Breed Notes 7th July 2023

I was fortunate to able to accept an appointment at one of my favourite and local shows, Windsor, to officiate BIS at one of the many partnership shows held in conjunction with the main show; therefore I was able to watch our breed judging and comment on the day. It was good to meet up with friends old and new, especially to see Gael Wilcox also on a visit from Australia with a few like-minded friends who were spending days at the show in-between visits to Windsor
Castle and taking in a London Show as well. That really is a great travel itinery. I hope you have enjoyed the days. Also a fleeting glimpse of Karen McDevitt who had come over from NI to annex the BCC in ASD, also I understand that Sophie also won her class with her boy, who I think is a litter brother. Well

Sadly, the usual Windsor weather was not in good supply and at the end of the day, it became quite chilly with intermittent showers but I am sure this did not affect our judge for the day. Tina May (Maqueeba) was on her first appointment, having had it re-arranged due to Covid. Looking smart in a cool trouser suit
she made use of the good sized rings on offer. In all, there were a few absent in the males and a few more in bitches amounting to 8 from an original entry of 74, considering the show was held on a Friday. Congratulations to Alison Grainger and Ch Samhaven Ballahanna Banjo as they won not only Open Dog
but their 12 th CC. Also in the same class and standing 2 nd was Rob & Margaret Shipp and No More Heroes du Clos de Sea-Wind JW who then took home the RDCC.

Other class winners were Michelle Chaplin and Takhisis Lysander who won Spl Beg D/B, Veteran only had a single entry and saw Ann Page with Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go winning followed by a lovely win for her new baby, Lynmead Prince Charming who won MP and Novice and was handled in the challenge
by his breeder, Caz Waterhouse. Beldones Hugo Lloris for Tonova won PD for Vanessa & Thomas Noble. I have been duly informed, by email from Simon Walder (Hanvale) that this puppy was attendinghis first show so assume that both he and Hannah are promoting him and his owners! – Well done, it is
good see newcomers in our breed and winning!

Another Vanessa won Junior with Chelborn’s Gambling List whilst Lindsey Reeder stood alone in Yearling with Carristina Bluebell Wood. Tracy Brightmore’s Millubie Razzmatazz (Imp Ser) won PG with handler Debbie Finney and Jan Milligan and Nigel Marley took another Limit class with Alfsden He Lives
In You.

For the ladies, a 4 th CC went to Brian and Odile with Beth, she is, of course, Ch Beldones Looks Like Fun and she won from Open. Andre Scott had to make a quick return to the ring with the 2 nd in Open, O’De Lancôme for Lowlands Green Valley for Chantique to challenge and win the RBCC and he joined wife,
Chantal in the line up as they had also won Limit with Chantique Déjà vu. Also in the line up was Jo White and Mejola Main Event who had won PG; Christine Collins won Yearling with Triburle Seren Dlos; Lene Newman and her blue, Ingledene Crystal Vision of Phreelancer won Junior whilst Vanessa Cronk took
Puppy with Chelborn Tell Me Your Wish. Enjoying her day out was the MP, Gataj All That Sparkles and Melissa Lockyer and not forgetting the Veteran lady, Doreen Bellamy and Beloreen Starlight. On a personal note, I do find, as a judge, the placing in schedule order, of the Veteran next to the MP a little
disconcerting and where possible, I do request that the Veteran stands alongside the Open winner – just a thought!

In the final challenges, Alison took BOB, Best Puppy Dog (Beldones Hugo Loris) and BPB, Vanessa Cronk and Chelborn Tell Me Your Wish came in with Vanessa Cronk winning, Best Veteran went to Beloreen Starlight and Best Spl Beginner to Michelle Chaplin and Takhisis Lysander.

