London and Provincial Collie Club
Championshiip Show August 2023

Best in Show


Had an amazing day at the London and Provincial Collie Championship show, where I had the pleasure of awarding Best in Show. I would like to thank the Breed judges Mr Derek Allsopp. Mr Steve Barrett and Mrs Bridgette Bodle for sending through such quality for me to choose from.


Marianne Bentons Rough Collie Ch Brooklynson El Dorado ShCex.

New judges to the breed could use this dog as a blue print for the breed, He ticks all the requirements of the standard starting with clean head with correct stop well filled muzzle with the right amount of underjaw. Flat skull and the desired expression coming from perfect ear and eye placement. His neck is strong and well muscled with a good crest behind the ears. His whole front assembly in harmony with good length of back and correct top line.Deep chest with plenty of heart room. Remember the front end of the dog is the engine....Correct upper arm and lay back of shoulder is important if a dog is to move well. excellent spring of rib sound hindquarters with good second thigh. strong hocks and tight well padded feet enabled him to give good ground cover with little effort his feet hardly leaving the ground. He was shown in super condition with a harsh well fitting jacket.



Abby Lusty,s Blamorder The Hustler, Smooth Collie Blue Merle of excellent proportions.She has a lovely clean head with super expression having the correct eye and ear placement. She has a good front with a well sprung rib and correct height to length ratio.Excellent neck and shoulder set in good top line with correct slight rise over the loin. shown in good hard condition. Her coat is very harsh and waterproof .My only but is I would prefer a better colour blue.


Miss D Collino,s Rough Tricolour dog Wicani Altitude At Imaginist.

WOW what a stunning dog, ticked all my boxes. Most beautiful clean head, correct stop lovely rounded muzzle and with perfect eye and ear placement the whole was so well balanced.His eyes were bright and alert showing an intelligent expression.I was so impressed with his overall balance, His coat was well fitting of correct texture as it should be .Well muscled hindquarters and strong hocks he powered round the ring like a junior. I must say I was rather emotional when I went over him as he reminded me of my own blood lines of the past.


Miranda Blake's Oakley Imagine Drangons at Corydon Tricolour rough who has all the essential for a very bright future. Head shaping up well and body looking good at this stage of his development. Showed his socks off and used his ears to advantage.
He was handled to perfection on the day. I would though prefer a slightly more open eye.


Stella Clark