Show – The London Collie Club (Sub Group open show)
Date  – 22 October 2023
Judge – Lynda Nicholas (Nickarlyn)

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge and my hardworking stewards. The weather could not have been kinder, judging outside in large rings allowed exhibits to demonstrate movement at its best. I appreciate every exhibitor for entering under me; it was a pleasure to go over your dogs – I was thrilled with both quantity and quality. The youngsters were particularly exciting, and I will be keen to see them as they mature.  All dogs were presented in a clean condition, teeth overall were clean but there was a mix of body condition. Underneath the glamourous exterior I am still looking for a dog that can do a day’s work - body condition and muscle tone is essential.


Veteran D/B (6,1)
1 McDade - Beldones Sweet Illusion with Lyndale
Flashy sable lady who really does not show her age (almost 8 yrs) clearly really enjoys her time in the ring. Head handled well, with such a sweet expression coming from good eye and correct stop. Carried her head proudly on fabulous neck enhanced by a big white collar that flowed into well placed shoulders. Everything in the correct proportions with balanced front and rear angulations. Good length to back and short below the hock. Moved out and back showing plenty of reach and drive holding her with well set/carried tail. Shown in great coat and condition. Happy to award BVIB & BVIS

2 Page - Lynmead Amelie Let Me Go
Sable dog just approaching 10 yrs. Good head planes with correct stop and kindly eye. Used his ears to advantage to top-off a lovely expression. Not quite the length of back of winner but presented a pleasing picture. I would like to see a bit more of him all over. Moved well but could not quite match the drive and ground coverage of winner.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,0)
1 Skinner - Ladnar Makeithappen for Nikal
Lovely coloured clear blue boy sporting a big white collar that enhances his neck. His head still has a lot of developing but at the moment he has a sweet expression with good head planes and a blunt wedge. Well placed ears that he used well. Decent body proportions and good bone. Had his naughty head on today and gave his handler a hard time on the move.
2 Collins - Triburle The Joker
Sable – beautifully balanced for his age and in correct puppy coat.  Gorgeous head and expression, that could be further enhanced with tighter ear set. Great body and bone. Still has lots of developing to do and to drop into his lovely frame. Handler just needs to watch his rear leg placement as today had a tendency to tuck them under his body. Well set/carried long tail. Rear movement was a little uncoordinated but his first time at a show and getting used to what is expected of him.


Puppy Dog (2,0)
1 Randall - Ladnar Makemeawinner
Litter brother to my MP winner – but much more mature. Up to size blue puppy that was a real showman, beautifully schooled – completely focused on his handler, giving his all. Balanced head with parallel planes, would prefer a sweeter almond shaped eye. He needs time to balance out his growth spurt and drop into his frame. Moved freely with coordinated reach and drive, holding his topline. BPD
2 Page - Lynmead Prince Charming
Sable sporting a full collar. Different type to 1 but has many attributes to love. Good head planes, well filled muzzle with enough underjaw. Has a kind eye giving a lovely expression and used his well set ears to his advantage. Presenting a well-balanced outline with good proportions. Well angulated both front and rear. Beautifully presented. Was not as settled as 1 on the move.

Junior Dog (3,0)
1 Cooper - Kelekona Hearts of Gold
14 mths - Sable lad sporting a harsh textured well fitted jacket. Lovely length to blunt wedge head, perceptible stop and dark obliquely set eyes. Good length of neck enhanced by a full white shawl, with a decent lay-back of shoulder and matching return of upper arm; straight front with deep brisket. Good ribs reaching well back. Covered the ground with long stride length using his well muscled hindquarters. Took this class on movement which was light and effortless - but a close decision.
2 Lockyer - Gataj Turn Back Time
16 mths - Appealing head with all male expression, wedge shaped, just enough length, correct eyes, rounded muzzle and good underjaw all leading to the desired expression, could be further enhanced with tighter ear set. Good reach of neck into OK shoulders. Good body proportions. Well off for bone and the best of feet. Plenty of sable/white coat that was presented in A1 condition (as were all of this kennel) Just preferred the silhouette and ground coverage of 1

