The recent BRS (Breed Record Supplement) for July – September, gives us the latest figures for registrations for our breed, up to and including the 3 rd Quarter for 2022. Hopefully there could be an increase in numbers, as it stands our breed figures are falling rapidly (and subsequently, should all make the show ring, which is unknown at time of registration) our overall entry figures will also decrease!

So far, the total numbers recorded for 2022 is a mere 421 – compared to 943 just 10 years ago and 1492 in 2002, which shows a severe decline. The final numbers and a statistical summary will be published here later.

In this issue, of the 33 litters, producing 142 separate registrations, (But bear in mind the registrations also include imports etc) these figures vary from 9 to an average size of 4-5. On browsing through, it was interesting to see that some litters are recorded as bred by other family members under the same, separate interest. Perhaps this is due to changes in council requirements, newer family members gaining a separate interest in the kennel name or??? At least 7 established breeders have recorded more than 1 litter. Most of the litters recorded are with an established affix and others are either KC registered or recorded with no kennel name at all. One interesting entry, covering both the Rough and Smooth records, show 1 litter with a tricolour bitch and a blue merle bitch recorded as Roughs.

In the Smooth section, from the same litter, are a tri smooth dog and a sable and white bitch. What is interesting, and maybe concerning to anyone is the future breeding plans of this mating as not only is it a litter with both coat types recorded but with a Merle and Sable & White; White parents. Your thoughts?

There are 7 new importations listed, some of whom have already graced the show rings. 2 are from Portugal, 2 litter mates from Serbia, 2 from Hungary and 1 from Italy. All were born either late 2021 or during 2022.

16 name changes are also recorded but there are also 83 transfers of ownership, some of these are between family members too. There is just 1 new Export Pedigree issued and this is to Poland.

In the health sections, firstly by actual Veterinary eye examination, 3 are recorded as Un-Affected for CEA/RPED and GPRA. 11 collies have had Hip Scores listed with results varying from 1 to 13. Although I was not aware of a health issue concerning Elbow Dysplasia, one collie has been tested with a score of Nil.

A lot more Roughs have been tested using one of the many KC Approved DNA schemes, 5 are recorded as Affected, 1 Carrier and 1 Clear under the CEA/CH section. DNA Tests for DM show 2 Affected, 6 Carriers and 6 Clear. For the MDR1 section 2 are Affected, 3 Carrier and 3 Clear. Finally a test for PRA shows 5 Clear Collies.

Finally Peter Savage (Savataurus) writes the following: It is with a heavy heart that I type this today. We had to give Solo sleep to save him from further pain, since we stopped showing him in Sept his health has rapidly deteriorated, he went down to skin & bones due to kidney issues. Solo was the love of our life holding a special place in our life after the 10 year campaign to get his Irish CH title, starting in 2012 with 2 years out for COVID finishing his title in June this year at 13 1/2 years old (being graded excellent 60 times over the 8 year period). He is the only Rough Collie to consecutively get BVIB at Celtic Winner, St Pat's 2019, (COVID 2020 no shows), and the National 2021. We will never have another dog like him, he loved going to shows, & best of all he loved people, going for a walk with him was an excise in friendship loving everybody we meet Regards Peter & Pamela Savage Savataurus.

Carole Smedley