Breed Notes
21st July 2023

National Working & Pastoral Breeds issued a statement, late on the Friday night, advising that all judging would be indoors; this was due to the bad weather
forecast for the following day, Saturday. However, it came as a bit of a shock to many Collie exhibitors to find their ring had been set up in the Severn Hall, which, as those who have been previously has a rather shiny floor which as we all know is not conducive to movement for our breed.

Our judge for the day was another first time appointment, held over from pre- Covid times, in Pat Brooker, Corisian, whose previous appointments included YCC Open in 2014 and SCC Open in 2016. On paper it was a reasonable entry of 70+ but with the weather forecast, coats and other issues there were absentees. Judging started inside, although the weather, apart from a few showers and it was a bit breezy remained acceptable. Interesting to note our ring stewards for the day was the combination of Gwen Beadon and Shelley Skinner so they would have realised how our breed would have reacted to the floor.

There were about 20 males present, and taking the first class, MP, was Jo Hodges and her tricolour boy, Jopium Love On The Rocks. No pups appeared in PD, and Junior only had Melissa Lockyer and Gataj Turn Back Time present. Wilma Brodie made a long journey from Scotland with Shanaburn Country Road and Yearling which had 2 present. 3 males appeared in Graduate and Caz Waterhouse won this with Lynmead Famous Lover. PG again had 3 present with Robin Blaikie winning with Kourika You’ ll Do For Me. Limit was the biggest class of the day and this went to Andre & Chantal with Sherlock Homes of Moon River for Chantique. Rob Shipp handled his and Margaret’s, No More Heroes du Clos de Sea-Wind to win an Open class of 3. John Congdon brought out the ever-green Jive, Ch/Fr Ch Jugband Blues du Clos De Sea-Wind to win veteran. Then a decision was taken to move outside on to the grassed area to judge the challenge….. This went to Andre and his tri boy, winning his 2 nd CC. He won his 1 st CC at Lancs & Cheshire from John Congdon last year. Sired by Idle Black de Midland Valley out of Naomi Watts of Moon River he is bred by Christophe Lehuic and owned by Chantal and Andre. Starlenga Harry Potter at Elshajo was called in, as he was 2 nd in the Open class, and much to the delight of his owner, Julie Edwards, took home another RCC. Bred by the Walker family, he is sired by Starlenga Dizzy Rascal out of Izzy of Lowlands Green Valley for Corisian (Imp Fra) and I think this is his 2 nd RDCC.
BPD was automatically Jo Hodges with her tri boy and BVD went to John and Jive.

The Special Beginners D/B followed with 3 entries, headed by Lynda Boyle and Barrenclough Heart of Gold JW beating Barrenclough Diamond Skies, owned by Jackie Dix but I was told, handled by Steward Shelley Skinner.

The judging of bitches continued outside until Open bitch – when a return to the indoors was called for. The following were class winners; Sue Hawkins won MP with Brilyn Shows The Difference, Melissa won PB with Sweetmints Uptown Girl at Gataj and Val Tame took Junior with her Gataj Time after Time at Rahlissa. Jayne Llewellyn stood alone in Yearling with Avonfair Secret Love Letter to Salsina, as did Julie Edwards and her Camanna Cissy Spacek. Norma Larkin won PG with Rahlissa Toffee Cake for Denora and Caz Waterhouse won Limit with Collingvale Chin Chin Lynmead. Open, was called but a slight delay in starting
as the winners of Limit had to return to the indoor ring for their critiques!

Now back indoors, Open went to Andre and O’De Lancôme of Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique and another lovely win for Jo Hodges and Ch Jopium Love Heart JW ShCm who won Veteran. I am informed that all bitches went back outside for the challenge, but now in a different area to previously, and this fell to Darcy (Collingvale Chin Chin Lynmead) and Caz Waterhouse. A lovely message from breeder Jane Margetts, to say thanks for the live video that was posted, she was able to sit at home, in comfort, and watch this happen. Darcy’s details were given last week when she won at WECS and I also received a call from Caz, sipping some bubbly to let me know of her lovely day. Gataj Time After Time at Rahlissa annexed the RBCC for Val Tame, bred by Melissa, she is by Perfect Timing du Clos de Sea-Wind out of Nasty Girl du Clos de Sea-Wind and was born in May 2022 and won from Junior. Best Puppy bitch was Melissa and her sable Sweetmints lady and BVB to Jo Hodges.

The challenge for BOB was also held outside and this fell to Andre and his boy and a message from Chantal confirmed that although they did stay for the group and she handled in the group, under Robin Newhouse, they did not feature and were now on their way home. BPIB was Sweetmints Uptown Girl at Gataj and BVIB, between John and Jive and Jo went to Ch Jopium Love Heart JW ShCm

Carole Smedley