Graduate Dog (1,0)
1 Collins - Triburle BlueBolero
Stood alone – but a lovely clear blue that has much to admire. Nothing overdone and all parts in proportion. Good head planes, well filled muzzle and decent underjaw. Great neck into well laid shoulders and matching return of upper-arm. Stands on good legs. Light on his feet with accurate footfall covering the ground easily. In the challenge, something caught his eye, and he really showed himself off to best advantage. RBD

Post Graduate Dog (0,0)

Limit Dog (4,1)
1 Beaden - Marvalan Spirit of Rock (Imp Pol)
Just rising 4 yrs - Jet back tri in tip-top condition whose coat positively gleamed in the sun. Sporting a Persil white full collar and rich tan markings. Lovely shape and outline with beautiful reach of neck and head carriage, he has balanced front and rear angulations with a rise over his loins. For me ideal body proportions and has matured in body since I last saw him. Light on his feet covering the ground with ease. BD My only wish is that he had not been courting the day before, as a little excited for Best of Breed and a little proud of his tail.
2 Lockyer - Gataj Turn Back Time


Open Dog (3,1)
1 Lockyer - Gataj Out of the Woods JW
2 ½ yrs - Sable who is all male. Handsome head with parallel planes, lovely dark correctly placed dark eye and stop giving an angelic expression. Used his ears well. Well balanced and proportioned from all angles, nicely arched neck leading to good shoulder placement, good length of body and rise over loin. Well off for bone right down to tight feet. Good bend of stifle and short below the hocks – all leading to good movement both going and coming. Profuse coat presented beautifully.
2 May - Camanna Careerchangeing for Maqueeba
4 yrs old - Different in type to winner. Good eyes and neat ears which he used well. A little steep in shoulder and would have preferred little more length in back. Good bone and feet, short below the hock but could not match 1 for drive from rear.


Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)
1 Collins - Stonehaven Pride Pure Passion for Triburle
6 months - raw feminine baby that has everything I was looking for at for this stage in her development with the sweetest of expressions. Decent neck leading to well laid shoulder and correct return of upper arm.  Good depth of chest for age with ribbing that reached well back.  Nice bone ending in neat feet. Still needs to tighten-up in movement - as the day progressed, she gained confidence and moved out well, albeit with some puppy bounce but just as her balanced angulations suggested. Lost out for BPB on maturity - but time is on her side. I could have easily popped her into my handbag.

Puppy Bitch (6,2)
1 McCarte - Roughrigg Red Lagertha
11 mths - A real showgirl who has lots of ring presence. Head handled well with a charming expression and good balance.  Presented a super outline, good body proportions and a graceful sweep over loin, sloping croup leading to a well set tail that she carried beautifully. Her collar markings are deceptive, reach of neck and front angulations are spot on. Nice bone and good ribbing. Good feet, short below the hock. Not surprised when told this was her last point that earned her the title of JW – congratulations. BPB and BP. (Lost out to the smooth for BPIS)
2 Lockyer - Gataj All that Sparkles
10 mths - Another lovely puppy, I am sure that these 2 have and will swap places in the future. Pleasing make and shape and another so attentive to handler, using her ears to advantage, though I would have preferred them to be a little tighter on top of her beautiful wedge-shaped head. Kindly eye, and well filled foreface gave an angelic expression. Lovely depth of chest and big ribs for one so young. Good height to length ratio and well angulated hindquarters. A1 presentation.

Junior Bitch (5,3)
1 McCarte - Roughrigg Red Lagertha
2 Tame - Gataj Time after Time at Rahlissa
16 mths - feminine sable that pushed the winner very close. Pleasing head, kind eye and neat well used ears, all provided for the desired expression. Not quite the under-jaw of 1. Textbook body proportions, and beautifully balanced angulations. Well boned legs, good feet and short below the hock. Such a happy and confident young lady on the move, light and effortless covering the ground with reach and drive which her angles suggest holding has a well-set tail carried low.