Sunday saw the Collie Association hold 2 Sub-Group Open shows at Baginton where a good entry of 50+ for both judges had been received.
Show 1, started at 9.30am saw Stacy Steven (Cambrogan) judging Roughs and Margaret Shipp (Tremaro) judging Smooths and BIS was listed for Birgit Hayward.
Here is a list of the class winners for the dogs: Veteran, Ch Mejola Fate and Fortune ShCex; Siluto Blue Wizzard (MP and Novice); Kelekona Hearts of Gold, PD; Junior was Corydon Prince Eric; Graduate was Phreelancer Phederal Agent; Alfsden He Lives In You won Limit and Ch Brooklynson El Dorado won
Open and Best Dog. Reserve RBD went to Alfsden He Lives In You, BPD Kelekona Hearts of Gold and BVD to Ch Mejola Fate and Fortune.
Bitch winners were as follows: Ch Brooklynson Jayne Russell of Oakestelle VW won Veteran; MP to Beldones California; Puppy was Gataj Majestic Hope; Serenlas Angel of Casatentola won Junior; Mejola Main Event won Graduate; Limit went to Kinneret Kopper Kisses for Corydon and Open to Beldones
Touch of Class. Best Bitch went to Mejola Main Event, RBB to Serenlas Angel of Casatentola, BPB to Beldones California and BVB to Ch Brooklynson Jayne Russell of Oakestelle. BOB was announced as Ch Brooklynson El Dorado, RBOB to Mejola Main Event; BPIB to Kelekona Hearts of Gold and BVIB to Ch Mejola Fate and Fortune.

BIS, judged by Birgit was the Smooth, Int/Multi Ch Winter is Coming to Tentola, who was also BVIS, RBIS and BOSIS to the rough, BPIS to the Smooth, Wynele Strike It Rich to Lewarne. At Show 2, with a very similar entry, was Lorraine Quince (Karafaye) for Roughs, Sheila Carlton (Sambreeze) Smooths and BIS to Jean Kenny (Leesaund) BIS.

As the entry was much the same as the first show, the results were similar but here is a list for you to read: Veteran , Ch Mejola Fate and Fortune, MP & Novice Siluto Blue Wizzard, Puppy, Kelekona Hearts of Gold, Junior, Corydon Prince Eric, Limit Alfsden He Lives In You and Open Ch Brooklynson El Dorado

Best dog was Ch Mejola Fate & Fortune, who was also BVD. Corydon Prince Eric was in Reserve who was also BPD.
Now to the bitches: Class winners were: Ch Brooklynson Jayne Russell of Oakestelle VW; MP Siluto Blueberry Mist. Gataj Majestic Hope won Puppy; Ingledene Crystal Vision of Phreelancer took Junior; Mejola Main Event won Graduate, Limit went to Demelewis Double Take and Open to Demelewis Double

Best Bitch was Demelewis Double Dare with Mejola Main Event in Reserve; BPB was Siluto Blueberry Mist and BVB to Jayne Russell.
BOB was awarded to Demelewis Double Dare, and RBOB to Main Event. BP to Corydon Prince Eric and BVIB to Ch Mejola Fate and Fortune who was also BOSIB

BIS was the choice of Jean Kenny and this went to the bitch, Demelewis Double Take, RBIS to the smooth, Brackenhaye Queen of Hearts at Oakestelle; BOSIS to Ch Mejola Fate and Fortune who was also BVIS and BPIS was the smooth, Wynele Strike It Rich to Lewarne.


Lovely news from Scotland, as Roughrigg Ragga. Bred by Morag & Jim McCarte went to her first show today for Mrs D Haslam-Craib. They attended Bon Accord KA but there was no puppy class but were placed 2 nd in Junior, then declared BPIB. She then went on to take Pastoral Puppy G4 from Mrs D
Stewart-Richie from NI and I think also has Irish Setters.

Finally, as promised, a report from Dora Richter, who is both President and Treasurer of the Belgium Collie Association Club, founded by the late Laurent Delheille,on 11 th June 1966. This was where Christine Collins and Marina McLaughlin judged as follows - click here

Carole Smedley