 entries. Here is a list of class winners; The first class of 3 was a mixed Veteran class with Ch Mejola Fate and Fortune ShCEx winning this for Jo White and although placed 3 rd , Shelley Skinner and Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal was the only lady in the line up and therefore, even a beaten collie was allowed into the bitch challenge.
All 5 were present in MPD with Brilyn Worth The Wait taking this and Novice for Sue Hawkins. Dave & Sue Randall won PD which had 2 present with their latest baby boy, Ladnar Makemeawinner. Melissa and Gataj Turn Back Time took Junior and Graduate. Takhisis Lysander and Michelle Chaplin won PG. Local exhibitor, Gwen Beadon brought out Marvalan Spirit of Rock to win a Limit class of 5 and Miranda, accompanied by father John came and won Open with Corydon Pol Roger.
Jan’s choice for Best Dog fell to Gwen and Hecktor with Miranda and Roger as R.Up. BPD was Sue Randall with Sue Hawkins in reserve.
In bitches, the following were class winners: Roughrigg Red Lagertha, entered under Morag & Jim McCarte’s ownership and shown today by her usual handler, Secretary, Hannah and she won a MP class of 5 and the next class of 2, Puppy. Rob Shipp won Junior which had 4 present with Tremaro Kind of Magic but she was not present in her SAC class later in the day. Sue Hawkins, who had been 2 nd in MP won Novice with Brilyn Shows The Difference
Jo White and Mejola Main Event won Graduate, beating Tremaro Kind of Magic. Post Grad was a nice win for the now correctly named Princess Pink Rhodonite who had previously been shown under another name, for Dave Riddell Dave & Sue brought out Ladnar Inkspot to win Limit and Melissa won Open with Gataj Good Time Girl
So, to the challenge for BB which went to Jo White and Mejola Main Event with Ladnar Inkspot in reserve. BPB to Hannah handling the McCarte’s Roughrigg
puppy with Sue Hawkins annexing another RBPB with her sable. Shelley Skinner was automatically BVB

Now to BOB/BIS and this went to Jo White and Mejola Main Event, RBIS to Sue Randall and Ladnar Inkspot and also won RBPIS with their new blue boy who had been beaten by the eventual BPIS Hannah, handling for Morag & Jim McCarte
BVIS was Ch Mejola Fate and Fortune, which was an automatic award there was no listing for BOSIS, so I assume this went to the BD, Gwen and Hecktor.
Georgina Howard, (Casatentola) is the daughter of Anne & Nick Smith, married to Cathy Howard’s son took on yet another set of SAC classes.
Her winners were as follows: Junior D/B with 6 present was won by Siluto Silvary Blue Moon for Gill Whittaker. Post Grad had just 2 entrants and was won
by Demelewis Silver Spur at Corydon and Miranda Blake. Open went to Essenjay Fields of Gold for Firesaga for Joanne Leese.
Finally, a message from the judge at the recent Bath Ch show, Christine Gillingham, who has requested it to be known that she wishes to amend the
error made in her critique as the correct name for her Graduate Dog winner should have been Lynmead Famous Lover.

Carole Smedley