Breed Notes
24th March 2023

Hoping that most of you have recovered from Crufts and are not suffering with the NEC Bugs.  As is normal, not much news around as many of our clubs are organising events and AGM’s.

The first I have to report on is Northumberland and Durham who have recently held a meeting with the following changes and until confirmed/approved by the KC etc many of the following posts are just in the “Acting Capacity”

New Acting Secretary is Cath Moffat/Leighton (Kyleca) who is an approved Collie CC Judge, just in case you were not familiar with the name!. Ann French (Breckamore) has taken over as Treasurer whilst Terri Brand is Vice-Chair and Josh Blackburn (Erjon) is currently acting Chairman. The President still remains as Anne Hassock (Camanna) and the new committee comprises, Pat and Jo Brooker, Luis Bella, Charlene Turner and Mrs. L Pierson and Dave Leighton.
I was pleased to see from the message received from Josh that N&D still intend to hold a Ch show in conjunction with Darlington Dog Show and also hope to re-re-instate their Open show in early 2024. I am sure we wish all those prepared to help out at N&D the best and wish the new committee all the best for the future
Another change, this time at ACC confirms that John Robinson is now the Club’s Health Co-Coordinator taking over from Lynda Watt, who now steps up to care for the Club finances.


Carole Smedley