Graduate Bitch (6,0)
1 Shipp - Tremaro Kind of Magic
Just out of Junior - Feminine, eye-catching sable. Parallel head planes, correct stop. She has dark almond eyes that would benefit from a more oblique set. Well arched, strong neck set into well set shoulders and good return of upper arm. Would like a little more length to her back but she does provide an attractive flowing silhouette, all curves with a good croup and tail set. Shown in well-fitting coat which emphasised her confirmation. A difficult age – but could benefit from a little more body condition today. Won this class on movement.
2 McCarte - Roughrigg Red Lagertha


Post Graduate Bitch (6,1) – a lovely class and spoilt for choice.
1 Shipp - Tremaro Cast a Spell
Aptly named sable. Feminine balanced clean head with flat backskull with correctly placed stop. Eyes and ears were well set resulting in a melting expression. Good fill to muzzle and enough underjaw. Lovely shape and outline with beautiful reach of neck and head carriage. Balanced front and rear angulations with a rise over her loin. Well off for bone and good feet. Well set tail that she carried well, good turn of stifle and short below the hock, showing accurate footfall with minimum lift. Shown in great coat and condition. Litter sister to Graduate winner. RBB
2 McDade - Lyndale Illusion of Love
4 ½ yrs - Similar comments apply for this sable. Well moulded head, correct stop giving desired expression with good underjaw. Used her ears well and attentive to handler.  Presented a balanced outline, good body proportions with balanced front and rear angulations. Good substance and well-off for bone. Decent turn of stifle and short below the hock which ensured she moved out well with reach and drive holding a steady topline. Well set tail that she carried well. Just preferred the expression of winner

Limit Bitch (3,1)
1 Ross - Most Majestic Timeless Touch at Samshernik (Imp Hun)
2 yrs - Glamorous sable who is quite the little showgirl. Feminine expression coming from lovely eyes, correct stop. Well filled muzzle, good underjaw and lovely flat backskull. Pleasing neck set into good shoulders, decent depth to chest. Nice bone and good ribbing. Well made hindquarters that she used to advantage. Light on her feet, plenty of drive from the rear covering the ground with ease. Shown in lovely coat and condition which emphasised her excellent confirmation.
2 Cooper - Lilith Nar Sule of Kelekona
Just rising 4 yrs old - shaded sable. Correct parallel planes and stop. Dark eye - a bit round for my preference. Great ears that she used well. Decent bone. Her front and rear angulation did not quite match which reflected in her movement and foot placement. Coat in full bloom and presented in A1 condition.


Open Bitch (1,0)
1 Lockyer - Gataj Good Time Girl
Almost 3 yrs old - Eye catching sable. Sweetest of heads in perfect balance giving an angelic expression that I loved. Great bone and substance. Really liked her front angulations and return of upper arm, depth of chest and spring of rib. Excellent body proportions with the required rise over the loin. On the move she had accurate footfall and held her topline. Really taken by her overall type and balance. Would have liked to have seen a cm or more on her tail length. Presented in tip-top condition and she clearly enjoys being a glamourous diva. BB / BOB / RBIS / BOSIS

All those present in these classes were roughs

Special Open AV Tricolour (4,1)
1 Ross - Erjon Elegant Annie at Samshernik
2 Philpin - Tudorlyn A Kind of Majic
3 Skinner - Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal

Special Open AV Bue Merle (2,0)
1 Skinner - Ladnar Makeithappen for Nikal
2 Philpin - Tudorlyn Alice in Wonderland

Special Open AV Sable & White (3,1)
1 Ross - Most Majestic Timeless Touch at Samshernik (Imp Hun)
2 Lyall - Santaloys Sky Amidalas